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How to send Fake or anonymous mails

Hello friends, today i am going to explain you how to send fake or anonymous mails to anyone using anyone's email ID and in this more cool feature is that with attachments. Fake mailing is really helpful for Phishing attempts, as we can send emails without even using our email ID. In technical terms fake mailing is called email spoofing. That i have already discussed in Hacking class 21 : Email Spoofing. If you forgot then let me provide you brief information again.

Note: This is for educational purposes only. Please Don't misuse it.

What is fake emails or Email Spoofing or forging?
Email spoofing refers to the process of sending an email message from one source, but making it appear as though the email was sent from a different source. For example, an email originates from but it appears to be from Another method of spoofing is to make the message appear to come from an unknown user within your domain name. For example, the message appears to be from
This does not mean that your email account was compromised. It means that the sender has fooled the mail client into believing the email originated from a different address.
This is usually done for malicious reasons, either to distribute unsolicited email or to distribute email viruses. Unfortunately, there is no real way to prevent spoofing from occurring. If you receive an email that has questionable content, it is recommended to delete the email message or use an antivirus program to scan the message before opening it.

Lets today discuss how to do it. I will explain this tutorial using Emkei's Fake mailer.

Steps to send fake or anonymous emails:
1. Go the Emkei's Fake mailer website (click here to visit).
Now you will see something like this:

send fake or anonymous emails, fake mailer
Fake mailer to send fake or anonymous mails

2. Now as you see there are several boxes like:
a. From Name: Name of person from which you are sending the email. Put the senders Name there.
b. From Email: Email of sender that is from which email address you are sending fake or anonymous email. Note: This email address should be in friends list of victim.
c. To: In this box you have to put the email address whom you want to send the fake mail.
d. Subject : In this box here you have to enter the subject of email that you want to send, its like subject of normal emails.
e. Attachment: Select the file that you want to attach.
f.  X-mailer: Select the service from which you want to send.
g. Text/Plain or Text/Html: If you wanna wanna send normal text mail select text/Plain and if you wanna send phish mails then you need to select Text/Html.
h. Text : Here you have to enter the message you want to sent in fake mail.

3. Now enter the captcha and click on send. 
That's it, isn't that easy enough. Now let me show you the practical example of fake mailer:
Suppose i want to send an email from one of my friend's email using his email address to myself. Below is the snapshot:
sample of sending fake email, fake or anonymous mailer
Sample of how to send fake or anonymous emails

Below is the proof of fake email gone in the email address inbox. Note: The mail you are sending should be in his/her friend list.
send the fake emails, email spoofing or forging
Snapshot of email of the fake email in inbox

I hope you all have liked it.... If you have any queries ask me in form of comments.


  1. awesome dude... keep it up

  2. Good one Lokesh :)

  3. Nice tutorial Lokesh.
    I have one small question, Which is the best Xmailer in this website and how can we choose other mailer to sent fake or spoofed mails.

  4. i know this site from 2008 :) but thx for sharing for the ppl who dont no about this site :)

  5. gr8 !!!

    - hell-boy

  6. bt it shows this website in the email headers :(

  7. gud job buddy but i want to know that if there any email spoofer which shows the fake mail in outbox also?

  8. I am always here to fuck your daughter,sister,wife and your mother.

  9. dude you r the best......

  10. now it is not working Lokesh

  11. it's working now.

  12. hey lokesh i have problem
    when i try to open youtube on my computer it redirect to google what should i do please tell me as early as possible please

  13. if i use another one email so they know our real IP Adress or not?

  14. @ Anonymous
    They cannot get your real IP as you are using a gateway to spoof your Identity by spoofing email server source.

  15. hello the site is working but for g mail adderessess the fake mail goes directly to the spam folder

  16. Dear LOkeshadmin
    the google has piled up with this loop holes and they give us a message that this message is not send by this
    plz give us another trick

  17. Hello Lokesh Sir,I liked ur post..but real problem is that i want the working of ur example fake mailer... how that fake mailer works??? i dont want to use that fake mailer.. i want to manually create a fake mail... pls
    send me info:

    1. buddy you need to use php script to create such mailer

  18. you..... u are the best with that....hello from Costa Rica

  19. It's not work, I sent 3 email to my gmail to test, but nothing come to my email,
    Is there any problem?

    1. Nothing comes because your account is gmail and the messages go to spam. That is aprob with that site. Also the site does not provide settings for getting replies with same fake email you used or invented. if someone knows how to or has a free software kindly provide

  20. Hey Guyz could any one help me with the working URL of -
    This doesnt seem to work any more, help me out with this plz asap.

  21. I have tried this every which way using proper send to and from email addresses, plain text, attachments properly labeld and no mater what, it ALWAY goes to recipient spam folder or is blocked entirely. Why?


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