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How to Change The MAC Address of system

The MAC address uniquely identifies the network card within the current network segment. It consists of a vendor id that is unique among all network vendors, and a relative id that is unique to the vendor. The address is hard-coded onto the network adapter. But since most of the drivers were developed with the Windows Driver Development kit, the MAC address is read from the Windows registry, when the card is initialized. Now when you are launching any hacking attempt your MAC address is registered at your ISP that your physical address has accessed the particular website and you can be easily identified as MAC address is always unique. So be expert Hacker, first remove all things that can be traced back and its the first step..

Steps to change MacAddress of PC
1. Note down the description and current MAC address of the card you want to modify.
To do this, open a command prompt and type the following:

ipconfig /all
 as shown below:
mac address view from ipconfig
Real Mac address View

2. The description of the card is in the field "Description", whereas the MAC address can be found at the field "Physical address".

3. Start the registry editor by using regedit command in run(regedit under Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 2003 server) and open the node


Click on each of them until you get Network adapter in description as shown below:
registry for network adapters
Network Adapter main node

4. Find the node which contains the field Driver Description in the right pane that matches the description of the network adapter you want to change.

5. Now find the registry key "NetworkAddress" (without quotes). If not found create the new one and choose type String key as shown below:

create new registry key to change mac address
Registry View for creating new key

6. Double click the entry "NetworkAddress" and enter the new network address. Note that the new network address should have exactly twelve digits as shown below:
Enter new mac address in network key
Entering value of Network address key.

7. Once you entered the new network address, the network adapter has to be restarted. To do this, open the control panel and then "Network and Dialup connections". Right click the network connection you have just modified, and then click disable. After the device has been disabled, right-click the connection again and click Enable.

8. Open a command prompt, and type ipconfig /all to check, whether the new MAC address has been changed. If the displayed physical address is still the same, your network card is probably incapable of changing this setting. 
Here is the proof:
proof of changed macddress of system
Changed mac address

9. That's all, enjoy your new spoofed mac address.

I hope you all like it.... If you have any queries ask me in form of comments...


  1. Hi Dear,
    ISPs does not keep the MAC address of your computer as they keep the last NICs address of your network (As per TCP/IP logic). It may be modem or router or others. I don't know I m right or wrong. And if u r right then the ISP must trace the stolen laptop but they can't.
    If I m wrong pl rectify me. Your comment is badly needed for my rectification friend.hi Dear,

  2. @Sujit

    My friend let me clear your technical doubts, What is NIC address? NIC is Network interface controller basically your Ethernet card (hardware) that you use to connect to network, which is nothing but a MAC address or more technically called Physical address. Nowadays its inbuilt in motherboards, you can easily find it on it when you open your laptop or CPU case.

    What is modem? Modem is nothing just a modulating / demodulating device which converts your analog signal to digital information and vice versa. The main purpose is only to produce a signal that can be easily transmitted and decoded to produce the original signal. USB based internet devices like Tata Photon, Reliance Net connect fall into this category which has MAC address of USB device network cards.

    And you can use above method to spoof any type of such MAC addresses.

    Enjoy and have fun...
    If you have more doubts ask me i will try to clear those also...

  3. Thanks Lokesh, on each pc there is just 1 mac address on the network card? Or more?
    And how do i go to change the rest if more?

    Thank you

  4. Great info dear..

    but i want to change my ip address series / class ..
    mine is starting from 120.59.*.*.* , i want something different in place of 120.. i have dynamic ip, even after restarting modem , it starts from 120.... i had thought we can do this by spoofing mac

    can u please help me out in this matter ??



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