Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to Verify PayPal without Credit Card or Debit Card

Hello Guys welcome back , Today I am going to share with you all "How to verify the Paypal Account Without having Credit Card or Debit Card" . This is the General Problem, So we are discussing that.Most of us Think that its Pity Difficult to verify Paypal Account without Credit or Debit Card but believe me Guys its Easy like 123... in a Go...So Read On...

For Verifying Paypal Account you will need two Things:
1. A Paypal Account (lol its Obvious).
2. A Bank Account (that you will attach with paypal to verify ur Account).

Follow the Below Simple Steps to Verify your Paypal Account and Enjoy the Full Features of Paypal Without Restrictions:

Step1 : Login to your PayPal account then Open “my account Tab”. Go to “Profile” then click “Add/edit Bank Account”.  Add and then complete all the needed information.

Step2: PayPal will email you a notification on how to confirm your bank accountand get verified. PayPal will make two small deposits to your bank accounton a specific date.

Step3: Check your bank account and note the exact amounts of those deposits.

Step4: Log in to your PayPal account and click Confirm bank account on the Account Overview page. Enter the two deposit amounts to get verified.

That's all the Process to Verify the Paypal Account. So Enjoy Guys.
If you have Any Query Ask in Form Of Comments :)


  1. are very good their service.
    and the support are very good
    and they send me with in the 5 minutes
    and i complete my paypal verification

  2. when i tried it. it shows
    Bank Accounts isn’t available
    PayPal doesn’t offer this feature at this time

    how can i solve it.

  3. sorry i have not any bank account what to do. can i verify without bank account and debit card. i also tried this trick with any number as routing and account no. but not done. what to do.

  4. dear all,

    actually ,in my Paypal account webpage,there are no Add fund ,Withdrawal function,
    and there are no Request money function
    what should i do sir.

    when i try to add Bank Account its said "Bank Accounts isn’t available
    PayPal doesn’t offer this feature at this time"

    and so far my account couldnt verified yet.

    plz help.


  5. this is bullshit. it says: Paypal doesnt offer this feature at this time. great , how convenient.

  6. Paypal said your country is not supported
    any other method with creadit cards thanks
    pm me at

  7. Can Paypal be hacked??How?

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