Monday, June 6, 2011

Facebook Hack to Display your Custom Message | Hacking Facebook

Hello Friends, today i come up with new Facebook trick. Using this Facebook hack you can display a custom message on Facebook and  prank your friends that you have hacked he Facebook as message is dynamic and you can change the message and title whatever you want.

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Hacking Facebook - Latest Facebook trick
Basically it's a loophole in the Facebook URL, they just forgot to put the execution lock on the what is the result of that, is you can manipulate that URL fields.

Facebook Hack to Display your Custom message and Title on Facebook:
1. Open your Web browser.
2.  Copy the below URL in the address bar of web browser:
Note: You need to remove amp; from the URL

3. Now change 'YOUR TITLE' with your title you want to display and 'YOUR MESSAGE' with your message and press enter.
Suppose mine title is LOKESH SINGH and message is LoopHole is shared by then the URL will become something like this: SINGH&body=LoopHole is share by
Note: You need to remove amp; from the URL
4. That's all...

Below is the snapshot of above trick:
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Latest Facebook hack to display custom message and title

I hope you all have liked it.... If you have any queries ask me i form of comments..


  1. its amazin!!!!i tried it and it rox!

  2. but how to hack sum 1 account with this trick can u teach.......

  3. sir , i used my frndz name and typed a message .. i got it in d format as in the given picture.. but wen i checked his profile the message was not displayed as his status message !!! ????

    pls help.. what d basic use of this trick?

  4. ROFL.. i have said its just the prank that you can show to your friends that you can display whatever u want on Facebook...:D

    Using this method we cannot hack Facebook account.. Its just a trick to display custom message and page title on Facebook.

  5. Just a good observation Thumbs Up!!

  6. By....Ashok

    Sir u have started Advanced online hacking class...Sir what is schedule
    and when u will post in this section is this any fix day or u will post
    in Random day

  7. @Ashok

    I will try to post on alternate days... as you will need atleast one day to practice and explore more about the article..

  8. By.....Ashok..

    Thanks very Much for answering my question..your Effort is really...GREAT...

  9. @ASHOK

    to keep running this blog and earn from it .. he has to do this !!!

  10. sir, i want to become an ETHICAL HACKER ....

    what field should i choose for it ???



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  11. @anonymous

    If i want to earn from this blog...then there will be lots of ads on the website...but except inline ads nothing is there and you cannot earn much from that...

  12. This is an old trick. There is a better script that when u entered it to address bar, u can entirely edit the whole website. Google it.

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  16. SIR,

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  17. Lokesh Bhai.can u help in port i have lost my routers password..plz bhai..plz

  18. I DNt Understand It plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Tell me How to hack a FAcebook account plz plz plz tell me.........?


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