Crash AOE 1.0c Hack On Game Ranger

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Hello Friends, i have made a new Multiplayer hack of Age of Empires 1.0c Conquerors that works perfectly on Game Ranger and other online platforms. In this hack i have exploited the Food resource such that the Game will go OUT OF SYNC and thus the Age of Empires Game will crash. This hack is very helpful when you feel that its time to ruin the game specially when lots of noobs are there in your team and you are thinking that you are loosing a game. In other case somebody attacked you and you think that you will loose and don’t want that others will also play, so whats the option Just crash the Game.
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Crash AOE 1.0c Hack for Game Ranger By Hackingloops
Using my new hack, you can crash AOE game at any time with just 1 click or pressing a key combination. What this hack will do it will make game Go out of SYNC and hence game will be crashed.

How to use this Hack?
2. Now Start Game ranger and Join Any room and let the game start. 
3. Enjoy the game till when you think everything is going right and in your favor. 
4. Whenever you feel that’s enough and you want to crash the AOE game, Just launch the Hack and press the Button “Crash AOE Game” or you can simply press “SHIFT + C” to do the same.
5. Just wait 2 to 3 seconds and Game will go Out of SYNC.
6. Enjoy, you have crashed the AOE game.

I hope you all have enjoyed the topic and like my hacks…
If you have any issues ask me in form of comments…And a appreciation comment is always heartily welcomed.
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