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Thursday, September 22, 2011
How to delete spam messages automatically

How to delete spam messages automatically

Email and spams are two brother's from same mailing service, one is good and other is bad or simply waste (and some times dangerous too). For your safety what Gmail and other good mailing services do, they automatically classify the emails as spams which has came from unknown source or have malware links or content. But these are still in your email storage which sometimes can be dangerous as nowadays hackers sends bot-nets through email spams which trigger the bot attack or sometimes DDOS attack and your machine becomes one of the peer in their network which help them to boost their DDOS attack. Because of this reason, all email services advice its users, not to open unsolicited emails (emails received from unknown email address) and delete the spam emails on regular basis. But i know, none of us care of spam emails and even never deletes these emails.
For lazy peoples like me i come up with my new post, how to delete spam emails without any effort just requires one minute configuration and then spam emails will get deleted automatically. So lets learn how to delete spam emails automatically in Gmail.

Steps to delete spam email in Gmail automatically:
1. Sign in your Gmail account.
2. Select the Create a Filter as shown below:
delete spam email automatically, create filter
Select create filter
3. When you click on create filter, a frame will open for creating a filter in Gmail. Now enter the text exactly as show below:
create exception for spam emails
Enter the details as shown
4. Now a warning pop up will come as shown below, just click on OK.
Confirm adding exception for filter
Click on OK to add exception
5. Now a new frame will pop up for choosing the action for such emails, just select skip the inbox and delete it ones as shown below:
Select the action delete to delete spam emails
Create actions to filter spam emails
6. That's all my friends. Now you need not to take care about spams, it will be emptied automatically.

Note: If you send the emails from inbox to spam those will not be filtered using this method.

I hope you all like this....If you have any queries or doubts ask me in form of comments.

If you like it then please have your comment....
Sunday, September 18, 2011
Download CME Hacking Class 2 Presentation

Download CME Hacking Class 2 Presentation

Hello friends, today there little time changes in our Hacking class. Today's hacking class will start at 8:00 PM Indian Standard Time ( 1 hour delay is because at 5:00PM presentation was not completely ready).
Also last time we have faced a lot of problems in online conferencing, so this time i came up with final solution to that, we will use Team Viewer Presentation tool. In which i will share my desktop screen with you and audio conference is also available in it. So we can also communicate without using any external service.

Presentation is ready and you all can download it from below:


MONDAY ( 19 September) 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM ( INDIAN STANDARD TIME)

I know there is little delay but we have to cover everything in better way so this delay doesn't matter much for all.

Mode of Joining Hacking Class:
For joining hacking class, download the team viewer ( available for free). Download it( Google team viewer and u will easily get). Install it and the select the presentation mode and then enter the ID to connect with and then pass.
Note: ID and Password will be displayed at right sidebar of website before 10 minutes of start means at 7:50 PM (IST).
Login and Join the Classes...
Below is sample screenshot:
Sample how to join the Class

I hope you understand my concern... Thanks.. If you have any queries ask me after the hacking class Live..
Saturday, September 17, 2011
Use your Pen drive or USB hard drive as Virtual OS

Use your Pen drive or USB hard drive as Virtual OS

Pen drive and portable USB hard disks are nowdays become a common method to transfer data between systems. But do you know that you can use any application directly from your pen drive or portable USB hard disk just by connecting your Pen drive to the any PC or laptop. Ahha you all are still in confusion, what actually i am talking about, so lets have better view.

Suppose you gone to your friends or simply college and there you want to use Microsoft excel or any other application but that is not installed on that system. Then what happen you got stuck and your work got halted there but if you have portable application for that which you can keep in your pen drive or portable hard disk and use it where ever you want then you will never face situations like above. But now you all will be thinking we need a lot of portable applications for that, right... yes are thinking in right way but Lupo pensuite has done that for us. Why don't we keep everything in our pocket and use it whenever , wherever we need the application. What it has done, it has kept all the daily use and critical applications in one portable installation which consist of all daily use applications like:
  • Office SUITES
The list is little small but when you listen this installers size then you will be more shocked its only 200MB pen drive suite. Basically its a virtual OS that run from your pendrive and contains the all the applications that you need in day to day life...:P contains more than that..
pen drive tips and tricks
Lupo pen suite snapshot

Also you can add more and more portable application to your pensuite. That's the beauty of Lupo pensuite. So no need to worry while going to other's PC or system that he might have this software or not, keep everything in your pocket friends and enjoy the flavor of portability.

How to use Lupo Pensuite to use all applications from pen drive?

1. Download the Lupo Pensuite.
pen drive tips and tricks, portable applications
Best Pendrive suite ever

2. Install the Pen drive suite into you pendrive or portable USB hardisk.
3. Now go anywhere and just start exe to open the suite.
4. Select the application and use it directly from your pen drive.
5. That's all friends.

I hope you all liked it. If you have any queries ask me in form of comments...
Thanks for reading...
Trace Route Tutorial for Hackers

Trace Route Tutorial for Hackers

Hello Friends, In our previous tutorial we have discuss about ping sweep, today i will explain you the Trace route or simply routing in windows. I know all you know what is trace route but actually you really don't. Its quite different and its use is also quite different. I know you always tried to understand the output of trace route but not been able to what each line means in trace route. So after reading this you can understand everything quite clearly. Today i am writing my WHITE PAPER ON TRACE ROUTE..So read on..

What is Trace Route?
As the name suggests trace route, means tracing the path, but which path. Actually whenever any user opens any website in his web browser, from him it opens directly but have you ever tried to understand what background processing is going on. How your web browser actually getting to that address. That working of website i will explain on some other day but for now must know to reach to some web address, our web browser goes to different paths and chooses the best suitable path having the minimum response time.

Trace route is a network based utility which shows the path over the network between two systems and lists all the intermediate routers to get to the final destination. For what purpose trace route is used ? Main purpose of trace route is to fix network problems. This helps you in identifying, while connecting to some network where the connection is actually slowing down, which intermediate router is responsible for that. 
Technically trace route is also an ICMP echo based protocol similar to ping.

But its only a primary use, for what else we can use this. As i have already told you how to get an IP address. Now when you do trace route with that IP address what it will show is that which service provider the victim is using means ISP(Internet service provider), this will help you in determining his few basic things like Country, state and sometime more deeper information too. Now how this is going to be helpful for Network forensic experts. Suppose you have made an hacking attempt on some bank or some government or some security concerned website, what they do is that they store an IP address and timestamps of each visitor in their database. Now what network forensic expert will do is that it will trace route your IP address and confirm your ISP and your country( country from which ISP belongs). Now Forensic expert will contact your ISP and provide your IP address and time to ISP and ask him to provide details that at that time this IP was assigned to which person and that how they will get complete address of the hacker and catch him red handed. I hope you got my point why trace route is that much important. 

How trace route is done practically?
In windows, trace route is done by using the command tracert in command prompt. You can do it two different ways:
1. To trace route an IP address: This can be of any website or any computer system or of any network.
tracert IP(like tracert

2. To trace route websites: When you don't know website's IP address let trace route to translate that address for you.
tracert websiteaddress(like tracert

More options:
-d     Do not resolve address to host-names
-h (maximum hops) Maximum number of hops to search the target system
-j (host-list)      Loose source route along with host-list
-w timeout       Wait timeout milliseconds for each reply

Linux trace route has more options available.

Note: you will always get less results in case when you try to trace route an Computer system of any victim. Ahhahhh more precisely you will only get around 3 to 10 entries. Three to Four when firewall of the victim doesn't alter your trace routing and more when firewall blocks ICMP echos.

Note: If you get asterisks(*) after the first entry then it confirms that firewall is playing its part and it doesn't allowing us to trace route the system but still we will be able to get his ISP address and with that we can get his location overview.

Understanding Trace Route:
Below is snapshot of normal trace route output of victim (normal computer):
tracert, trace route tutorial
Trace route live practical example.
Lets start from very first Line:
1. Very first line after the tracert shows Host Name and IP address which it got using the reverse DNS(domain name system) look up.
2. Over maximum 30 hops: 30 hops means that traceroute will only route first 30 routes between your system and victim's system. 30 is too much it usually ends in 3 to 15 hops but sometimes it goes deeper based on security and no response(as in our first case when we tries to route

Note: Timings are basically round trip times. There are three round trip times in ping. The round trip times (or RTTs) tell us how long it took a packet to get from me to that system and back again, called the latency between the two systems. By default, three packets are sent to each system along the route, so we get three RTTs.

3. This is the address translation private IP by any one of the services from these ( RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, AfriNIC).
These are the IP address ranges for these private IP's: –, –, – 
and - are reserved IP Addresses for private internet use for network address translations of above mentioned services.

4. This means that the target system could not be reached. More accurately, it means that the packets could not make it there and back; they may actually be reaching the target system but encountering problems on the return trip (more on this later). This is possibly due to some kind of problem, but it may also be an intentional block due to a firewall or other security measures, and the block may affect trace route but not actual server connections.

5. If firewall doesn't block remote connections then the result will be like this.
Note: This step provides the ISP(Internet service provider).

Now Understanding trace route for websites:
tracert website, trace hackers
Trace route of website
Since hackingloops is a blog hosted on google that's why at start it reverse DNS name as and translated IP address of hackingloops is So our destination is

Now steps 1 to step 4 shows private internet use addresses as explained above which is used for address translation. Step 5,6 and 9 are also static private IP addresses with which but these are local IP addresses for your localhost with with the DNS communicates.

Step 7 and 8 determines the response from your ISP address. Above clearly predicts i am using tata teleservices ISP.
Step10 and 13, 14 and 15 are also Google IP address responses as this is google blog.
Steps 11 and Step 12 retrieves the different DNS servers of hackingloops.
Step 16 shows our destination..

The above was meaning now lets explain whole process in a go....
First of all my system reverse DNS the IP address of Hackingloops which is found to be,Now since i haven't mentioned any specific hop count so by default it considers maximum value as 30 hops. Now my system contacts to IANA service ( RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, AfriNIC) requesting the response from IANA to get the translated address.  After a successful query to IANA service it returns the response back to my local system(192.168.***.***) . In between my system also get response from my ISP which is tata teleservices. Now after a successful acknowledgement our system contacts to Google server( and which in return returns the DNS server names( for hackingloops and then google confirms the response and returns back the actual web page.

That's all my friends, I hope you all now understands what is trace route.

IF you have any queries or questions ask me in form of comments.

Monday, September 12, 2011
What is Ping Sweep

What is Ping Sweep

Hello friends, In our hacking class that was help on Sunday, we have discussed several things like how to find an IP address( that i already explained in detail), the other term that we discussed is Ping Sweep. Today i will share what is ping sweep and how it helps in reconnaissance or simply information gathering phase. We will cover all topics that were discussed in CME hacking class in detail everyday. So keep reading..

What is Ping Sweep? 
First of all you should know what is ping, Ping is basically a system's network based utility which is used to identify that host is alive or dead or technically you can call it as echo reply. By alive i mean that host( computer, system, network, website etc..) is active and by dead means host is in shutdown mode.
Note: Anything can be a host like website, computer system, printer, network or any device.

Now what is Ping Sweep, basically ping sweep is basically a information gathering technique which is used to identify live hosts by pinging them. Let's understand it more technically, Ping Sweep is also called Ping scan or ICMP sweep (Internet Control message protocol) or 2 way handshake protocol. It is two way handshake protocol because one host sends data(packets) and other host validates the data and return the acknowledgement (basically packets) that ping is successful or not. 

Ping Sweep can be used for several purposes:
1. Normal Ping Sweep
Once we have the IP address of the host we can ping that IP address and check whether host is alive or not. Once the packets are received correctly then it confirms that host is alive and we can proceed our attack further on the host (or Victim). 
For normal Ping sweep there are lot of tools available, some are fping, gping, Nmap or you can directly do this using looping shell script on both windows and linux platforms. 
Below how its done on windows:
Go to START ---> RUN ---> CMD ----> then type PING (IP address of host).
Below is snapshot of PING:
Sample of Successful ping Sweep

2. Flood Pinging : 
Its a kind of denial of service attack, it occurs when you flood a lot of pings to a website or simply a host. This results in that normal or legitimate user will not be able to access that website because every host (website or victim network) has certain maximum capacity limit when flooding of pings cross that limit, it jams the network and host stops responding. This is done by making automated scripts or you can directly do this using flood pinging software's like server attack etc. Flood pinging is sometimes also called ping of death as it make the host behaves like a dead host which does not respond to anything.
Note: This will work only if attackers bandwidth is more than host. But doing this in groups can do the trick.

Normally what happens, only few website owners opts for unlimited bandwidth plans as they are too costly. So they opt for plans like 10Gb bandwidth etc. Now if you do this from your 2 or 4 Mbps connections its vain. But when you do this in group means now suppose you and your group has 20 members. Now if you launch the same attack from 20 computers having 2 Mbps connection means 40 mbps at a time. But now you are thinking bandwidth is 10Gb and we only reached 40mbps, here the trick, hackers creates multiple connections around 1000 from one PC and 20 means 20000 connections at a time. What this will result, it will slowdown websites database and other functionality and website will stop responding.
For doing this on victim( means an IP address of PC), what you need is just a connection faster than him, if you don't have do that in group.

Flood Pinging is highly helpful in Session Hijacking, that i will explain laterzzz so keep reading and keep learning, as learning is the only key to become a elite.

I hope you all liked this post, if you have any queries ask me in form of comments..

Sunday, September 11, 2011
How to find or get IP address of Victim

How to find or get IP address of Victim

Hello friends, today i will explain you how to get IP address of any computer remotely. Using some very basic tricks we can find the IP address of any remote computer and then you can start your further hacking into the remote system like port scanning and finding vulnerabilities to enter in to the system and hack it. There are several methods to get an IP address of the victim but i will share few and specially the best one's that can tell you IP address in just few clicks and also all are free methods and special thing is about it is all are manual methods that means you did not require any tool.

how to find ip address of another computer remotely
How to find or get Ip address of somebody else remotely

4 ways to get the IP address of the Victim or another Computer:
1. Using PHP notification Script
2. Using Blogs and Websites
3. Using Read Notify service
4. Sniffing during Gmail and Yahoo chat sessions

As we are here to learn concepts so i will first explain what is an IP address and what's its importance. So friends very basic question What is an IP address? Why its important for hackers and security professionals?

What is an IP address? 
Basically IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique numerical value that is assigned to any computer or printer on a computer network that uses an internet protocol for communication purpose. Protocol is basically rules( for Network its rules for communication). 
IP address serves for two basic purposes:
1. Host or network interface identification
2. Location Addressing

For exploring more about IP addressing read on wikipedia.

How to Find IP address of another computer?

1. Using PHP notification Script
Using this Notification script you can get the IP address in just seconds. Steps of using this PHP script:
a. Download the PHP notify script and extract files.
b. Now you will get two files IP.html and index.php . You need to upload these two files to any free web hosting server.
Example: i used to upload these two files. Create an account there and upload these two files there as shown below.

IP address finder script
Upload Files to free web hosting server

c. Now you will need to send the link of index.php to the victim whose password you want to get. to get the link click on index.php shown in above snapshot. Now a new window will open copy the link in the address bar and send to the victim whose IP address you want.
d. Now when the victim opens the above link nothing will open but his Ip address is written into the ip.html file. So open the ip.html file to get his IP address.
e. That's all this method... I hope you liked it.

2. Using Blogs and Websites
This method is for those who have their blogs or websites. Normal users can also do this as blog is free to make. Make a new blog and use any stats service like histats or any other stats widget. Just add a new widget and put histats code there and save template. And send the link of your blog to your friend and get his IP.
That's only.

3. Using Read Notify service
This is an email based service. Steps to use Read Notify service:
a. First open the Read Notify website : RCPT
b. Now register on this website and then it will send you confirmation mail. Verify your account.
c. Once your account is activated. 
Do the following steps use this service:

  1. Compose your email just like you usually would in your own email or web email program
  2. Type:   on the end of your recipients email address (don't worry, that gets removed before your recipients receive the email). Like this:  
  3. Send your email
Some things to remember:
  • don't send to and from the same computer
  • if your email program 'auto-completes' email addresses from your address book, you'll need to keep typing over the top of the auto-completed one to add the
  • if you are cc-ing your email to other readers, you must add tracking to all of them 

4.  Sniffing Yahoo and Gmail Chat sessions
With the help of Sniffers like ethereal, wireshark etc we can sniff the Gmail, and yahoo chat sessions while we are chatiing to any our friend and extract the IP address from there. I will explain this trick in detail in my next article as its a long article in itself.

5. Bonus Method for Online Gamers
We can also get the IP address from online games like counter strike, age of empires in Game ranger etc.. Many counter strike servers use amx mode. Just view which people are connecting and whats their IP addess as plugins show the IP address of people connecting to the game server.  If you have more access to counter strike server you can use status command in console. Just go to console and type "status"(without quotes) and press enter there you can see all players details his steam ID and much more depending upon server.

Now you have IP address but what you can do with an IP address. Ahhaah everything, that i will explain in my next article.
I hope you all like this article. If you have any queries or concerns just ask me in form of comments.  Thanks for reading...

Saturday, September 10, 2011
Join CME Hackers Club on Facebook

Join CME Hackers Club on Facebook

Have you joined CME (CHECKMATE ELITE HACKERS) on Facebook yet? If not join now and get latest updates directly on your Facebook.
Facebook is a great platform to connect with each other, so its always preferable to have everyone on same network so that we can communicate with each other better. Also you will be able to get all  updates instantly on Facebook as soon as they are published on the websites hackingloops and isoftdl.
ENJOY and JOIN us at Facebook for latest updates and timings of hacking classes.

join us on facebook, CME hackers facebook

Why preferring facebook?
Almost everybody has Facebook account and at-least 80% users who have Facebook accounts visits Facebook regularly, so i have decided that i will also provide updates on Facebook. If you visit website regularly then its good if not then you can find all latest updates about website and hacking classes directly on our Facebook page. Also you will be able to post your contents and suggestion there so that we can have better connectivity with each other.

Spread you love by telling our website to your friends... Thanks for reading..
Download CME Online Hacking class 1 presentation

Download CME Online Hacking class 1 presentation

CME online hacking classes are going to start on Sunday 11, as promised. I have already provided the timings in my previous post "CME hacking class by Hacking loops". I have said to all of you that i will provide you the presentation prior to hacking class so that you will be able to understand what we gonna discuss in our first hacking class. So friends please find the presentation for the first hacking class and please read it atleast once, so that you will have a idea about what we are going to discuss in that.
Check timings here: CME Timings 

hacking class, online hacking class presentation download
Download Presentation for First Hacking class of CME Hackers
IF you haven't Joined that yet :

Topics Covered in First Hacking class:
1. What is Hacking
2. Who are Hackers
3. Different types of hackers and which path we will choose
4. Basic hacking terms
5. How to launch a hacking attempt(regular or irregular)
6. Introduction to Reconnaissance
7. Introduction to scanning and port mapping
8. Basic of Gaining access to victims system
9. Basics of clearing and removing our traces from victims system.
10. Question and Answer session

How you will join CME online hacking class?
We are using combination of two things for our hacking class:
1. Mikogo 4 : For sharing my desktop with all users simultaneously. ( mainly for showing practical examples)
2. Voxli ( For group voice chat)

Note: There is no need to register on both of sites, i will provide you the access codes just before half an hour before, so that you all can join hacking class. You will be able to get those on right sidebar of my websites hackingloops and isoftdl. 

 Hope you all liked it. If you have any queries ask me in form of comments. You can also ask your questions during Q n A session in hacking class.
Thanks for reading......

Thursday, September 8, 2011
CME Hacking classes by Hackingloops Updates

CME Hacking classes by Hackingloops Updates

Hi friends, welcome back today i gonna provide complete details about CME (Checkmate Elite Hackers Group: A step ahead of Hackers). After having a hectic week at office, lets rejuvenate ourselves with extreme knowledge. Today i will share with you the timings of our Classes and method which we will use for hacking classes . If you haven't joined CME yet, no matters you can join at anytime. I have already received an applications of more than 400+ friends who have shown their interests in joining our CME hacking classes but due to limitations of bandwidth we can include 200 persons at a time. So what i have decided we will divide batches and first 200 joiners will get a chance to be part of hacking classes but don't worry i have decided to have two batches. So you can adjust yourself in batches accordingly.

online hacking class, live hacking tutorials

If you haven't joined yet Join Now:

Timings of Our First Online Classes:
We have decide two different back to back timings for CME hackers. So you can choose yourself accordingly.
CME hacking classes has been divided into 2 parts:
1. Normal Lecture : In which i will share my knowledge with you in very interactive way using desktop sharing.
2. QNA Session : Session in which you all are welcome ask your doubts and i will explain you live as i have my desktop shared with you and you can see it live happening on your desktops. You can also record that for future reference.

First class is scheduled on 11 September, 2011. So friends your wait for hacking classes is over now. Let's rock and make it a huge session of learning and sharing knowledge.
     BATCHES              CLASSES TIMINGS                QNA SESSION TIMING             

Note: IST means INDIAN STANDARD TIME ( +5:30hrs from Green Meridian Time)

Mode of Joining Hacking Classes:
I have thought a lot on this thing and finally reaches to a solution. In video conferencing there is limit of only 18 peoples maximum but i want to take this to masses rather than limiting it to few computer geeks. Also what you will get just by watching my face of webcam. So i decided to think for a better idea, and that was one of the reasons why we have delayed for a week. 
At last i got to solution, that is there any way that i can share my live screen with all of the guys simultaneously and if we have voice feature and text chat feature where everybody can put their question or ask them live then its gonna be really awesome. But i am not been able to find a complete package in one. So i came to conclusion that we will use a combination of two. Voice Conferencing with Live Desktop Sharing.  So we gonna use two online services MIKOGO for online desktop sharing and VOXLI for voice chatting. Google above service and know more about them. So you can learn better.

Be there on Hacking loops website for getting access codes to join the Live conferences as access code to classes will be displayed live on website.

The presentation will be online on hackingloops on Saturday morning IST. So that you all can prepare yourself before that.

I hope you all like this effort... If you have suggestions related to services please give comments below.

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