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How to make a Phisher or Fake Pages

Phishers are fake pages which are intentionally made by hackers to steal the critical information like identity details, usernames, passwords, IP address and other such stuff. As i mentioned intentional, which clearly means its illegal and its a cyber crime. Phishing is basically a social engineering technique to hack username and passwords by deceiving the legitimate users. Phishers are sent normally using spam or forged mails.

Note: This article is for educational purposes only, any misuse is not covered by Hacking loops or CME.

What is Phishing?
Phishing is basically derived from the word called Fishing which is done by making a trap to catch the fishes. Similarly in case of hacking, hackers make Phish pages (traps) to deceive the normal or unaware user to hack his account details. Phishing technique is advancing day by day, its really tough to believe that on what extent this technique is reached but this is always remains far away from normal internet users and most of hackers.
Most of hackers and computer geeks still believe that Phishing attempt can be easily detected by seeing the URL in address bar. Below are some myths that hacking industry still have about Phishing. I will mention only few because then article will become sensitive and major security agencies will flag my website for posting sensitive data. So i will only explain the facts, if you need the same you need to fill the form and give us assurance that you will not misuse it.

Myth's about Phishing among Computer Geeks and Hackers
1. Almost each and every Hacker or computer Geek, thinks that Phishing attempt can be detected by just having a look on the URL. Let me tell you friends it was old days when you recognize Phishers by seeing URL's. But nowadays recent development in Cross site scripting(XSS) and Cross site Script forgery has made it possible that we can embed our scripts in the URL of famous websites, and you must know scripting has no limitations. Below are some examples that you can do from scripting:
a. Embed a Ajax Keylogger into the main URL and user clicks on the URL, keylogger script will get executed and all the keystrokes of the user will get record.
b. Spoof the fake URL: If you are little bit good in scripting and web browser exploits recognition then this can be easily done. What you need to do you need to write a script which will tell web browser to open fake page URL whenever user opens some website like Facebook. Just you need to manipulate the host file and manipulate the IP address of that website from Host file(found in windows folder).
c. Simply retrieving the information saved in the web browser like saved passwords, and bookmarks etc. Just need to write a script which will explore the locations in Windows user profile (where actually the stored information of web browsers saved). 
2. One biggest myth, when you enter the data into the fake page, it will show either some warning message or show login information is incorrect. Rofl, new phishers are bit smart, now they don't show warning messages, when you login through fake page. They will actually login you into your account, and simultaneously at the back end they will steal your information using batch scripts.

So  friends i think this is enough back ground about new phishing technologies. Let's learn how to make a basic Phisher of any website in less than one or two minutes.

Steps to make your own Phisher:
1. Open the website Login or Sign in page whose phisher you want to make. Suppose you pick Gmail.
2. Right click to view the source and simultaneously open notepad.
3. Copy all the contents of the source into the notepad file.
4. Now you need to search for word action in the copied source code. You will find something like below:
how to make phishers or fake pages
Manipulate action and method

Now in this line you need to edit two things, first method and then action. Method Post is used for security purposes which encrypts the plain text, so we need to change it to GET.
Action field contains the link to next page, where it should go when you click on login or press enter. You need to change it to something.php (say lokesh.php).
5. Now save the above page.
6. Now open the Notepad again and paste the below code in that:
sample batch scripts for hacking account or password
Batch script for Phisher
7. Location contains the next page URL, where you wish to send to user and passwords.html will contains the passwords.
8. Now save this file as lokesh.php as told in step number 4.
9. Now create an empty file and name it as passwords.html, where the password get stored.
10. Upload all the three file to any web server and test it.

Note: In case of facebook, it will show error after user login, for that you need to use tabnabbing trick.
Note: Always keep the extension correct, otherwise it will not work. So always use save as trick rather than save otherwise it will save files as lokesh.php.txt. 

That's all from my side today, I hope you all enjoyed this article..
If you have any issues ask me in form of comments..


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