Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Find Gmail account creation date

"How to find Gmail account creation date". Well, this question has immense value when it comes to Gmail password recovery. Why??? Because, during initiating a password reset using Gmail Contact Form, you have to enter the Gmail account creation date, otherwise you are not allowed to reset your password. So, I have mentioned two ways by which you can know your Gmail account creation date.

Find Gmail account creation date

Note: This article is not meant for those who have lost their password. I am writing this article for those who have access to their account, but don't know how to check Gmail account creation date. In future, if by some means, you lose your password and want to use Gmail accounts Form, this Gmail account creation date will help you.

Get Gmail account creation Date:

1. Gmail Welcome Mail:

All Gmail accounts receive "Gmail Welcome Mail" after they create their Gmail account. So, this "Welcome Mail" has the same date as your Gmail account creation date. So, noting this date will serve the purpose. Go to Gmail inbox and hit on Oldest button to get the last message. This message will be from Gmail Team. Note this mail's date. Done!!!

But, many readers said that they have deleted Welcome mail and so are unable to get the account creation date. If you are one of them, proceed to the second point.
2. Using POP:

Well, this method will work for accounts created after 2007.
Go to Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP and under POP Download, look for:
Status: POP is enabled for all mail that has arrived since "Your Account Creation Date"

and you will get the required date.

Below is the Snapshot showing output:
find gmail account creation date, gmail password recovery
Find Gmail account creation date
I hope you all love this... If you have any queries ask me in form of comments...


  1. how to find the date of creation of the account to which we dont have access.....kindly reply...

  2. someone has deleted mine gmail account and for reactivation gmail support team is asking account creation date, how would i know that date?? Please help me to reactive mine gmail again.


  3. dude but how to hack gmail?

  4. The second method is not true. If someone did not enable POP from the date of creation, how could you get creation date, boss?

  5. This article is useless. Seriously, if you can't figure out something like this, then you shouldn't be using a computer. This is website filler.

  6. this is not use full bcoz some time delete a welcome mail by user at the time of create a a/c

  7. Gmail acct. date - I Know with help of your Post. Thanks for post and information.celebrity styles

  8. but how to find the creation date if your account is hacked ? i need the creation date for my account in claiming the hacked email id ... can you help me


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