Monday, July 13, 2009

Download Turkojan 4 : Remote hacking software RAT

Turkojan 4 is new generation RAT used more commonly and conveniently than PRORAT. In PRORAT, you have to know the IP Address of victim computer and then connect to remote computer. But,Turkojan 4 is a efficient RATwhich alerts you whenever the victim alive... no need to find victim computer IP address - Turkojan 4 itself finds the remote IP address. Download Turkojan 4 software by link given.

Turkojan 4 - Remote Administration Tool:

Turkojan 4 is latest edition of Turkojan available today. It works same as PRORAT in which you have to create a backdoor server and then send this backdoor trojan to victim. Once, the victim installs the server, this server opens required port on victim compter and you can use this opened port to hack computer remotely using RAT. While hacking, you can extract all saved passwords, install a keylogger, capture screen, steal files and licences and much more.

But for PRORAT you need to track IP address of victim and then try to connect to remote server on victim computer. I faced problems when victim is using Dynamic IP address (changing IP address). But, Turkojan automatically alerts you when victim is alive and has DYNDNS service which automatically traces dynamic IP Address.

Where do I download Turkojan???

You can download Turkojan from its official site. But, they are providing you with free version which is restricted and has less features. For full version Turkojan 4 download, ofcourse, they demand money.
Download Turkojan 4 here

How do I use Turkojan???

Yes.. I will write an article on How to use Turkojan 4 - a Turkojan tutorial to help you hack computer remotely. I will mention about the link to Turkojan tutorial over here. Just keep checking...

Turkojan 4, as already said, is most effective RAT I found. So,download Turkojan 4and try it to hack computer remotely. Generally, Turkojan server is used with Binders and Crypters. If you have any problem to download Turkojan and access computer remotely, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy Turkojan 4 download...

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  1. explain how to use this..

  2. Thank Brother.

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  4. Bro it is a very good tool to hack i have hacked 5 comp. using this

    USing this is quite simple and we have a total controll on our Hosttttttt

  5. password is not working

  6. how can the file be sent,i tried facebook n email

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