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Sunday, January 30, 2011
Email spoofing Hacking class 21

Email spoofing Hacking class 21

Hi friends, After the article about SMS spoofing, today i will share with you basic idea about What is email Spoofing? How email spoofing works? What are the different ways to send spoofed emails? Can we detect spoofed emails or not?   In my later hacking class tutorials i will explain you how to send spoofed emails using email spoofing tools or by simply web applications. So Let's start from very basic..
What is Email Spoofing?
Email spoofing refers to the process of sending an email message from one source, but making it appear as though the email was sent from a different source. For example, an email originates from but it appears to be from Another method of spoofing is to make the message appear to come from an unknown user within your domain name. For example, the message appears to be from
This does not mean that your email account was compromised. It means that the sender has fooled the mail client into believing the email originated from a different address.
This is usually done for malicious reasons, either to distribute unsolicited email or to distribute email viruses. Unfortunately, there is no real way to prevent spoofing from occurring. If you receive an email that has questionable content, it is recommended to delete the email message or use an antivirus program to scan the message before opening it.
I will recommend users to read the following article to know about How email works:

How Does Email Spoofing Work?
 Basically, email spoofing alters the email header to make it appear as though it originated from a different source address. This is possible due to the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) not supporting any type of sending authentication. Originally, email spoofing was used for legitimate reasons when someone wanted to send mail appearing to be from their email address when logged on to a network that was not their own. Nowadays, it is commonly used for sending spam or malicious mails means for sending viruses or phishing page links or simply spreading the botnets. The email fields can be edited in many email clients and automated spam and hacker tool kits that are currently available in the market or you can also also edit them manually if you know little bit of programming and hacking.

Why do People Spoof Email?
Email is primarily spoofed for one of two basic reasons: 
1 – Spam means for Email marketing or spreading a message to several users.
2 – To conduct a phishing or spear phishing attack.  

If you want to learn more about phishing then i will recommend you to read this article:

Spammers will spoof the “from” field many times in order to hide their identity from the email recipients. The message body will have advertisements, or links to offers the spammers are trying to sell to the recipients. They change the “From” field in the email in order to make it harder to determine their identity and avoid complaints from the end-user. 

Those who spoof email for malicious intent are simply called Crackers and they typically do so as part of a phishing attack that is for sending phishing page links. They will spoof the email to be from someone else on the same domain as the receiver. In a spear phishing attack, the email may be changed to be from a legitimate friend or co-worker of the person receiving the email. This results in a greater possibility of the targeted person opening the email and falling victim to malware or spyware attack.

What are the Techniques to Spoof Email?
Although it is straight forward to change the “From” field in an email header, the email can still be traced to the sender. But most of  the major ISP’s maintain “black lists” to ban known senders of spam from sending email traffic to users on their network(s). As a result, spammers have now evolved to using specialized software to create a random sending email address. These email addresses will rarely be active or used for a second time. 

Another technique used by those conducting spear phishing attacks is to hack the account password(s) for one or more people in the organization or some normal victim. Once its hacked, the emails in the address book are used to conduct additional attacks by placing those in the “From” field in email making them to appear to be legitimate. This same technique is also used by email worms(botnets) to self-propagate through unsuspecting users opening infected email sent by the respective worm.

Can Spoofed Emails be Detected?
Now a major question arises that can we trace such activities that is email spoofing. Answer is simply no if user is smart enough that is he has used a proxy server while sending the spoofed email and answer is Yes if a novice hacker has send it without spoofing his IP address.
I would recommend you to read this article to hide your IP and remain anonymous while sending emails and performing such hacking activites:

Many people mistakenly believe that sending spoofed email The IP address used to send an email is logged and is traceable. This address can then be used to cross-reference with the ISP DHCP records to determine who sent the email. If you are simply trying to trick your sibling or friends, it will appear to be from the “faked” email address. This is why spammers and hackers will not send spoofed email from their own IP address(es), instead routing the spam through other destinations before sending it to the desired recipients.

If you want to learn more about How to trace an email address that you have send you the email and from which IP address the read the following article:

That's all the tutorial, i hope you all have like it. If you liked it then show your love by posting comments about the article.

Saturday, January 29, 2011
11 Tricks to Increase Firefox speed 10 times

11 Tricks to Increase Firefox speed 10 times

Hi friends, today i will share with you 11 tricks to increase Firefox browsing and normal speed 10 to 30 times. These are 100% tested hacks and improves the browsing speed of Firefox at least 10 times. These tricks are basically the latest tweaks found by several computer experts including me. These are isoftdl special tricks that boost your Mozilla Firefox browsing speed by 10-30 times.

howt to speed up firefox, increase browsing speed, firefox tips and tricks

11 Tricks to Increase Firefox Speed

1. Type about:config in the address bar and then press Enter.

2. In the filter search bar type network.http.pipelining. Be sure the value field is set true,if not double-click to set true. HTTP is the application-layer protocol that most web pages are transferred with. In HTTP 1.1, multiple requests can be sent before any responses are received. This is known as pipelining. Pipelining reduces page loading times, but not all servers support it.

3. Go back to the filter search bar and type network.http.pipelining.maxrequests. Double-click this option and set its value to 8.

4. In the filter search bar and type network.http.proxy.pipelining. Once opened doubleclick on it and set it to true.

5. In IPv6-capable DNS servers, an IPv4 address may be returned when an IPv6 address is requested. It is possible for Mozilla to recover from this misinformation, but a significant delay is introduced.
Type network.dns.disableIPv6 in the filter search bar and set this option to true by double clicking on it.

This preference controls if the application will interrupt parsing a page to respond to UI events. It does not exist by default. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window, select New and then Boolean from the pop-up menu. Then:
A. Enter content.interrupt.parsing in the New boolean value pop-up window and click OK
B. When prompted to choose the value for the new boolean, select true and click OK.

7. Rather than wait until a page has completely downloaded to display it to the user, Mozilla applications will regularly render what has been received to that point. This option controls the maximum amount of time the application will be unresponsive while rendering pages. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window, select New and then Integer from the pop-up menu.
A. Enter content.max.tokenizing.time in the New integer value pop-up window and click OK
B. You will be prompted to enter a value. Enter 2250000 and click OK.

This option sets the minimum amount of time to wait between re flows. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window, select New and then Integer from the pop-up menu.
A. Type content.notify.interval in the New integer value pop-up window and click OK.
B. You will be prompted to enter a value. Enter 750000 and click OK.

A. This option sets if to re-flow pages at an interval any higher than that specified by content.notify.interval. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window and select New and then Boolean from the pop-up menu.
B. Type content.notify.ontimer in the New boolean value pop-up window and click OK.
C. You will be prompted to choose the value for the new boolean. Select true and click OK.

10. Notify Backoffcount
This option controls the maximum number of times the content will do timer-based reflows. After this number has been reached, the page will only reflow once it is finished downloading. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window and select New and then Integer from the pop-up menu.
A. Enter content.notify.backoffcount in the New integer value pop-up window and click OK.
B. You will be prompted to enter a value. Enter 5 and click OK.

You can interact with a loading page when content.interrupt.parsing is set to true. When a page is loading, the application has two modes: a high frequency interrupt mode and a low frequency interrupt mode. The first one interrupts the parser more frequently to allow for greater UI responsiveness during page load.
The low frequency interrupt mode interrupts the parser less frequently to allow for quicker page load. The application enters high frequency interrupt mode when you move the mouse or type on the keyboard and switch back to low frequency mode when you had no activity for a certain amount of time. This preference controls that amount of time. Right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window and select New and then Integer from the pop-up menu.
A. Enter content.switch.threshold in the New integer value pop-up window and click OK.
B. You will be prompted to enter a value. Enter 750000 and click OK.

Mozilla applications render web pages incrementally, they display what’s been received
of a page before the entire page has been downloaded. Since the start of a web page
normally doesn’t have much useful information to display, Mozilla applications will wait
a short interval before first rendering a page. This preference controls that interval. Rightclick (Apple users ctrl-click) anywhere in the about:config window and select New and then Integer from the pop-up menu.
A. Enter nglayout.initialpaint.delay in the New integer value pop-up window and click OK.
B. You will be prompted to enter a value. Enter 0 and click OK. 

I hope you all like this... For more such tricks then keep visiting... If you really like these then please comment... 

How to Install Windows from USB

How to Install Windows from USB

Today i will share with you, how to install windows from USB with the help of UltraIso. With this trick you can install Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 using the USB or pen drive. Note: For installing windows from your USB Make sure your motherboard is capable of booting off a USB drive or this will not work. Also, backup any files on your USB drive because it will be formatted. 

Note: USB must be formatted in NTFS file format prior to writing files to disk. otherwise it may show errors.

install windows 7, XP,vista via USB

How to Install Windows from USB Steps:

1.  Download the free UltraISO trial. Click here to download.
2.  Start UltraISO as administrator

3. "Burn" the iso image to the USB stick by following these steps
- Open the image of Vista/Win7 with UltraISO
- Choose your USB stick under "Disk Drive"
- Choose a method (It's recommended to use USB-HDD+)
- Press Write
4. After Writing to disk is complete. Boot the system with the USB drive.
5. Make sure to change your BOOT order in BIOS to boot from your USB drive first.

That's all the tutorial, if you have any queries ask me in form of comments.

I hope you like this easy but important tutorial. Share your experience in form of comments.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
How to send Sms from friends mobile to any number

How to send Sms from friends mobile to any number

Hello Friends, today i am sharing an awesome trick with you all. Today i will tell you how to send anonymous SMS i.e. How to send SMS from any mobile number to any mobile number that means how to send SMS from your friend's mobile to your mobile or your friends mobile to your friends mobile or any other number. Basically this technique is call SMS spoofing. By SMS spoofing we can send SMS to any mobile using anyone's mobile number. How this trick can be helpful?? its simple it is helpful when you wanna prank your friends, enemies or simply you want to send free SMS to your friends using their numbers only. So friends read on...

What is SMS Spoofing?
Spoofing is basically mimic of the original i.e. SMS spoofing basically is a technique to send anonymous SMS to any mobile number. By anonymous i means that we can use any mobile number to send the SMS. 

This is not actually a trick or hack but it's a service that a company is providing but the only thing the company forgot is internal send ID Check i.e. which number we are using to send SMS. So this service allows us to send SMS from any number to any number that means. Now the number that we register will be shown to the victim.
Hence we are exploiting the Internal sender ID phone verification feature.

Feature's of SMS spoofing:
  • Spoofed sms (any mobile number to any mobile number)
  • 100% anonymous  messages
  • Worldwide Network (i.e. we can send SMS all over the world)
  • No advertisements
  • Instant Delivery of SMS

How to use this Hack? 
1. First of all, register here . This website looks like this . Fill as i shown below:


2. After Registering you will get 25 free credits that means you can send 25 free SMS from any number to any number. For using it again register another mobile and email ID. 25 SMS is the limitation of this trick from one registered number.. Usually people have two to three sims.. I have 4 sims rofl :P...
3.  Now after registering you will receive password on registered mobile number.
4. Now login with that password that you got on mobile.
5. Now go to Send SMS to number . As shown in snapshot below:

how to hack mobile,send free SMS,send anonymous sms

6. After entering the details as explained in snapshot above. Click on send.
7. That's all the hack. I know its limited but its awesome...Isn't It..

I hope you all have enjoyed it.. Keep visiting friends for more such hacks...
Friday, January 21, 2011
How to hack Gmail accounts step by step

How to hack Gmail accounts step by step

Hello Friends, Let's start this tutorial with some quotes " If you follow the Universe, the Universe will spoil you,So always make your own ways, let's other follow it and spoil themselves."
Today i will explain you How to hack Gmail account step by step. In my previous article i have explained you the basic technique involved in hacking Gmail account or password but not explained that in extended way but today i will disclose you how the hackers really hack the gmail account or gmail password using fake pages or simply called Phish pages and the technique involved is called Phising.


Things that we will need:
1. Phish pages for Gmail Website.
2. A Free web hosting server to upload these fake pages.
3. An Email account for sending mails. ( create one fake email account for this as your account can be banned for doing such things).
4. HTML format mail that has to be sent to user ( you can post your email ID's below if you need the original version of this HTML mail. And please don't put your credentials in reply of this message).
Note: By using this hack i have hacked more than 5000+ accounts of gmail, yahoo, facebook, hotmail etc...As Hacking is my passion and i love to do it for fun. But friends i never misused this and hope that you will also not do that. As this tutorial is for Educational purposes and i and is not responsible if you have misused it.

Now friends first all you should know what is phishing and how it is done..

What is Phishing?
Phishing is a technique to hack passwords of any user by using phish pages. Now what are phish pages, in general, phish pages are the fake pages that look likes the same web page the only difference lies in the METHOD and ACTION codes. In original webpage you are directed to database to that website but in fake pages you are directed to program that writes the log file that consist of username and password of the user. In fake page method function directs you to a php program that writes the log and simultaneously it redirects to original website and copy the username in the username column of original website and it shows that you have entered a wrong password and when you enter the password again then you are entered into the original website. So the user will never know that his account has been hacked, he will only think that he has entered wrong password. So isn't its a good trick.


1. Download the phish pages ( fake pages for Gmail).
Click here to download

2. Now Extract the folder . After extracting you will get two folders namely:
  a. ( For all countries)
  b.    (For Germany users)

3. Now open the folder. In this folder you will see three files namely:
  a. gmail.html
  b. mail.php
  c. log.txt
Gmail.html is the phish page that looks like original Gmail page, when user enters his credentials i.e. username and password, then it will be redirected to write.php file which will write username and password to log file and simultaneously redirect the user to original website, that will show you have entered wrong password.

4. Now Create a fake Gmail account for sending mails and creating account on free web hosting server.
How to create Gmail account without Phone verification?
Its pity simple to create Gmail account without Phone verification. At the time when you create new account, when you choose email ID (i.e. username ), choose it as much as unique or absurd that you can. Now create the account , gmail will not ask you for phone verification.

5. Now when you have created the fake account for testing this hack, you have to configure this email account setting. Login to fake Gmail account and click on settings. Then go to Accounts and Import and then in front of Send Email as  you will see edit info as shown in below snapshot.

hack gmail

 6. Now You have to create account on free Web Hosting website. The website that i will use to explain is When you open the website there you will see a button "START UR WEBSITE" click on that. Now you will see new page there enter the credentials and create account. Then go to your fake email address and validate the account.

7. Now login into your account in and Now click on New Directory as shown below:

hack gmail id

Then do as shown in this snapshot:

hack gmail account password

After confirming go back to main directory as shown:

How to hack gmail account

Now double click on Gmail folder on that we have created in previous step. Now you will be inside the Gmail Directory. Then click on Upload button as shown is figure:

hack gmail password

Now after confirming the files upload go back to main Gmail directory. Now there you will see three files and click on the open  in front of gmail.html file as shown below:

working gmail id hack

Now you will see the something awesome below:

how gmail hack works

8. Now we have created the fake page but its detectable. Let's make it more undetectable. For that go to the following website and copy the link in the URL box and Click on Next. As shown below:

gmail hacking software

Now after that enter domain name her like or gmail or anything similar to that as shown...

Now click Below to confirm as shown:

how gmail hack works

9. Now Creation Part is over, now we have our link that we will send to the user. Now How we will send it to user. Open your fake email account that you have created in step 5 and step 6. Click on Compose mail and In Subject Enter "Notice: Please Verify your Gmail Account" ( without quotes).
And in body write something like that we have seen illegal activity from your account. please verify your account within three days other we have to lock your email account. For verifying visit here and hyperlink link your fake mail address and send it to user.
 If you want to get the Original Mail, post your Email ID below in comment. I will mail you the original mail directly to your email. We can't disclose it directly on website.

10. Now just wait one day or few hours till user enters his credentials.(depends how fast the user reacts to the email). Once the user logs in to his Gmail account using your Phisher, his user ID and password are ours..And these are stored in log.txt What you have to do is just refresh your Web hosting account files. 

how to hack gmail accounts

11. The Log.txt file will contain the passwords and look like this:

gmail passowrd hacking

Thats all Now you have hacked the password of victim. I hope you all have Liked It. 

How to Protect Your Gmail Account From Phisher??
1. Always check the URL in the address bar before entering username and password.
2. Never follow any link from your email and any website until u have confirmed the Address bar URL.
3. Never Follow spam mails and "Win lottery or Cash" mails.

If you have Any Queries Ask me in form Of Comments ...  Enjoy and have Happy hacking.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
7 Tips to improve your PC Security

7 Tips to improve your PC Security

Hello Friends, today i will explain you how to secure your computer by just simple 7 steps. This will help you to protect your computer from viruses, Trojan attacks and also from hackers. These 7 tips will improve your computer and online security. Online Computer and internet security is critical right from the moment you switch on your brand new computer or start your internet for the very first time. Here are 7 Simple Steps to improve your PC security.

online PC security, improve PC security
7 Tips to improve your PC security

7 Tips to improve your PC security

1. Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
Install Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software on your computer before you start surfing the first time. The difference between a computer virus and spyware is that - a virus is a malicious piece of computer code that can be implanted on any computer and it can result in destruction of the file systems of your computer and can be transferred from one computer to another and spread like the biological virus. A spyware is a program that collects information about you without your knowledge or consent. A spyware does not spread like a virus.

2. Keep your computer firewall ON all the time
Most anti-virus soft wares come with a firewall. If the operating system that you are using is Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Macintosh OS X, then it has an in-built firewall. Usually, the firewall is off when the computer is shipped to you, so make you read instructions on how to turn on the firewall. A firewall prevents direct communication between your computer and another computer (a hacker's computer).

3. Turn on the automatic software updates feature
Turn on the automatic updates feature of your anti-virus, anti-spyware, OS, and firewall on and stay current. This is a good online computer security measure. It is important that you have the most current protection. Hackers search on the internet for computers that are either unprotected or don't have the latest protection features. Hackers can hack into your computer and install software on your computer. This will enable them to steal login details of your online bank accounts, other membership sites like Ebay, Paypal etc. and also send Spam emails that appear to originate from your computer. Sending Spam emails that appear to originate from your email address can result in your account being revoked!

4. Store your computer information safely
Storing your computer information safely can help the technician who is fixing/ restoring your computer. For example, on Windows, Click Start and then choose Run. This will bring up small window wherein you need to type ‘msinfo32' without the quotes. This will bring up a system window. On this widow, choose the file menu and then Export. Export your system information on to a CD. Similarly, for other operating systems, search on for information on storing the system information on a CD.

5. Backup important files
It is important to back up important files. Determine what you would do to restore your computer if it has been attacked. Pretend that your computer file system has been corrupted and then what steps would you take to restore. You will realize that having a backup can make things easy for you.

6. Use strong password authentication
When you signup for an online membership like online bank, , Paypal, Ebay etc., do not use weak passwords that can make it easy for people who know you or have your some information about, easy to hack. Using your significant other's name, child's name, pet's name etc. are weak. Use something stronger like first letters of the address of the house where you were born concatenated to your birth year or something along those lines. It is best if the password is NOT some meaningful word!

7. Protect your personal information
If you are asked to give out personal information like phone number, address, SSN, identification numbers etc. on the internet, use more caution. Find out exactly why and how they will be used. If there is a link in your email that asks you to login by clicking on the link, then don't! Usually genuine emails don't ask you to login directly by clicking a link in the email. If you want to login to your membership accounts, always open a new browser and then type the URL of the website (to login to Paypal account, type on the new browser instead of clicking on the link from an email that is asking you to login.).
If you are giving out credit card information, then the page that accepts credit card information must have secure encryption. The URL usually begins with https instead of the regular http. If you right click and select properties, the Connection section should read something like 128 bit encryption (High) and also must have 1024 bit exchange.

Following these 7 steps to online computer security can protect you and your computer from online attacks.
I hope you all like this post. If you like it please comment..
Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Hide any file behind JPEG image manually

Hide any file behind JPEG image manually

Hello Friends, today i will explain you how to hide any file behind the JPEG image manually that is without any software. Its a very easy trick and also very useful if you want to send information secretly to your friend. Also its different from stenography as it does hides text behind images or text behind mp3 files. Its universal, you can hide any file, virus or Trojan or anything behind image using this trick

Things that you will need for this trick:
1. Winrar installed on your system.
2. Little knowledge of command prompt.

hide files, hide file behind image,how to hide files

Steps to Hide any File behind JPEG image Manually
1. Create an folder into C drive (recommendation is that use this C:\Hidden).

2. Now gather all files that you want to hide in this folder.

3. Now add these all files to compressed .rar file using winrar 
(example myhiddenfiles.rar ).
Note: This rar file should be in the same directory (i.e. C:\Hidden)

4. Now Select the JPEG file that you want to use to hide the above content 
(say myimage.jpg). Put this image file also in the same folder that is in C:\Hidden

5. Now, open Command Prompt (Go to Run and type ‘cmd‘). Make your working directory C:\hidden.
  (When you open CMD you will get like C:\Documents and settings\username (something like this)
 Now type cd.. and press enter and then again type cd.. and press enter. Now you have something like this in cmd  C:\   . Now in front of that type cd "Hidden"  and press enter. )

6. Now type: “COPY /b myimage.jpg + myhiddenfiles.rar outputimage.jpg” (without quotes) - Now, myimage.jpg is the picture you want to show, myhiddenfiles.rar is the file to be hidden, and outputimage.jpg is the file which contains both....

7. Now, after you have done this, you will see a file output.jpg in C:\hidden. Open it (double-click) and it will show the picture you wanted to show. Now try opening the same file with WinRAR, it will show the hidden archive...

This hack will help us to hide things behind the JPG file without any software. i hope you all have liked it. For more such hacks keep visiting.
If you have any queries ask me... Please comment your views about article.
Saturday, January 15, 2011
Ultra Hacker Kit Isoftdl Special 150 tools

Ultra Hacker Kit Isoftdl Special 150 tools

Hello friends, today i am introducing you a ultra hacker kit Isoftdl special, it consists of more than 150 working hacking tools. 
Note: This material is posted for educational purposes only!
Hacking in any form is punishable offense. This material may be used by you only for the study of vulnerabilities, and nothing more.

hack tools, hacking tools,hacking software

This Package Includes:
AddrView gives you the ability to analyze HTML pages and extract most of the address URL, contained in them. AddrView retrieves the URL of images (img - tag), links to other files (a - a tag), CSS files, frames, Flash files and more. You can save the extracted addresses list to text files, HTML or XML files, or add these addresses to the hut.

This package contains / var / ftp area for anonymous FTP access.

The program enables the command line to run regular applications as a service (service).
However, to install any application as a service is completely free - just enough to take the recommendations of the Windows XP FAQ.

Any computer on the network can be easy to take and send a packet ARP_REPLAY. And thus make changes to the ARP table. Such an attack is called ARP Poisonig. Its result - redirect traffic to the desired host. Send the packet (s) can be programmatically by using a tool ARPInject.

Very nice wrapper *. exe and *. dll files (in some cases the degree of compression is 70%). In addition, the program is good (especially for programmers who are trying to protect their trousers) the complexity of extracting compressed file. I understand that he ASPack packed ASPACK'om same :-) Not bad, and that the program allows you to check before final packing job "prepackaged" exe-file, in violation of its normal operation, uncompress.
The new version has improved the speed of packing and adds an option "maximum compression". In unreported as the program runs 30 days. The interface is multilingual, including in Russian.

Remove BIOS password

Brootforce xs which

Cable Modem Sniffer
Traffic interceptor cable modem

Key update einfach per internet. abspeichern als SofCam.key und als textdatei moglich.

CGI Founder v1.043
Program for finding holes in CGI scripts.

Scanner CGI scripts

Viewing connections and listening ports on your computer

The program for the automated search every seriynkov and keygens on many relevant archives.


"Makes computing environments easier to manage and maintain. Every Restart destroys all changes and reboots the computer to its original state, right down to the last byte"

E-mail Cracker
Recover forgotten mailbox passwords that are stored in the e-mail client. The program emulates the server POP3, and the password is sent back to the user. It supports any email client POP3.

Defeyser engine ezDataBase

FTP Brute Forcer
Brootforce FTP

Brootforce FTP

~ Censored ~ Mail Bomber 2.3
Bomer soap

Pak exploits for phpBB Motor

Utility to help with queries from the series guglhak

It helps you find instructions in the file specify the range of IP-address.

Software package for a hacker: Port Scanner, Ping Flooder, Server Slower, Connections, File Cleaner, Get Passwords, IP Validator, Web Browser, Ip Information, HTML Stealer, Site IP Retrieval, Winsock Scanner, exe Corruptor, Nuker, Hit Increaser, File Generator, Anonymous e-mail, Whois, Binary

HackTheGame this game simulator life hacker. In which you take on the role of a hacker. Which xs for what and how to break the system. Join showdown with hack portals, in general, live a long and merry life. The main thing is not to get caught would be rubbish.

Hotmail Email Hacker / Hotmail HAcker Gold / Hotmail ScamPage / HotmailHack
In my still some sort of a heresy, not long running, hotmylo not so easy to hack

THC-Hydra - threaded cracker passwords to various services (FTP, POP3, IMAP, Telnet, HTTP Auth, NNTP, VNC, ICQ, PCNFS, CISCO, etc.) for UNIX platforms. With this tool you can attack several services at once.

Internet Explorer Cookies View

The program, which displays information about IP address. It allows you to display detailed information concerning the country, the owner of the domain, the range of available IP addresses, contact information and much more. This tool will be useful, for example, when you need to know the origin of the mail received from an unknown destination. For this is enough simply to copy the message headers from your email program IPNetInfo. It will extract itself from the text of all IP addresses and make the necessary search. The software uses several Whois servers, thereby maximizing the impact of the search for a specific network address. Among other things, it allows you to create HTML report, which stores all necessary information about the selected IP addresses.

password cracker, currently available for UNIX, DOS, Win32. Its main aim is to detect weak passwords UNIX. To the program you can buy a collection of word lists over 600 MB, with the help of which greatly simplifies the selection of passwords.

Key Changer
Commercial ($ 8.00) is free from trojans, designed to find and change the product key, Windows XP, such as piracy on the validity (if any). XP Key Changer after launch, finds the proposed changes to the key, and the name and organization registered in the system provided by Windows XP. Program XP Key Changer allows you to change XP Product Key and all this information, one click on all machines. Works with all service packs, including Windows XP SP3!

keylogger R)

Legion NetBios Scanner v2.1
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Scanner NEtBios Resources

NFO Maker 1.0
This plugin is for viewing nfo and diz files, which are usually located in the downloaded archive.
Warning: as reported by the author, "Unfortunately there was an unfortunate mistake. Setting.reg File added to the archive with the plugin. Setting.reg file separately can be downloaded here

"Nimda" is an Internet worm that spreads via the Internet as a file attachment in an e-mail, local area networks, as well as penetrating the unprotected IIS-servers. The original host file has the name of the worm README.EXE and is a program format Windows PE EXE, the size of about 57 kilobytes, and is written in Microsoft C + +.

Packer files

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Ping & Nukes
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Listener XP
The program allows to monitor network ports on your system, generating a pop-up window when trying to access the port. The program writes a log file of IP-addresses of connectable clients and sends you a request for permission to use it. You can enter the port numbers of their choice, or the program will prompt you to the default list. The program runs from the system tray.

This program for the selection of network paroley.Dostatochno quickly picks up a password on the specified drive on the network.

PROCEXP displays information about the processes of loading dynamic libraries and their svoystvah.Eto makes PROCEXP m schnym tool for understanding the internal behavior of applications as trace information leakage marker and DLL, version mismatch. And even the indirect determination of viruses.

Scan, ping, proxy switches

rainbowcrack-1.2-src win-lin
The program allows you to create a predsgenerirovannyh LanManager hashes, with which you could almost instantly to crack almost any alphanumeric password.

Remote Shut Down
Vykyuchenie remote machine

Correction exe and dll files. Much can change in them. With this program you can easily Russify program.

Network port scanner

Sasser virus looks like the exhausted millions of Internet users worldwide in summer 2003 lovesan (blaster). Already, he has several of its modifications, which experts say is even more harmful than the original. The same way according to experts, this virus does not pose a threat to your hard drive, but only prevents the use of them fully functional. Its distinctive features - a message appears on trying to connect to the ip address of another computer and the error message LSA Shell (Export version) and follows it to restart the computer from a fatal error process lsass.exe

Sends a message in HTML format and in any encoding without mail client. Checks completion of mandatory fields. Checks E-Mail on the right (syntax). Converts special characters into HTML format. Allows you to specify multiple addresses to choose from. Checks sent and reports errors. Ability to send a copy to the sender. Very easy to configure. Also fits easily into any design. Gives ample opportunity to hide the real address. If desired, sends information about the browser and the IP address

Server 2003 Keygen
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Server Killer
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Opening a password for zvezdochkmi

The program looks in the cache of Google potential vulnerabilities, errors, configuration problems on Web sites. The new version of the new version you can use FSDB / GHDB and generate 10 results for each signature. Posted as a large number of new signatures - open webcams, credit card numbers, etc.

WinNuke back! Introducing exploit completely kills or WinNT/2K/XP. NET machine with Network Share Provider (works on 139 and / or 445 port). Uses a malformed SMB (Server Message Block) packet is used anonymously, no account do not need to know - for only the IP address and computer name.

SQLScan v1.0
Utility guessing the password to Microsoft SQL server. Lets you scan a range of IP addresses. When backwater password creates an NT account with a blank password on a vulnerable system.

Stealth - HTTP Scanner v1.0 build 23
powerful tool for auditing security Web server, which looks at more than 19.000 vulnerabilities.

Port scanner with a bunch of utilities. Also there is a useful utility that pulls out from companies (windows) all of the available Old using zero session.

a small freeware program, which includes simple to configure DHCP, TFTP, SNTP and Syslog servers as well as TFTP client

This is a utility computer program designed to identify routes data networks TCP / IP.

UDP packet sender. Tool flood UDP packets to specified IP and port. Used to test the stability of network services to a UDP flood. Packages can be specified by the user or be completely random.

Ultra Dos
Program for DDOS remote machine

WebCracker 4.0
Cute program to guess passwords for sites.
and much more....

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
How to Hack Wifi or Wireless Password

How to Hack Wifi or Wireless Password

Hello Friends, today i will explain you how to crack Wifi or wireless password in just 10 to 15 minutes. In my previous articles i have explained the different wireless scanning tools and scanning wireless networks using NetStumbler. Today i will explain How to Hack or Crack Wifi Password. Today's hack will be based on cracking the WEP encryption password. So guys tighten your belts for new hack and lets start hack wifi. I have also included the video at bottom of the post. So guys read on and watch ....


1. Get the Backtrack-Linux CD. Backtrack Linux Live CD(best Linux available for hackers with more than 2000 hacking tools inbuilt).
Download Backtrack Linux Live CD from here: CLICK HERE


Get the victim to attack that is whose password you want to hack or crack.
Now Enter the Backtrack Linux CD into your CD drive and start it. Once its started click on the black box in the lower left corner to load up a "KONSOLE" . Now you should start your Wifi card. To do it so type 


You will see the name of your wireless card. (mine is named "ath0") From here on out, replace "ath0" with the name of your card. Now type

airmon-ng stop ath0

then type:

ifconfig wifi0 down

then type:

macchanger --mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 wifi0

then type:

airmon-ng start wifi0

The above steps i have explained is to spoof yourself from being traced. In above step we are spoofing our MAC address, this will keep us undiscovered.

Now type:

airodump-ng ath0

All above steps in one screen shot:

hack wifi, hack wifi password, hack wifi network,hack wep key, hack wifi password software

Now you will see a list of wireless networks in the Konsole. Some will have a better signal than others and its always a good idea to pick one that has a best signal strength otherwise it will take huge time to crack or hack the password or you may not be able to crack it at all.
Once you see the networks list, now select the network you want to hack. To freeze the airodump screen HOLD the CNTRL key and Press C.
Now you will see something like this:

hack wifi, hack wifi password, hack wifi network,hack wep key, hack wifi password software


Now find the network that you want to crack and MAKE SURE that it says the encryption for that network is WEP. If it says WPA or any variation of WPA then move can still crack WPA with backtrack and some other tools but it is a whole other ball game and you need to master WEP first.

hack wifi, hack wifi password, hack wifi network,hack wep key, hack wifi password software

Once you've decided on a network, take note of its channel number and bssid. The bssid will look something like this --


The Channel number will be under a heading that says "CH".
As shown in this figure:

hack wifi, hack wifi password, hack wifi network,hack wep key, hack wifi password software

Now in the same KONSOLE window type:

airodump-ng -c (channel) -w (file name) --bssid (bssid) ath0

The file name can be whatever you want. This file is the place where airodump is going to store the packets of info that you receive to later crack. You don't even put in an extension...just pick a random word that you will remember. I usually make mine "Ben" because I can always remember it. Its simply because i love ben10....hhahahahaha :D

Note: If you want to crack more than one network in the same session, you must have different file names for each one or it won't work. I usually name them as ben1, ben2 etc.

Once you typed in that last command, the screen of airodump will change and start to show your computer gathering packets. You will also see a heading marked "IV" with a number underneath it. This stands for "Initialization Vector" but in general terms all this means is "packets of info that contain characters of the password." Once you gain a minimum of 5,000 of these IV's, you can try to crack the password. I've cracked some right at 5,000 and others have taken over 60,000. It just depends on how long and difficult they made the password. More difficult is password more packets you will need to crack it.

4.  Cracking the WEP password

Now leave this Konsole window up and running and open up a 2nd Konsole window.
In this window type:

aireplay-ng -1 0 -a (bssid) -h 00:11:22:33:44:55 ath0

This will send some commands to the router that basically it is to associate your computer even though you are not officially connected with the password. If this command is successful, you should see about 4 lines of text print out with the last one saying something similar to "Association Successful :-)" 
If this happens, then good! You are almost there.

Now type:
aireplay-ng -3 -b (bssid) -h 00:11:22:33:44:55 ath0

This will generate a bunch of text and then you will see a line where your computer is gathering a bunch of packets and waiting on ARP and ACK. Don't worry about what these mean...just know that these are your meal tickets. Now you just sit and wait. Once your computer finally gathers an ARP request, it will send it back to the router and begin to generate hundreds of ARP and ACK per second. Sometimes this starts to happen within seconds...sometimes you have to wait up to a few minutes. Just be patient. When it finally does happen, switch back to your first Konsole window and you should see the number underneath the IV starting to rise rapidly. This is great! It means you are almost finished! When this number reaches AT LEAST 5,000 then you can start your password crack. It will probably take more than this but I always start my password cracking at 5,000 just in case they have a really weak password.

Now you need to open up a 3rd and final Konsole window. This will be where we actually crack the password. 
Now type:
aircrack-ng -b (bssid) (filename)-01.cap

Remember the file name you made up earlier? Mine was "Ben". Don't put a space in between it and -01.cap here. Type it as you see it. So for me, I would type wepkey-01.cap
Once you have done this you will see aircrack fire up and begin to crack the password. typically you have to wait for more like 10,000 to 20,000 IV's before it will crack. If this is the case, aircrack will test what you've got so far and then it will say something like "not enough IV's. Retry at 10,000." 
DON'T DO ANYTHING! It will stay is just letting you know that it is on pause until more IV's are gathered. Once you pass the 10,000 mark it will automatically fire up again and try to crack it. If this fails it will say "not enough IV's. Retry at 15,000." and so on until it finally gets it.

If you do everything correctly up to this point, before too long you will have the password! now if the password looks goofy, dont worry, it will still work. some passwords are saved in ASCII format, in which case, aircrack will show you exactly what characters they typed in for their password. Sometimes, though, the password is saved in HEX format in which case the computer will show you the HEX encryption of the password. It doesn't matter either way, because you can type in either one and it will connect you to the network.

Take note, though, that the password will always be displayed in aircrack with a colon after every 2 characters. So for instance if the password was "secret", it would be displayed as:

This would obviously be the ASCII format. If it was a HEX encrypted password that was something like "0FKW9427VF" then it would still display as:
hack wifi, hack wifi password, hack wifi network,hack wep key, hack wifi password software

Just omit the colons from the password, boot back into whatever operating system you use, try to connect to the network and type in the password without the colons and presto! You are in!

It may seem like a lot to deal with if you have never done it, but after a few successful attempts, you will get very quick with it. If I am near a WEP encrypted router with a good signal, I can often crack the password in just a couple of minutes.

I am not responsible for what you do with this information. Any malicious/illegal activity that you do, falls completely on you because...technically...this is just for you to test the security of your own network.

I hope you all liked it. If you have any queries then ask me....
Designed by Hackingloops.