Hotfile Filesonic Wupload premium account cookies 12 July

Lokesh Singh July 12, 2011 0

Hotfile Filesonic and Wupload Premium account cookies are alternate way of getting premium account access and thus you can download unlimited from these premium websites using this hack.

How to use the premium cookies?

To learn how to use these premium cookies read this post:

Today’s Hotfile premium account cookies update 12 July evening are below:


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Hotfile premium account cookies hack for 8 July

Premium Hotfile Account Cookie 1:


Premium Hotfile Account Cookie 2:


Today’s Filesonic premium account cookies 12 July update is below:
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Filesonic premium account cookies 8 July


Premium Filesonic Account Cookie 1:


Premium Filesonic Account Cookie 2:


Today’s Wupload premium account cookies update 12 July evening are below:

Premium Wupload Account Cookie 1:


Premium Wupload Account Cookie 2:


 Note: Wupload cookies are used in similar manner as Fileserve and Filesonic. You have to edit or add PHPSESSID and add the above cookie into that.

Now how to use premium cookies to get the access to premium accounts. I have already explained how to use premium cookies in my previous post “How to use Premium Cookies for Paid Websites” there i have explained how to use premium account cookies for Hotfile, Fileserve, Filesonic, Rapidshare and megaupload..

I hope you all like my this step of providing premium cookies daily… If you have any queries ask me in form of comments. 

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