Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to access blocked sites or country restricted sites

Hey Friends, yesterday i encountered a cool Firefox and chrome plugin(add on). This enables users to access the blocked websites or the sites that are blocked in few regions say torrents blocked in India or some websites which are accessible only for US or UK users etc. So today i am going to tell you how to use that Firefox and Chrome plugin to access blocked sites or regional website.

Some websites like Netflix or Hulu are only accessible to US residents, similarly, there are many other websites which may be blocked by your ISP, your school or college, etc. Stealthy is a handy add on(plugin), available for Google Chrome and Firefox, which can solve this problem.

Stealthy allow users to access blocked websites by setting up a working proxy on your browser with a click of a button. What Stealthy does is that it search for different proxies online and use the best one based on your location and setup a new IP so that you can access blocked websites.

As with all other extensions, Stealthy once installed, a small red airplane icon will appear right next to your address bar in Google Chrome, which means that Stealthy is disabled. Click on it to enable Stealthy and enter the URL of the website you want to access.

Access blocked or restricted sites using Stealthy
Access blocked or restricted sites using Stealthy

Stealthy provides users with four different options to choose from – Pro USA, Pro UK, Normal and Customized. Under USA, it allows you to use services such as Hulu, Netflix, etc. that are accessible only to USA residents. With UK option, you will be connected to internet as if you were in UK so that you can access UK restricted websites. With Normal, it gets a proxy from a random location to access websites that are blocked in your region but are available in the rest of the world. If you want to use a country specific proxy, use the customized option otherwise you can stick to normal. If you don’t want Stealthy to work on any specific website, you can add them to the Bypass list.

Note : Enabling Stealthy may slow down your internet so it’s better to keep it disabled if you are browsing regular websites.


If you have any queries or issues, please ask in form of comments.


  1. Hey sir do u have any idea of Pd-Proxy?
    which lets u to connect to net for free.

  2. i select is option...even den netflix .not available in our country.......wht's d problem bro??

  3. sry's absolutely working...!!:-) can u name me some interesting usa/uk based websites....??

  4. sir, after adding this extension opens a dialog box and ask for username and password for using stealth pro... even for opening google...!!
    i can't browse net even..!! but last night it was working perfectly...!!

    can u help me bro....???

  5. Thanks for the tip! Right now I`m using this VPN service to unblock sites: SunVPN I found proxies to be overall much slower than VPNs. Is Stealthy a VPN or a proxy?

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