Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AOE Conquerors 1.0c Game ranger Hack v6

Hey friends, I am back with new version of Destructive Mind v6 AOE 1.0c conquerors Multiplayer hack which successfully works on Game Ranger, i have fixed almost all the bugs that people has told me in the previous version and now it will work perfectly (as previous version hangs and displays error messages) , It consists of all the previous combo packs of Age of Empires including combo pack 1, combo pack 2, combo pack 3 features(fixed). I have improved lots of cheats in this Age of empire hacks and make it further undetectable during the game. It works 100% on Game ranger . This trainer is awesome...just enjoy game hacks and have an extra edge over experts.
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Age of Empire Conquerors Hack by Destructive Mind
What's new in this version?
1. Update Check is Fixed.
2. Hanging of Application and crashing of Game is fixed.
3. Warning and Error messages has been fixed.
4. All cheats related bugs has been fixed.
5. Activated only for specific player after pressing Q+(key). (please read the Note part: If you don't select the player then it will be activated for P1 by default so always choose key before start).
6. Kills and razes tributes are fixed, only tributes for resources 1000 and 500 resources remains. 
7. Steal resources hacks are fixed, can be used using stale command in hack menu.
8. Combo pack 3 and v5 bugs are fixed.
Note: You need to close the hack after each match and then restart again for new game. Else it will be automatically activated for the player which was your color in previous game.

How to use the Hack on AGE OF EMPIRES II Conquerors in Game Ranger:
1. Start the Game ranger. Now Join any AOE II conquerors room.
2. While you are in room Go to the hack folder and start the Hack (Destructive Mind v6) by double clicking on it.
3. Now when the Game starts (means when you in Game and selecting civilizations teams etc). Go back to Hack and click on Enable Hacks and return to game.
4. After game starts, the first thing to do is to select your player number. If you’re green for example, you’re player 3 (if you didn’t change color yourself). So press `(key above the TAB button) to bring up the chat dialog and press and hold Q while pressing 3, after which press `(key above the TAB button) again to activate the hack. Don’t press ENTER – you’d only be letting others know you’re doing something stupid and the hack command won’t work anyway.

Note:  Blah.txt contains all the hacking commands that you will enter into cheat box.
Readme.txt contains the quick Guide to use the cheat commands during the game.

Don't delete any file in the package otherwise some part and features of hack will not work properly.

I hope you all like it.... Enjoy and have fun... If you like it please comment. Give me new suggestions for improvement and i will think and build them.


  1. Would you please, for the love of god, post some info on what each command does. Its great the trainer has a help file and all, but I am totally lost with some of the commands.


  2. man gr sucks..make it work on voobly please :D

  3. Source code please? I prefer using my own injector, I might want to add things, etc..

  4. Yeah Lokesh, this is amazing, but if you could possibly put a small piece of information up here (or in a help .txt file) about what each command does - that would be fantastic! Obviously as the creater this should only take you a couple of minutes :P


  5. When i click the Destructive Application, It says, Windows cannot access the device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. I run Windows 7 64bit

  6. it says its a Trojan Horse dropper? is it still safe to download?/Run?

  7. When clicking Destructive Application it says "Windows cannot access the device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." I run vista 64 bit. Please fix this so I can use your tool. I'm so sick of joining games supposedly for noobs only to be matched up against a pro. This could wipe the smiles off their faces! >:

  8. but is there any way you can add a instant Troop/Villager Code?
    NICE JOB btw.

  9. Hey.. the kills dont work... apart from that everything's fine.. great hack.... HACKERS ZINDABAD

  10. great hack.. but please explain how the stats hack work?

    I want to give myself gold

  11. I cant connect 2 the server enymore!!
    It says:

    Pleae try After sometim?, server??s probably down???

  12. Dang, I really thought this would be cool to use. I get the same error as everyone else...

    Pleae try After sometim?, server??s probably down???

  13. LOKESH plz help..... it says "Windows cannot access the device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."
    why so........... plz help


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