Hacking Class 2 – Footprinting and How It can be HelpFul to Hack systems

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Previously We have Introduces hacking and hackers. Now In this class we will see what hackers do in pre-phases of hacking .i.e Footprinting.

Hacking Class 2 - Footprinting and How It can be HelpFul to Hack systems


Basically footprint is the blueprints of site/organisation/system that a hacker want to Hack i.e basic internal structure.Footprinting is the blueprint of the security profile of an organization, undertaken in a methodological

Footprinting is one of the three pre-attack phases. The others are scanning and enumeration.

Important Thing to be Noted : An attacker will spend 90% of the time in profiling an organization and another 10% in launching the attack.

Now What is the result of Footprinting??? Can anyone guess It…. I explain it..

Footprinting results in a unique organization profile with respect to networks (Internet/intranet/extranet /wireless) and systems involved.Don’t It look amazing…

The most interesting stage of a targeted attack is the reconnaissance, or footprint analysis. Here you use the web, search engines, whois.com, to discover as much about the target as possible. A whois.com can tell you email address formats for instance (first letter last name @ company.com).
A Google search could reveal submission to forums by security personnel that reveal brands of firewall or antivirus in use at the target.
Sometimes network diagrams are even found that can guide an attack. The next stage, scanning, meant using special tools, ( I date myself by mentioning Cybercop and Internet Security Scanner, these were the days before the open source Nessus) to discover open ports, services, and machines on the target network. And then, finally, you could start attacking various vulnerabilities that you had discovered.

1. www.whois.domaintools.com
Now How It can Help You To GET Info . I will Show It Through Snapshots…

Hacking Class 2 - Footprinting and How It can be HelpFul to Hack systems
Hacking Class 2 - Footprinting and How It can be HelpFul to Hack systems
Hacking Class 2 - Footprinting and How It can be HelpFul to Hack systems

2. Now you can use this information to search more about Person using Simply google as shown in next snapshot..

Hacking Class 2 - Footprinting and How It can be HelpFul to Hack systems

Hacking Class 2 - Footprinting and How It can be HelpFul to Hack systems

Now Its on you need How much info u want to explore about the person and website which u want to hack…

I think you all Will Like Thisss…. WE will continue Our Discussion on FOOTPRINTING tomorrow also… As It is the Most Important Phase…..
We will Explore More Information in the Next class…. I will explain Few More interesting facts and information exploring things so read on…

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    Thanks for you response Guys.. If you have any query you can ask. I tutorial about footprinting is incomplete now. I will show you how to build blueprints and more ways to hack information about personnels..Keep Reading..

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