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BEH Online Ethical Hacking Class : Configure Machine for Hacking

Hey friends, welcome to HackingLoops. Before starting BEH(Born Ethical Hackers) classes we must configure our system or machine for performing hacking tasks. Because performing hacking can cause damage your systems too and also its one of the major step for beginners to know which all tools we need to install on our system to learn Hacking. Below i have provided quick Hacking setup list which will help you to perform Ethical Hacking Lab tasks with ease. So go through them and install below items.

Born Ethical hackers
Tools for Born Ethical Hackers Lab

List of Tools need to be pre installed for setting up your system to perform BEH Lab tasks :
1. VMware ( for installing and mounting virtual operating systems).
2. Backtrack or Matruix OS Linux Live Disk or Operating system which need to be mounted on  VMware.
3. Installing servers :
a. IIS for windows based servers.
b. Apache Tomcat.
c. MySQL workbench.
d. Wamp for running PHP codes.
4. Microsoft Visual Studio ( full package with XML spy)
5. IDA pro
6. Swf Flash Decompiler
7. Olydbg
8. VB Decompiler
9. Filezilla FTP client
10. Resource Hacker
11. NMAP
12. Wireshark
13. Mozilla Firefox with Firebug or Google Chrome or IE8 +

The above is the mandatory list that you must have before performing Hacking stuff.

The other tools we will discuss on regular basis with our hacking classes. I hope you all will be able to install these tools on your machine. You might face problem in doing so, i am ready to help you out. If you have any issues while installing these or any problem in configuring those, feel free to ask.

Now its only 4 days for BEH class to start.


  1. Hi mr Lokesh. Does these for Mac or Windows user?

  2. What basic knowledge you think we should already know for BHE?
    My bandwidth is low .I can,t download all softwares with 30 KBPS.
    Plz tell me about the ettercap trick in detail {}

    Plz mail me at

  3. Do we need to install all of this on our machine or on VMware?

  4. do we need to have all installing servers or any 1 of them

  5. thank you very much sir, its always pleasure to have such people...HACKING LOOPS

  6. when i opened the Vmware website i saw so many things to download...i just wanted to know what exactly we need to download

  7. 1st step is OK-installation of the above software
    what next?

  8. Do we need all installing servers listed above or any one of them

  9. @All

    Thanks for response.
    Yes you need to install all of these servers as few are necessary for Linux hosted websites and few are for windows hosted websites. Its doesn't matter which operating system you use as we are going to use VMware for using windows, Backtrack and Matruix OS.

    If you have any other issues, feel free to ask.

    Note: All above tools are free-ware except Microsoft Visual studio. You can avoid using that but believe me it is one of the best tools if you wanna debug any website or application.

  10. @ ALL

    For for ease, Please find the Download Links for all tools:
    VMware Player

    Virutal Box

    Virtual PC


    Matruix : Advanced Hackers OS

    IIS Server
    Inbuilt in Windows ( just need to go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features(windows 7 or vista) -> Turn Windows features on and off -> Select
    Internet Information Servcies(IIS) -> Click ok )

    Apache Tomcat 7:

    MySQL Workbench

    Wamp Server

    Microsoft Visual Studio ( Since its paid you can download it from torrent. Note: HackingLoops never promotes piracy as its Illegal)

    IDA Pro (before extracting rename the file to smaller length)

    Flash Decompiler



    Resource Hacker



    Mozilla Firefox or chrome whatever suits you.

  11. Friggin Awesome!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi mr Lokesh. Do we need to download backtrack and matruix both or either one?. Here im downloaded backtrack 5 R3 in VMware image. As u said it need to be mounted rather than boot with cd or drive. Am I correct sir?

  13. i have downloaded all of em,, but need to ask that what is the timming of class and how can i join the class? i am doing BSCS first semester.. fond ov learning hacking... please help me accomplish my goal... looking to a kind response.
    please answer the above questions thanks . . . !

  14. Hey sir Please let us know how to install these softwares
    Installing VMware isnt tough but installing Backtrack and matrik is bit complex using VMware so please help us with those stuffs
    And from Today our classes starts SO All the best for You Sir

    +You Know Me

  15. I have one question?! Can you explain little bit closely about virtual machine. What program goes to VM (BT and Matriux) or we must install all programs under VM.

    Thank you for all!

  16. Backtrack which version should i download please help R3 or R2 or R1

  17. Sir Please tell us the exact versions which we guys have to download. I had been through the links and found many problems about the versions which i have to download please tell us about the versions it will be easy for begginers like me

  18. Thanks so much. Waiting to fire on...

  19. Hi to all,
    like everyone i've few doubts

    but for the doubts mentioned in comments by various people, i'll give my answers, correct me if i'm wrong

    1. you can either install backtrack or matriux *(or both if you want to experiment)
    2. regarding the virtual machines, lokesh sir already given the download links for them, so download any one of it, i'll advice you to go for vmware player(if you want vmware workstation then download from torrent)*
    3. after installing the vmware player, just mount the backtrack.iso*(can be latest like backtrack gnome r3) and create a virutal machine, while installation of backtrack, it'll ask for the command to start the installation process, so just type "startx" , that's it, everything is "next, next, next....."
    after the completion of the installation, you've to enter the username and password when it promts.
    username: root
    password: toor
    these are default, that's it
    backtrack installation in vmware is done;

  20. my doubts follows;

    1. as you can see "mysql benchserver" is not an application but server, so is that we've to copy to the backtrack or matriux?
    2.just xml spy is enough or we need to download any extra packages?
    3. IDA PRO, sir provided the link and i downloaded but only few of them are apps, remaining are just src files, something to be copied to backtrack i suppose? or *(really need help here)
    4. ollydbg, any extra packages to be downloaded or just the application?

    please help, i did almost everything but stuck with the above mentioned doubts,

    thank you

  21. Are you aware of today's date sir and also about your commitment to start class on dec 1st ?

  22. When do the classes start its already 2nd of december sir

  23. @Naveen and Anonymous

    Due to some technical difficulties we are unable to start classes from 1 Dec.

    We will be starting it from 6 Dec, 2012.

    Lokesh Singh

  24. 6th December mhmm... Sabhar ka phal meetha hota hey :)

  25. Sir or users please tell me which version of backtrack should i download ??
    as given in this link ( ADMIN LOKESH SINGH i see many versions such as Backtrack 5 R3 and GNOME or KDE ?? please help

  26. Okay :) 6 will do :) Thank you anyway.

  27. @R3 is good version but what i have said above is that Backtrack Live DVD.
    R3 , GNOME and KDE are full versions.


  28. Meaning here.. backtrack should boot up from dvd?
    What about backtrack with VMware image sir?

  29. Thanks a lot mr.lokesh singh i am waiting eagerly to welcome 6th December as your day i mean lets celebrate it as a hackingloops's day :D

  30. 6th of December thats today, what time (India)? Thank you Lokesh Singh.

  31. Goodday all, when I am extracting this "Ollydbg" after download from the mentioned site, it keeps breaking. Any solution to this?


  32. Hoping the class is not started and I am left out. If started, where is the link and at what time. Lokesh Singh hope you are doing well?

  33. wen will it starts??????????

  34. sir today is 6 dec na??:(

  35. Sir
    When we'll starting???

  36. Sir
    When we'll starting???

  37. Take your time sir... We hope to get start as possible.

  38. is that started??anybody pls reply

  39. guys i hope he is just fooling around to get traffic thats it , because on time commitment is more important for even a piece of work also... its not the question of patience @mzech ok , if your really working on it then try to respond first .

  40. @Naveen

    Thanks for informing me... :P There are still few glitches in the projects that i have made for practical sessions because its still in development phase. So keep your calm.

    I will inform everybody atleast 3 days before when we are going to begin class. But for sure we will start them before Christmas.

    If people don't have patience then they can't learn anything. So be patient.

    Also its for Naveen : Bro i hope u have some misconceptions. If it was for traffic then there must be some ads on website. I have 0 monetary earning from this website. And for your kind information Hackingloops regularly(daily) gets 10000+ daily visitors with above 20000+ page views regularly. So i don't need traffic.

  41. yes i understood bro but dont ever give wrong commitments thats my hint to you , and being on time process is a healthy way to achieve anything bro . To be frank , guys are keen interested to start the class on dec 6th but i can understand the difficulties of setting the online environment but others want to know the exact delayed reason behind this so i just poked you thats it bro :p anyway all the best...

  42. you carry on sir, we are waiting for you

  43. you carry on sir,we are waiting for you

  44. Mr Lokesh . . . ! we do understand your technical problems. Take your time!!! we know better teaching hacking is never been easy it takes alota time and preparation.gud Luck :-)

  45. before 25th that will be great cuz my holidays starts from 20th then it will be great learning

  46. Great!!! I love the spirit in the house now. We believe in you Lokesh, take your time, give us the best. Anyway we can be of help, don't hesitate to call on us.

  47. When is the class really starting???? Mr. Lokesh no wordz 4rm u yet???????

  48. Do we need Virtual PC 2007 SP1? Because it doesn't work on W7 64bit.

  49. friends..
    go for backtrack 5R1 or backtrack 5R3 GNOME will provide some graphical interface..and learn few basic linux commands..

  50. i want to become hacker too but is it ok that i have no knowledge about progaming?

  51. sir can i use virtual box instead of VMware?

  52. Hi lokesh..I need a help..can u please...if then mail me personaly @ a matter of my kindly reply...

  53. mr. lokesh you have any tricks for gprs net users.
    i need your email address can you give it?by which i directly send my quarry to you.

  54. lol now i almost lost my hope about ur tutorial Lokesh :(

  55. What about the classes. when they are gonna start.. ?? Pls reply admin

  56. U said before christmas. Now it had passed. Passion and morale are getting low. .

  57. hello lokesh sir pls reply when will class start ???
    this is my website
    my facebook group
    hacking interested peoples will join here....

  58. hello lokesh sir when will class start ???
    my website
    my fb

  59. OMG Lokesh come on reply something to our questions!!!!

  60. Hello, Lokesh Singh!
    Could you just tell us if everything goes well and we can wait without worrying?
    Are you still working on the subject and the time is everything you need?
    Thanks if so. We're with you.

  61. Hi Lokesh,

    Could you please clear few doubts about the installation of the required softwares?
    Doubt1-->Do we need to install backtrack on VMware or to a flash drive/Live CD?
    Doubt2-->If we need to install backtrack on a live cd or pendrive then which os we need to install on the vmware?

  62. sir can you give a download link of Microsoft visual studio and how can i determine if it has a xml spy?? plz sir i cant find it.

  63. Lokesh sir i got stuck in installing backtrack 5 GNOME R3 on vmplayer here:
    installation asks me to check one out of two options:
    where do you want to put backtrack live:
    1) Erase and use the entire disk
    2) specify partions manually(advanced)

    i have just 2 Local disk drives C and D. C contains window and D contain Recovery

    i am confused what option should i have to check.
    waiting for your answer . . . !


  64. Dear Lokesh, Could you please help me for finding Some password foe Gmails N, or even Facebook prefered, as My Some Id has been hacked, and Also Some Of my friends, Please Do help me By contacting me:

    Please Help me, They are using my own facebook N misusing it, I really need your help, FOe me Its ok if you can tell me the pass even, i will give the id, So that U dont have to worry by teaching me, But Would appriciate if you can teach me some as well. Thank you very much Please reply

  65. Hi All,
    To all those who are facing trouble in installing backtrack..kindly follow the link below. It contains step by step instructions with snapshots.

    Note:-If you find somestep missing then kindly use the generic step of installation of any windows.

    Waqas Haider>>Kindly partition using advance mode and set a partition size manually ie.20GB...Dont check any option which says to erase any disk...VM will create a logical drive after taking the free space from you harddisk..

    Let me know if u need further information.

  66. To all the guys who are not having patience and what to try something...Kindly install the backtrack and try to get ur handson on the same.
    Google Metasploit Penetration Testing cookbook by Abhinav Singh...Having some good recipes for the starter...Beware it takes a lot of time to explore and apply the recipes and not all will work as we expected.
    So have patience and try to do some rnd.
    Happy learning guys..>

    Finally, I want to thank's Lokesh for all his efforts in creating these books and looking fwd to attend his session..Take your time and let me know if I can be of any help.


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