Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hacking Filesonic Premium Account Video

Hello friends, today i will teach you how to download unlimited from Filesonic using Filesonic premium account hack. As we all know Filesonic is a paid service and that's really annoying when you want to download something and you have to wait for 30mins to 1 hr for download and then also you get very slow download speed and more annoying is that it also doesn't have resume download facility.

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Hack Filesonic Premium account by Hackingloops

So Friends, i have made a video for you which will guide you how to hack a Filesonic premium account in less than 5 minutes so that you will be able to download unlimited from Filesonic without any delay and with resume download facility ans specially at premium speed. So let's start hacking Filesonic premium account step by step. This hack has some basic requirements.

1. MCG (multiple cookie generator) by tomtest.
Click here to download premium cookie generator:  DOWNLOAD
2. Firefox Web browser
3. Cookie Editor
Download Cookie editor from here: DOWNLOAD
4. Register on website TOMTEST

Video for Hacking Filesonic Premium account:
In this video, i have explained how to hack premium account of Filesonic using premium account cookie hack and that i have done with the help of MCG tool. Most hacks are always confusing. So i have made video for you Friends...In this video i have explained everything from very start to hack Filesonic premium account.

How to use Filesonic Premium account cookies?
1. Open
2. Now on firefox click tools>cookie Manager
3. Now in the top of cookie editor you will see a filter bar
4. Now in filter bar search filesonic
5. The cookie name is PHPSESSID
6. Now copy the Premium Cookie to the content bar. Click on save.
7. Copy/Paste the link that you want to download to Firefox.

I hope you all just loved it.... If you have any queries or doubts contact me through comments.


  1. greaat post dude

  2. THANX you DUde...awesome trick! wondering if its also work for others premium account? etc, hotfile,fileserve,megaupload?
    -From: Manx

  3. This is really old one dude. Btw u ROCK.. ;) n follow Tomtest @ twitter and activate the text messaging for TomTest. Then you will get instant updates through Twitter to your mobile about new valid cookies which are added by users. Just try.. :)

  4. MCG showing no available cookies. What should I do now?? PLease help

  5. dude its not working..when i refresh the page after saving the cookie...same page comes out...and with same option high speed or slow download....when i click on the highspeed download the page takes me to the billing page...and it says me to log into an account plz plz help me out...reply soon...

  6. what next shal i do..

  7. @ Anonymous 5

    Sometime it happens that cookie got expired means its got detected and blocked by Filesonic team. So they disable the premium account.

  8. @Anonymous 6

    Friend your question is not clear. Please write complete question then only i can help you.

    After watching video, you reached upto end. Now Just paste the download link URL into your web browser and press enter, it will start downloading.

  9. THANKS.... THAT WORK 10000%

    NICE SHARE.................

  10. Hi Bro,

    When I go to the Tomtest to register it shows

    "This account has been suspended.
    Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources."

    Any way to go around this?

  11. holy cow it works.thanks brah,
    please ignore above message.

  12. I have no words to thanks!

    WHEN I TRY TO OPEN TOMTEST.NET IT SAYS "PAGE IS TAKING TOO MUCH TIME TO RESPOND.The website may be down, or you may be experiencing issues with your Internet connection". MY INTERNET WORKS FINE . IDK WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO DO ..

  14. i can dl multiple files with firefox but not with IDM.Why is this happening?

    thanks in advance.

  15. Tomtest seems to be down !. Any alternative ?

  16. when I clicked on MCG tomtest application then it shows error "Java Runtime Environment
    not found". I am using windows 7 operating system and firefox browser 6.0.2.
    Please help me................

    - Bhai

  17. welcome my friend...
    Thanks for your reply..

  18. I have heard that there are lot of ways to crack premium accounts so tell us other ways also.Please...............Thanks.

  19. @sanjayache

    Yes there are lot of ways to hack premium accounts but the easiest and 100% working method is the above one only. Also i have uploaded the new video as some users were facing problems with above tool. Please check the video at below link:

  20. I want u sent this video to me please !! my mail


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