Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to hack Filesonic Premium Account Video Tutorial

Filesonic is file hosting server, which allows high speed and unlimited downloads to its premium members who purchase the premium accounts but they have lot of restrictions for the normal or free user. So friends, today i will teach you how to hack premium account of Filesonic and other similar sites like Hotfile and Wupload premium accounts. In my previous article, i have explained you How to hack filesonic premium account with the help of MCG tool but this time you will not require any tool. 
Hacking Filesonic and other such sites like Wupload or Hotfile is very easy task, if you know how to manipulate and edit cookies. Today i will explain you how to hack Filesonic in less than 5 minutes and download unlimited from filesonic and Wupload for free using Premium cookie or magic cookie or session cookies hack. I have a made a video tutorial for you guys, so that you all can understand easily how the hack works.

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Hack FileSonic or Wupload Premium account
For using this hack, there are few pre requirements. You all will need two things to use this hack:
1. Mozilla Web browser.
2. Cookie editor add on for Mozilla.(download cookie editor here)

This is a 100% working method and absolutely free.

Let me give you brief overview how this works. This hack actually works on concept of sessions, when some premium user login in his/ her account a session cookie is generated, which is valid until the session expires. Filesonic uses PHPSESSID based session cookie management, which never expires until server blocks it. Now what we do, we uses the cookies generated using using premium accounts, this allow us to bypass the authentication process of the FileSonic and we are able to enter inside the premium account without login and password. This technique works until Filesonic server deletes the cookie entry from its server side (as magic cookie is generated at both side client and server side). Magic cookie consists the valid session information. When we manipulate the cookie in our web browser, it only validates the session which is similar to the one on server side. Hence it does not recognizes that user is bypassed or original user. So friends, i hope you all are able to understand the underlying concept behind the hack. Below is the video tutorial explaining each and every step in detail, so that you can easily hack  Filesonic, Wupload or Hotfile premium account.

I hope you all have Enjoyed my new video...
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  1. very nice and informative article.thanks for sharing

  2. great video sir!! what would cause cookie editor too be blank when you open it? for some reason it is not showing anything at all...

  3. nevermind...for some reason the filter/refresh button brings up nothing and that was the reason for blank cookie...

  4. Sir, i must have missed it in the video but in order for this to work you have to have a free user account right?

  5. Works like a charm sir. Thank you so very much for the info

  6. and probbably.......dear friends, the mega key software eventually helps you to capture premium downloads from

  7. Huh It's Not HAcking Dumb!

  8. k... please teach me hacking... I would be very grateful to you.. just write your email below where i can contact you, so that i can learn hacking...

  9. If you call those Noobs hackers which deface websites or those who launch DDoS using LOIC tool then you are dumb... as i have stopped that noobish things years ago... Just have my reference as sC00by or luckY or Lone Rusher or darK kNigHt on milw0rm, l337, astalavista or on exploit-db....You will know whose the daddy...

  10. Hello,

    is there a way to watch this video, because its down...
    may a other hoster?


  11. you tub removed the vidio ---please post more

  12. How YouTube Pwns Nub Hackers:

    By tracking your IP and connecting it to your google accounts when your visiting sites like this with embedded youtube videos. Enjoy your flash cookies hacksters. nom nom.


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