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Friday, April 23, 2010
MySpace FriendBlasterPro v10.8.9 - No1 Friends Adding Software

MySpace FriendBlasterPro v10.8.9 - No1 Friends Adding Software

MySpace FriendBlasterPro v10.8.9

MySpace FriendBlasterPro v10.8.9 | 4.87 MB

MySpace FriendBlasterPro - a program to promote your site, the program works in the largest social network MySpace.

FriendBlasterPro leverages the newest marketing medium for you. MySpace is a social network site where millions of people go to set up accounts about themselves and to interact with others. These members add each other as friends and take part in the many features MySpace has, creating an extremely large social network. 
Using this social network to market your products, services, events or bands is an extremely powerful new method of advertising. The process is very easy. You start by creating an account for your product on MySpace. You then send friend requests to other MySpace members, either targeting specific users or sending random invitations. Once you have your own network of friends who are interested in your product, you can send messages directly to them about product information, upcoming events, etc. As your list of friends grows, so does your profits. 

FriendBlasterPro handles all of the work for you and includes the following features: 
- Target your market based on a members age, sex, geographic location, interests, and more. 
- Gather friend (s) id's from browsing the groups, forums, friend lists, classifieds or any other area of MySpace. 
- Gather friend (s) id's from Google! 
- Auto Messenger that allows you to send out messages to all of your friends or to any specified target market. 
- Send message along with Friend Request feature that allows you to send both a message and a Friend Request to the same person. 
- Auto Commenter feature that allows you to send out comments to all of your friends. 
- Option to remove all pending friend request (this feature is great when you start to have a large list of pending friend request!). 
- Create a "Black List" for ID's you don't want to send to. 
- Timed Bulletins feature that gives you full control of "how many" and "when" to send out Bulletins. 
- Accept Friends feature that allows you to accept all pending friend request and also allows you to send out a comment or message along with accepting your new friends. 
- Invite all Friends to Current Event Feature. 
- Invite all Friends to Current Group Feature. 
- Comes with a FriendBlasterPro News Bulletin to keep you up to date with the latest news. 
- Free product updates Support and technical assistance. 
- NEW! Multiple registered accounts can now be chained together! 
- NEW! Set FriendBlasterPro to auto start (with use of Multiple account Feature). 
- NEW! Time-delay feature! 

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Language: English 

Medicine: Yes

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Thursday, April 15, 2010
Network LookOut Net Monitor for Employees Professional 4.4.2

Network LookOut Net Monitor for Employees Professional 4.4.2

Network LookOut Net Monitor for Employees Professional 4.4.2

Network LookOut Net Monitor for Employees Professional 4.4.2 | 10.87 MB

Net Monitor for Employees Professional is a tool that allows you to watch the screens of the computers connected to the network. This way you can observe what your employees are doing! Additionally, you have the ability to take control of a remote computer by controlling the mouse and keyboard.

You can record remote computers screens even when you are not monitoring them. When your employees need instructions, you can show them your desktop. To increase your efficiency the console now include several tolls that can be executed on all or just selected remote computers.

When you need attention you can send a message to employees and/or lock the remote computer. Communication uses encryption. Application works through Internet, LAN, WLAN or VPN. Agent can be remotely installed. 

What is it useful for?
* For monitoring and recording your employees activities on a remote computers
* For preventing internet browsing on remote computers
* For starting and stopping applications and processes on remote computers.
* For monitoring students in the classroom to achieve better discipline or, just to assist them when they are in trouble (by using the remote control feature).
* For administrating all computers just from one location – your computer.
* For presenting your screen to students.
* For locking students computers while they are waiting for further instructions or assignments.
* Helping your students by showing your desktop to them.
* Turning off, restarting, .... remote computers with one click.

What are the major benefits of using Net Monitor for Employees Professional?
* Installation and use of the application is very easy since all of the functions can be accessed with a few mouse clicks.
* You have complete control over what remote users are doing.
* This application provides you with a live picture of the remote computer screens. The live screen (due to some optimizations) does not use a high bandwidth, but even when the lower network bandwidth is required the refresh interval can be enlarged using one mouse click.
* You can make the presentation by showing your live screen to students
* Application allows you to take over the remote computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard.
* The remote computers´ screens are represented in the table with a customizable number of rows as thumbnails.
* Using this application, you can always see which user is actually logged on to the remote computer.
* Schedule remote computers desktop recording to AVI files
* Execute several actions on all remote computers with on click
* Block internet access

Main Features:
* Displaying a live picture of a remote computer.
* You can take control of a remote computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard.
* More remote screens can be displayed in a table.
* Computers can be organized in computer groups (e.g. classrooms)
* A remote screen can be zoomed to an actual size.
* The name of the connected user is displayed.
* Record remote computers screens to AVI files.
* Show your desktop to students
* Power off, restart, hibernate, suspend remote computers
* Log off desktop users
* Lock workstation
* Control screensaver
* Block internet
* Multi-monitor support
* Control over running processes
* You can lock selected remote computers
* You can display a message on selected remote computers.
* When lower bandwidth is required, the refresh interval can be enlarged.
* Automatic connection to a remote computer is optional.
* Settings for the agent are encrypted and password protected.
* Connection to a remote computer is password protected.
* Access to monitoring the console is password protected. If more users use the same computer, different profiles and access passwords can be set.
* More monitoring consoles can be connected to the same remote computer - you can monitor your students from different locations.
* Application can optionally use encrypted communication.
* Agent can be remotely installed.
* Fast users switching is supported.

What is new in this release?
* Block Internet access.
* Record remote computers screens to AVI files.
* Stop applications on remote computers.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Super Hide IP - Surf Internet Anonymously

Super Hide IP - Surf Internet Anonymously

Super Hide IP | 1.89 Mb

Do you know what your IP address means? Are you aware that your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website? Many websites and hackers use IP address to monitor your home address and other personal information. Your IP address is your online identity and could be used by hackers to break into your computer, steal personal information, or commit other crimes against you. Super Hide IP allows you to surf anonymously, keep your IP address hidden, protect your personal information against hackers and provide full encryption of your online activity, all with a simple click of a button.

Key Features
* Anonymous Web Surfing
Click Hide IP button and you will be assigned fake IP addresses, preventing others from getting your true IP when surfing the Internet.
* Protect Your Identity
Surf anonymously to prevent hackers or identity thieves from monitoring your web activity or intercepting your personal information such as your financial information.
* Choose IP Country
You can select to use fake IP from different countries via "Choose IP Country" option and can Check IP directly.
* Send Anonymous E-mails
Hide your IP in E-mail headers. Be protected while sending e-mails via Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail.
* Un-ban Yourself from Forums and Restricted Websites
Use Super Hide IP to change your IP which allows you to access any forums or websites that has ever banned you.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Hidden Skype Emoticons and Smileys  - Really Amazing

Hidden Skype Emoticons and Smileys - Really Amazing

Did you know that apart from a widely used VoIP service, Skype is also a well structured and developed instant messaging service?Skype provides a cool user interface to chat with your online friends and it also provides several emoticons and smileys to convey your moods or feelings with little icons. Here is a list of the all hidden emoticons and smileys that you can use while chatting with your Skype friends.

How to use Skype Hidden Smileys or Emoticons?

Unlike Yahoo Messenger or any other instant messaging service, Skype smileys don’t appear upon hitting a combination of symbols. In fact you have to enter the smiley code, which are usually named as the emotion (emotion=emoticon) while chatting with your friends.

Skype Hidden Emoticons, Smileys

Smiley IconSmiley NameSmiley Code to Type
MySpace (Skype v3.6)(myspace)

While few of the above smileys or emoticons work with Skype 3.0 or above versions only, others will work on Skype 2.5 or later versions.
Source: [via]
Wifi Hack Ultimate AIO 2010 - Hack Any Wifi Network

Wifi Hack Ultimate AIO 2010 - Hack Any Wifi Network

Wifi Hack Ultimate AIO 2010
Wifi Hack Ultimate AIO 2010 | 173 MB

This time we bring you the best software to hack the WiFi networks 2010. The compilation includes powerful encryption software in network detection and ideal for hacking WiFi networks.Download Programs to hack Free Full WiFi networks. 

This AiO contains: 
Windows Tools 1 
Wifi Monster 
Easy Wifi Radar 

Windows Tools 2 :

WiFi Internet Access Blocker
iPig WiFi HotSpot VPN Security
Advanced Port Scanner 

Backtrack :

Download link for BackTrack 4 Pre Release 
Download link for BackTrack 4 Beta Release 
Download link for BackTrack 3 VmWare Image 
Download link for BackTrack 3 
Download link for BackTrack 3 USB Version 

PDF’s & Tutorials 
Hacking Wireless Networks 
Cracking WEP and WPA WiFi 
Wifi Hacking 
Hacking Asus WL520gU 
BackTrack PDFs 
O-Reilly Wireless Hacks
FBI Teaches how to break WiFi
WiFi Advanced Fuzzing 
Wifi Security 
Wireless Sniffing WiresHark 
Wireless Hacking Tools 

Bonus Software :

Net Tools 
Cain and Abel 
Wifi Drivers 
VmWare Keygen 

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