Friday, January 6, 2012

Hackingloops Ethical Hacking and Security Quiz

HackingLoops proudly presents the First Ever Online Ethical Hacking and Security Quiz for Ethical Hackers, Geeks or Security Analyzers for free.  Its the first time in internet or web history that any Ethical Hacking website is providing such unique facility to its users.

So friends are you ready to show your Hacking skills and knowledge. This quiz will be extremely useful for all students who are preparing for any security related certification like CEH(certified ethical hacking), CSFI(certified security and forensic investigation), SSA(Software Security assurance), SSP, CISSP etc.
I have made the test in such a way that you will feel that you are giving online Examination in reality.
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Online Ethical Hacking and Security Quiz by HackingLoops

Instructions for the HackingLoops Ethical Hacking and Security QUIZ:
1. Test consists of 10 simple questions, you need to answer these 10 questions in 20 minutes time.
2. Most questions are Multiple choice Questions (MCQ)
3. You can resume your tests in case you mistakenly closes the window.
4. Each question consists of 10 marks and each wrong answer will give 0 marks.
5. Passing percentage is 80% which means you need to answer 8 questions correct out of 10.
6. You can try to give test as much as times you wish, but every time you need to change your name or email.

Now things Required for Exam:
You will see a test window below there you will need a password. Use the below password to give the test:
Now enter email and name to start the test.
Enjoy the test, i have also included the feedback and correct answers, so that you all can understand which is correct answer.
Note: If you like it, please don't forget to comment. As i love your comments and these motivates me to produce unique stuff.
So friends, check your knowledge base with Ethical Hacking Quiz:

Join us:


  1. Note friends: Please type the password manually as copy pasting can result into wrong password..

    All suggestions will be welcomed as its our first time to organize Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Quiz..

    Hope you all like it..:) Give lot of feedback to us..

  2. Hurray :) I am passed with 90 score and GOT the message, Congratulations you have passed and you are on right path..

  3. Hey friends, i have made the quiz open. Now you can give it as many as times you want. Enjoy and have fun..

    @James Congrats dude...

  4. awesome quizz ... i missed passing score by 10 numbers :( scored 70.

  5. :D I passed with 90 score. I am proud of myself

  6. viva el with carefully..:))

  7. Finally passed with 80%

  8. I can't find the link to pass the quizz !!

  9. same here ? where is the link


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