Hacking Class 10 -How To Prevent Urself from Scanning??

Lokesh Singh November 1, 2009 9

Till Now We have Discussed that How to extract the Information about the Site and Individual/site/organisation and scanning them for getting live ports or vulnerabilities to attack them.

Today I will explain you How to Prevent Yourself from Scanning.. and Tomorrow I will give you the Live demonstration of hacking and attacking a website with complete snapshots. 
First of all you should know How to protect yourself from these attacks… Its really important that you should know the Counter measures of what you are doing… In case you will face the same problem yourself…:P


1. Use a Good Firewall to block all the illegal port activity. The Firewall blocks almost all unauthorized attempts by attackers except the following Ports i.e Firewall doesn’t monitor port 80,8080,8181,3128,53.

Hacking Class 10 -How To Prevent Urself from Scanning??

Now You should Know Which Port Stands for What…

Port 80 is for servers(webservers).
Port 8080 is for HTTP clients.
Port 8181 is for HTTPS clients.
Port 3128 is a active port Needed for all Network processes.
Port 53 is for DNS.

Now If you Have a Good Firewall all illegal activity other than these ports can be blocked. Now the Only chance to being attacked is through 80,8080 and 8181. i.e through websites…When you open some malicious website containing malware scripts  there are most chances of being attacked.
So from this you can guess What will be the Second point…Right..

2. Use a Good Web Shield Preferable AVG or any other Good Web shield. This will prevent you from attack through websites…

3. Third way to get attacked is through softwares.  
As we all know most of us use Pirated Softwares and Download it from anywhere i.e where we find it and also we doesn’t know the Uploaders…
This is the currently going practice Nowadays. Hackers upload softwares and attach a malicious softwares and hack tools with them like keyloggers, trojans, spywares etc.. with them. Now Here user Himself downloads the attacker files. SO there must be something to prevent from this attack. You can guess for what I am talking…
Ya Surely I am talking about Good Antivirus... I will recommend all to use AVIRA Antivirus and KASPERSKY. Its because of their interativeness. 

4. Fourth Point And most Important One…Please Note Most Important One...

Note: It took only 50 sec to 1 minute to scan the system and 3 minutes to attack any system and damage it.
Why I am saying this Important its because no tool is made to detect these type of attacks…If you open this nothing can prevent you from attacked…
So prevention is better than Cure. Don’t open them. For which I am talking.

Hacking Class 10 -How To Prevent Urself from Scanning??

I am talking about anonymous mails and spams in your Email ID’s. Point to remember 3 out of 1 mail is a spam and 5 out of 1 contains a virus or attack script. Nowadays you will get emails like you have won 100000$ or something like these… these all mails are BOTNETS., these are viruses. they all are asking you about your personal Information and ask you to follow the Link..
You all have noticed that when you click the link it shows Redirecting …around 30 sec ..and then just show you are not eligible for this or this offer is not available in you country… Between the time when they say redirectingggg… they are scanning your system…..and if they find something on you system they attack your system and get access to it…
Sooooooo, DON’T open the mails that come from some anonymous source…

This is all about Scanning Part .. I think you all will like this..
If you have any queries ask me.. I will reply soon.


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    3.Hacking websites using SQL injections… and then we will start discussion on password hacking..:P :D

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