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Hack Facebook Password using Keylogger

Hello Friends, in my previous post i have explained 4 ways to hack Facebook account password, where i have discussed the second best method to hack Facebook password is using Keyloggers. Today i will explain you how to hack Facebook password using keylogger.

Today i will explain you in detail with snapshots how to create your Facebook hacker keylogger, its a 100% Fully undetectable keylogger you can check this file using Virus total.  Its a 100% FUD remote keylogger with several advanced features. 
Today i will disclose you how i hacked 19000+ accounts, its so easy that anyone can do it. On my website you will never get any infected tool. If you have any doubt or feel something suspicious always test the link or file with virus total website before downloading. Never believe any website including mine also, always scan download links with virus total website or any such website before downloading it. Download it only when it does not have any virus.

Hack Facebook password using Keylogger Involves following steps:
1.  Create your Server that will hack passwords.
2. Extract the Icons from any software
3. Bind the Keylogger to make it Hidden
4. Spread your keylogger to victims

Note: This tutorial is for Educational Purposes only. I and Hackingloops is not responsible for any misuse of knowledge.

Let's start Facebook hacking tutorial in detail :

STEP1 : Create Server for Hacking Passwords
First of all for hacking any facebook account password, we have to create our keylogger server that will run on victims machine or PC and capture his keystrokes and mail us on the email account that we will use to build the keylogger. The keylogger server building process consists of several steps. 
The steps involved are mentioned below in detail:
1. First of all download the Keylogger.
Download Keylogger from here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 

2. Extract the RAR file. Now you will get one Folder and three files as shown in below snapshot:

how to hack facebook account and passwords using keyloggers
Snapshot of Extracted Files
 3. Now open the Keylogger file. Here you will need gmail ID and password. For safer use create a fake Gmail account and use it here as shown below:

learn how to hack facebook passwords
Facebook Hacker Initial Step
4. Now Click on server settings as shown. Here enter the time after which you want to receive reports, its always preferable to use 20 min timer for receiving files.  And Click on Output box to choose location of file and give it any name. Its always recommended to use system process name to make it undetectable like svchost or check any process name from your task manager and name it. Other fields are optional. The complete snapshot is shown below:

hacking facebook passwords
Second step to choose time interval and name of output file
5. Now Click on Log and Result Setting. In Log EMail Title enter the subject of email like My keylogger report or simply my report or something else that you like. Also Click the last two options that i.e add Computer name and add victim name. The snapshot is shown below:

hack facebook account
Hack Facebook account password using Keylogger
6. Now Click on Other Options.  In this section you just have to do one thing. Most hackers prefer warning message POP up but I love keylogger using any message. So unclick message button. Because when you bind it with any other software then it should not any warning messages otherwise it will be detectable.

7. Now at last click on Build Keylogger. Now after you click on it you will see your keylogger file at location that you have chosen in 4th step. Now this keylogger server file will be used to bind with any other software in Binding Step.

8. Now you keylogger server is ready that you will use to hack Facebook accounts. That's all for the server creation step now move to second main step.

Step 2.: Extracting the Icon file from any installer(resource hacker)
1. Open the Resource hacker folder and open the reshacker file.
2. Now go to its menu and open any setup file. Suppose we want to attach our keylogger to Ccleaner setup file. So open the Ccleaner setup with resource hacker. 
3. Now in menu there is one action button click on it and then click save all resources.

how to hack facebook passwords,facebook hack, how to hack into someones facebook
Resource Hacker to Extract the Icon files from software's

4. Now save all the resources to desktop or any other location of your choice.
5. It consists of two files one is icon file and other is res file . We only need icon file, so you can delete the other file i.e res file.
6. Now we have Icon of installer file(as discussed above Ccleaner setup Icon).

Step 3: Bind the Keylogger server with any software
1. Now Go to keylogger folder and open the Binder.
2. Now Click on + button given below to add files.
3. Now add the keylogger server and the set up of software (i.e. in our case it's Ccleaner setup).
4. Now in menu of Binder, Go to Settings. There select the icon that we have generated in the previous step and set the location of output file as shown in figure.

facebook password hack,how to hack someones facebook,facebook password hacker,facebook hacking
Bind the Keylogger server to Software

5. Now again go to File's menu in Binder and click on Bind files.
6. Now your Binded keylogger is ready. Now you have to spread it or send it to the victim that is your friend.

Step4 : How to Spread Keylogger or send it to victim or friend
1. Now you have one Software setup file with keylogger attached with it.(In our case we have Ccleaner setup with keylogger attached with it.
2. Now Spread your keylogger through forums. You might be a member of various forums use them to spread your keylogger in form of software posts. You can use various software's to spread them that users frequently download.
3. Spread it through pendrives or USB hard drives. Suppose a friend asked you for a software give it the software that has keylogger attached with it. 
Note: you can also attach keylogger with images also. But that can be detectable by antivirus. So avoid such type of hacking.
So isn't that so easy to hack anyone's Facebook account in just few minutes. 

How to protect yourself from these hacks?
Prevention is always better than cure so always follow these steps:
1. Don't use cracked softwares and don't download them from unauthorized websites.
2. Always keep your antivirus and anti-spyware up to date.
3. Always scan the files before transferring them to your USB.
4. Do not allow other users to use your PC i.e password protect it.

Note: Hacking Email accounts is illegal. This post is just to aware you how easy is to hack Facebook and email accounts. So that you cannot fall into the traps of hackers.

I hope you all have liked it. If you have any queries ask me.  Please comment if you like my posts. Thanks for reading....


  1. Lukesh sahab is me jo 3rd file ha skynos.exe wo error derahi hai extract karne k baad it doesn't work bro!! hope to see your reply .. This is Ather

  2. No need of viral total
    Jus scan the output keylogger bundle with KIS 2011..It is showing as Trojan & deleting..

  3. Now-a-day..the internet securities have become more advanced.. It is highly impossible to bypass them , i am telling on my experience, especially KIS 2011 & Quick Heal
    I am awaiting 4m so many months to have keylogger i.e. undetectable..
    U may tell that use FUD crypter & others..
    I almost tried in ur site ...those r waste & useless..

  4. I have already said... Binder will show virus...As it violates files integration property.
    But keylogger is 100% FUD... Check it....If you find any virus in keylogger report me...Its my 100% gurantee...

  5. I have said keylogger is 100% FUD... The virus is showing in bundle because it contains binder... If you dont wanna use binder, delete it.... Keylogger is 100% FUD and i have personally tested it against all antiviruses....

  6. hye lokesh....after extracting when i click on key logger it give application error what i can do tu resolve

  7. @anonymous
    Its showing error because you need to upgrade your .NET framework version to 4.0
    Upgrade it then it will not show any error and will run smoothly...

  8. My anti-virus caught it deleted as soon as download completed

  9. I have seperated both Keylogger and binder... Now you all have choice... Keylogger is absolutely virus free... Check it..

  10. when i run the easy binder, i get the error message - unable to find the version of run time to run this application . Wat shall i do?? please help me. My mail id is

  11. does this keylogger work when passwords are entered using virtual keyboards or browsers have them auto-saved?

  12. still i have the problem with your keyloger skyneos because it shows error its not running bro This is Ather again

  13. hye i m krakoosso,

    i know how to use a keylogger as i had tried the old one .. and it had worked tooo,...

    now for this keylogger --- i have a complaint that it doesnot work //

    i have already made 5 keyloggers .. i dont recieve a single log in my account.. wat is happening ?? pls help !

    i knw i have used the keylogger perfectly !

    seems some problem with software..

    i didnt even a confirmation that key logger is working !!

    pls check it out ---

  14. hey it gaves me log for one day...but after that it dosent to keep running the keylogger always..

  15. sir plz tell me if there is any way to send Anonymous fake email to spoof any address coz there are web site which gives this service but i want to know any free soft is available or not

  16. I think u r cool man

  17. Thanks man, the program is great.
    Let me ask you a question: How do you remove the server after you use? For to not to continue sending the records.


  18. @ SGER

    If you don't wish or don't want records anymore just change the password of email address you have used to send the records i.e used at the time of building keylogger server.

    Thanks for comments... have Happy hacking..:)

  19. Thanks again man, is great.


  20. at time of software binding,it only upto 67% always?why it is so happened?is process completes?

  21. The key logger is sending a mail but it contains nothing. Plz tell me how to fix this?

  22. lokesh bhai tere trick kam ni kar rahi h

  23. Hey Lokesh .. That was awesome hacking tick and i love that .. the keylogger that you gives us require .NET framework . if there's a com that without .Net , is keylogger not work ?

  24. Hi lokesh...ur site is great...i did everythin here...everything works properly...except that i dont get a mail..wats wrong?

  25. Great Work Dude.... totaly working dude....:p

  26. Dude can you give any hotfile or rapidshare account.... realy need dude. will wait for your reply. you can mail me:-

  27. I tried in my own PC it's work properly but when i start my computer some p[op up menu can be displayed like as a message!.
    And what can i do if i remove it in my computer....................

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    Also Have Premium Accounts

  29. HHey lokesh i tried keylogger on my selfs comp but its not working when i tried it many times it not just working n m not getting mails i setted time to 5 mins also once 1 min bu tnot workinng what to do

  30. its me ---ultra

  31. It's working perfectly. I tried all your keyloggers and this one is the best.
    L33Ts was working, but only during the first session. Once the pc was switched off the keylogger wasn't starting anymore. Add that there was no screen log, I would rate it a 5 between 0 an 10
    Java keylogger never worked
    This skyneos is perfect. Good screen pic quality, not too much confusion as regards words tapped on the keyboard
    I would rate it a 8
    For the other guys: there is no virus at all, the tool is safe.
    I have Java6 update 24 and .NET FRAMEWORK 4

    As it concerns Gmail be aware that given that logs result as an email sent by yourself to yoursel, Gmail will stop sending you the logs after about 200 email (it will treat you as a "spammer"). So for making it work use nr of people x intervals = < 200 My experience is that only 3% of people will download it. Send 200 email---> 6 victims , therefore nr of emails per victim = 200/6 = 33 If they are 10 hours online ---> fix interval logs at 15-20 minutes, less than that you risk being stopped by Gmail


  32. Bonjour j'ai installé le keylogger et il fonctionne !!!
    Sinon je voudrais savoir si le keylogger fonctionne si je le compresse en zip ou en rar et que je le mets dans une image avec Jpg+FileBinder ?
    Pour pouvoir ensuite l’envoyer à des potes.


  33. @M@x ---> c'est impossible l envoyer par email en format .exe Desormais tous les service de courier electronique ne permettent plus d'attacher des fichiers dans le format la (.exe) Il faut par force le compresser en .rar ou .zip si tu veux l'envoyer a kelk1. Si tu le mets dedan un image le courrier s'apercevoit de ca et il t'empeche l'envoye. Faut just le .rar ou si tu es plus expert essaye le PDF embed, mais c'est une technique sophistique et bcp de lecteurs pdf (par example Acrobat) ont deja fait le patch contre ce type d exploit


  34. best blog for all working hacks

  35. best blog for all working hacks

  36. kuch esa bhatau jisse thoda jaldi hacking ho jay

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    bcoz i just wannto hacke a facebook account so plz
    tells some that kind website which works

  38. Hosting websites not allow to upload html document."gmail.html","facebook.html" .
    now wahat should we do brother..
    plz tell immediately as possible....

  39. Threatfire detects the behavior (not the infection) :/

  40. Dudes, go to google and type Desktop Shark.. Perfect keylogger software.. Undetectable.. Tested by AVG 2011 Pro, Avast 5.0.657 Pro, Panda Antivirus..

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. do u have keylogger which work in apple laptop................

  45. thanx bro it really work but i have 1 problem when i shut down my lappy the keylogger which i made automatically delete frm task manager so to make it enable again n agiain i have to run the file so dat i can receive mail why so...............
    and does this keylogger works in mac book........
    pls reply thanx...........

  46. can any 1 tell me how to delete previous key logger ...............

  47. i created a keylogger and the keylogger file work only to PC's with the latest NET Framework... damn they are detectable with avira

  48. @ Anonymous (may 11, 11): u need to END Proccess the keylogger using ur TASK MANAGER then delete it.

  49. lokesh sahab finally ye jo hm ne ccleaner.exe bnae hay ye sirf 1 bndy ko send kr skte han ya jitne marzi bndon ko send kren.. means k har bndy k liye alag alag file bnana zarori to nae hena.........??

  50. you can send as many as people you want...there is no limit..

  51. can u plz tell whr the process is stored which sends emails to myself?? n how to stop that process???

  52. n yes for those who says tht keylogger is not working, mine is working perfectly... thnx Mr. Lokesh. You are genius.

  53. hack te password for tis g mail account for me.... pleessse

  54. hey the process tht sends mails to gmail is visible on msconfig startup... is it possible to hide it from there???

  55. Hey Lokesh!

    You're a complete genius man! Can we tick the "Attach screenshot to log file" too? So that I can get screenshots??

    Thanks..And please keep us updated regarding new better keyloggers!!

    Thanks again!!!!!

  56. hey.... when i download the isoftdl special facebook..rar file and it open in rar file and i extrace dis file....after i find the keylogger and 2 other files...when i open the keylogger it's don't open....and msg is that ..the application failed to intialize what can i do?// plz reply....

  57. i done all the thing,and i run that software in my own PC but when is that reports come to my mail?? plz reply me

  58. I will fix the keylogger soon and report back to you my friends..

  59. hey lokesh its working and i tested too but one thing how to make it undetectable so that i can send through email

  60. Thanks shows the risks of using pirated softs...good..

  61. Hi Lokesh...Please give me the keylogging that undetectable by antivirus to

  62. Hack Facebook account Password FREE

  63. from where we see the login information and password.....

  64. when i extracked files then my antivirus detected it a virus...

  65. hey i just wanna know that..after spreading all my do i get to know there password....i mean how i will get the information saved in keylogger.....plz i want detail explanation after

  66. lokesh bhai, me jaab bind karne ki try karta hu tab error ata hay something like "specified file not found " please help!!!

  67. dude when i open tht neos keylogger it says something like net framework problem. :( im scared bro .plz dont hurt my PC!!!!

  68. what is the prove that the file which you provided us with do not contain a keylogger already binded to it?...



  70. there are no keylogger or binder,,,,,,,,,we can not download this by meadiafire site

  71. I executed the file in my own computer to see if it works or not. Now how to disable logger from my computer?

  72. bro..i dont understand which files are to be added in binder..plz hlp me..

  73. areeeee yarr yeah key logger last me beju kese

  74. ! Cannot execute "C:\Users\meip\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa0.862\SkyNeos+Keylogger.exe"

    if i download the keylogger error is coming like tis

  75. what should happen after i send this to someone ? as i have recevied an email name by my comp and my victim comp name nothing else ?

  76. hey man it's nice one i have done all the steps scessivily and then i logged in into my fb account and yes i got the mail but password is not there will it show after 20 mints
    ??? plzz reply cool man

  77. hey this cool i can not belive it's working....:)

  78. if we insttal this keylogger once in other system so ll this work all the time after shutdown that system/

  79. im getting an email but that contains me pressing the button and the keylogger records it ? i tought this record your friends typing in the keyboard , i sent her i message of a file of the keylogger

  80. I've been recieving a report of the keylogger but it seems it a report of me on what am i typing please fix of teach me an easier steps
    Thank You :)

  81. May I email you? I have a few questions about your keylogger. My email is please email me as soon as possible.

  82. Sir output me ky file add kru :( samjh ni aa rha..plllzz help me sir.pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  83. :: EasyBinder v2.0 Coded By

    Bubzuru ::

    [15:45:23] File Added : D:\svchost.exe
    [15:45:36] File Added : D:\ccsetup413.exe
    [15:48:10] Icon File Set : C:\Users\SONY\Desktop\Icon_1.ico
    [15:48:50] Output File Set : C:\Users\SONY\Pictures\svchost.exe
    [15:49:54] Starting Compile !

    Processing config:
    Processing plugin dlls: "c:\windows\easybind\Plugins\*.dll"
    - AdvSplash::show
    - Banner::destroy
    - Banner::getWindow
    - Banner::show
    - BgImage::AddImage
    - BgImage::AddText
    - BgImage::Clear
    - BgImage::Destroy
    - BgImage::Redraw
    - BgImage::SetBg
    - BgImage::SetReturn
    - BgImage::Sound
    - Dialer::AttemptConnect
    - Dialer::AutodialHangup
    - Dialer::AutodialOnline
    - Dialer::AutodialUnattended
    - Dialer::GetConnectedState
    - FindProcDLL::FindProc
    - InstallOptions::dialog
    - InstallOptions::initDialog
    - InstallOptions::show
    - KillProcDLL::KillProc
    - LangDLL::LangDialog
    - Math::Script
    - NSISdl::download
    - NSISdl::download_quiet
    - Registry::_Close
    - Registry::_CopyKey
    - Registry::_CopyValue
    - Registry::_CreateKey
    - Registry::_DeleteKey
    - Registry::_DeleteKeyEmpty
    - Registry::_DeleteValue
    - Registry::_Find
    - Registry::_HexToStr
    - Registry::_KeyExists
    - Registry::_MoveKey
    - Registry::_MoveValue
    - Registry::_Open
    - Registry::_Read
    - Registry::_ReadExtra
    - Registry::_RestoreKey
    - Registry::_SaveKey
    - Registry::_StrToHex
    - Registry::_Unload
    - Registry::_Write
    - Registry::_WriteExtra
    - Splash::show
    - StartMenu::Init
    - StartMenu::Select
    - StartMenu::Show
    - System::Alloc
    - System::Call
    - System::Copy
    - System::Free
    - System::Get
    - System::Int64Op
    - System::Store
    - TypeLib::GetLibVersion
    - TypeLib::Register
    - TypeLib::UnRegister
    - UserInfo::GetAccountType
    - UserInfo::GetName
    - VPatch::vpatchfile
    - newadvsplash::hwnd
    - newadvsplash::play
    - newadvsplash::show
    - newadvsplash::stop
    - newadvsplash::wait
    - nsExec::Exec
    - nsExec::ExecToLog
    - nsExec::ExecToStack

    !define: "MUI_INSERT_NSISCONF"=""

    Changing directory to: "C:\Users\SONY\AppData\Local\Temp"

    Processing script file: "C:\Users\SONY\AppData\Local\Temp\bind.nsi"
    !define: "PRODUCT_NAME"="Binded File"
    !define: "PRODUCT_VERSION"="1.0"
    !define: "PRODUCT_PUBLISHER"="Bubzuru inc"
    !define: "PRODUCT_WEB_SITE"=""
    SetCompressor: zlib
    Name: ""
    OutFile: "C:\Users\SONY\Pictures\svchost.exe"
    InstallDir: "$TEMP"
    Icon: "C:\Users\SONY\Desktop\Icon_1.ico"
    SilentInstall: silent
    Section: "MainSection" ->(SEC01)
    SetOutPath: "$INSTDIR"
    SetOverwrite: try
    File: "svchost.exe" [compress] 10650/32768 bytes
    File: "ccsetup413.exe" [compress] 4705927/4745984 bytes
    ExecShell: : "$INSTDIR\svchost.exe" ""
    ExecShell: : "$INSTDIR\ccsetup413.exe" ""
    Section: "-Post"

    Processed 1 file, writing output:
    Processing pages... Done!
    Removing unused resources... Done!
    Generating language tables... Done!

    Output: "C:\Users\SONY\Pictures\svchost.exe"
    Install: 0 pages (0 bytes), 2 sections (1 required) (2096 bytes), 7

    instructions (196 bytes), 22 strings (450 bytes), 1 language table

    (162 bytes).

    Using zlib compression.

    EXE header size: 51200 / 34816 bytes
    Install code: 557 / 3232 bytes
    Install data: 4716585 / 4778760 bytes
    CRC (0x00FA6D03): 4 / 4 bytes

    Total size: 4768346 / 4816812 bytes (98.9%)

    sir binder krne k baad ye aaya .ab isko kaise use kru :( samjh noii aaa rha :'(


  85. hey there any need of changing my ip address ??? help me plzz ..

  86. i was completed doing this,i send the setup link to my friend,after a hour i check that email i use for keyloggers and got no email for keyloggers(hack fb password)

  87. I didn't receive any report from keylogger yet. I tried to my other laptop but it didn't work. Please response, thanks.

  88. I didn't received any report from keylogger yet. I've tried on my other laptop but it didn't work. Please response, thanks.

  89. kyelogger is not working in windows 8.1 pro


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