Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Secret Hack Codes for iPhone 4 or 4S HackingLoops

Hello friends, today i am going to share all the available secret hack codes for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. These secret hack codes will help you to hack the iPhone and helps you to explore the internal settings of your iPhone.

Secret codes are actually those codes which are not known(hidden) to general users, usually Geeks use these codes as their shortcuts to browse the internal settings and perform their exploits. As we all know iPhone is quite secured and there are very less hack codes available for the same but don't worry Guys i come up with all the available hacking codes that works on iPhone 4 or 4S.  You can also try these hack codes on previous models as i have tested them only of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Some of them works on iPhone 4 and some on iPhone 4S and some are specific to operator. So please don't complain if any of them didn't work for you.. All codes are tested personally and are 100% working..

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Hack Code for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S by HackingLoops
Note: Some of codes will require tapping of call key on your iPhone, actually most of them require call button + tap(means slide it). So if any code doesn't work just by dialing, you just need to tap the call key and it will work. Infact except the IMEI number one hack code all require call + tap.

Secret Hack Codes for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S

Use to verify if call waiting is enabled

Verify the number for unanswered calls

Verify the number for call forwarding if no service is available.

Verify the number for call forwarding if phone is busy

To verify whether barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing

To display the settings for your call forwarding

Enters Field mode which allows you to access most of the hidden settings and functions of your iPhone.

Display the IMEI of your iPhone, as always this is the standard code for all brands of phones.

Displays the account balance for postpaid contracts.

Displays the account balance for prepaid accounts.

Displays the remaining minutes available.

Get your data usage information.

Options to make payments. Its operator specific.

Dials customer service, (114 in RSA for Vodacom). Its operator specific.

This shows whether you have enabled or disabled the presentation of the calling line, presumably the number of the party placing the call.

State whether the connected line presentation is enabled or disabled. Similar to the calling line presentation.

Note: This is the list of all iPhone codes available till now in market. If hope i haven't even missed the one. If still you are able to find any extra hack code for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S then don't hesitate in sharing, as Sharing is Caring.

So friends, that's all for today, I hope you all have like it.
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  1. hi lokesh i am a newbie in hacking i am going to start comp engg next year in a old post of your i founded a website namd w3schools.com i have startd to learn every basic my questin is-- can we u any other software bsides notepad to html,php and other scripts alsn can u tell me which software did mark zuckrbrg use for coding it looked likd CMD in social netwok movie plz rply!!!!!!

  2. Hi Lookesh,
    This are all codes available everywhere and for all the iphone..no new or secret code....and other code ara available only for AT&T....

    the next time choice better title for the post
    Have a nice day

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  4. Hey i just started hacking and would like to know more on phone hacking so if u could make a bit more on phones i might take a class or so thanks

    1. Best thing for u to do
      Is learn all custom roms.and the purpose


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