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How to hack crack or bypass cyberoam in college

Hello Friends, today i am going to explain you How to hack crack or bypass cyberoam websense and all other security firewalls that college, institutions, offices use to block websites at their respective places. Most of colleges, school and offices nowadays prefers a hardware firewall to block the users to access the restricted websites. Most of my friends have asked me about that how to access blocked websites or bypass cyberoam or simply cracking the cyberoam to access restricted websites in their college and offices, i have explained some methods earlier also but those loopholes are now fixed and those methods to hack cyberoam and websense doesn't work effectively now and also hacking through proxy is quite tedious task as first of all we have to search for good working proxy websites which in itself is a very tedious task, and most of times it is also blocked. So it actually wastes lot of our precious times and most important daily. So why don't we have a permanent solution for it. The method that i will explain today is really awesome and doesn't require much effort and thus its quite easy and the most important its 100% working. So friends read on for detailed hack....

hack cyberoam, crack or bypass cyberoam client
Hacking or bypassing or cracking cyberoam
For hacking Cyberoam or Websense  you must know How cyberoam and websense works? If you know how it works then you can easily find flaws in it and hack or bypass it very easily. So friends lets learn how cyberoam actually works.

Cyberoam is a 8 layer hardware firewall that offers stateful and deep packet inspection for network and web applications and user based identity security. Thus the firewall is quite secured. Now how we can hack that 8 layer security its the main important question here, as i have mentioned above that main working and blocking of any website or application by cyberoam is basically done at deep packet inspection step, now here the flaw in any security firewall lies, also in case of cyberoam and websense too. They block all websites by parsing their content and if their content contains the restricted keywords then they block that websites. They also use category blocking which also works on same concept. The flaw is with websites that uses SSL feature, the websites that contains SSL lock i.e. the websites that uses https are not blocked by them. They have to block these websites manually which is a very hectic task and believe me nobody blocks them.
So the proxy websites that uses https i.e. SSL proxies are also not blocked by these websites. 
Only those proxies are blocked which are known or being heavily used. But the tool that i give you create SSL proxies by itself that means its proxies cannot be blocked. So friends this tool rocks..:P :)

Things that we need to hack cyberoam, websense and any such such hardware firewall:
1. TOR browser ( a anonymous web browser like Mozilla which has inbuilt proxy finder that bypasses the websites easily that are being blocked by cyberoam or websense).
2. A USB or pendrive ( where you will keep the portable version of TOR browser)
3. If USB drives are disabled we will use different drive for its installation. (also portable version of TOR can be executed from any place).

Steps to hack Cyberoam:
1. Download the TOR web browser.
     To download TOR browser: CLICK HERE

2. Now install the TOR web browser. In case of portable version it will extract.
    For Installation and usage Instructions visit here: CLICK HERE

3. Now open the TOR browser and start surfing your favorite website like facebook, orkut, gmail ..everything at you office....

4. That's all the hack. I hope you all have liked it.

Note: Have a portable version in your pen drive or USB drive and enjoy where ever you want.

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Thanks for Reading...


  1. i'll try it in my college sir, thanks

  2. tor is also block in cyberoam.


  3. sir i would like to know how can i download .exe files even if my college blocked us to download..thanks sir.,.,.,

  4. TOr is blocked itself/....

  5. is any proxy working on cyberoam for open facebook full version.

  6. i hav been using tor browser for a month but the problem with it is that it does not alow sites with live streaming videos....e.g. youtube etc....
    so is there any way to view such sites...

  7. kristy & steve jubb its now the beginning of your end.... also you, your blogs, bloggers, illegal filming of me from the hidden camera yous set up in my old place & everything yous are involved in to do with all of this is about to cost yous everything.so enjoy atom, kristy, yoda & the rest of your force

  8. it's not workin in our clg cyberroam

  9. tor browser works based on onion routing... so if it doesn't work.. Please use a bridge ip address.. it will work for sure in any corporate network, college network... tor times out if the firewall is blocking tor browser... but if you use a bridge address in the tor settings, it will work absolutely fine with no problem...

  10. i usually get download speed of 1 Mbps but it get reduced to 70 kbps when used with tor.
    i get only single parallel connection in IDM with tor
    any help

  11. i know this tell me some thig different

  12. tor for uubuntu is available


  13. sir my collage have cyberom n i m nt able to play morpg game from my collage net (it's make me lag badly in server so can u help me to come out of this problem or tor is helpful for it)

  14. vpnbook is another solution which provides both browsing and downloading.

  15. I need to crak my friend's user id and password as it is a hectic procedure to obtain an user id in our college,i know his user id but i need to crack his numeric passowrd, any one lpz help me.... mail me at anonymous.73@gmail.com

  16. friends, who need permition with cyberoam, you have to know the open source IPs and Details, then replce autometic IP obtain with static IP and DNS, you can enjoy unlimited data surfing & downloading, both.

  17. I would like to Know it's generate the log or not in firewall and any other devices. please tell me more about logs and other reports which is generated in there.

  18. In using tor it is asking about proxy setings like proxy type, address,port
    Please explain me...

  19. sir even tor and ultrasurf is blocked can u have other option


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