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Saturday, January 28, 2012
How to trace Email Address or fake emails

How to trace Email Address or fake emails

Hi friends, today i am going to teach you how to trace an email received in Gmail. Using this hack you can trace the source from which you have received the email
Hackers do a lot of stuff to hack into your email account so you should always be aware of such things like how to check the authenticity of the email that it has arrived from genuine user or its a fake email. 

how to trace email address or fake emails
Trace Email Address by HackingLoops

There are two ways to check the authenticity of the email address:
1. Open the Email and Click on Show details.
2. For more deeper look Click on the triangle and then select show original.

Great, but i know 99% of you guys already know these but never tried to trace or somebody have tried but never got success. What is the reason behind that? Yup i know the reason.. All previous tricks to trace an email in Gmail are incomplete so you never received success in doing that. As i always focus on manual things as tools are for noobs and script kiddes. So guys lets learn how to trace email address manually.

How to Trace Email received in Gmail:

1. Basic Method(if sent through some website)
This method is applicable for tracing the email that is sent through the anonymous email or email forging websites. 
What is the main motive behind the fake emails, Have you guys ever tried to understand. If no, then here is three four basic things why Fake emails or anonymous emails are sent.
1. For Phishing purposes: Fake page links that are used to hack your email account.
2. For Spreading Botnets: Fake emails with attachments(.php,.jpg,.bmp etc) contains bots means self spreading Trojans that steals your email contacts and email that to hackers.
3. For Stealing your personal information or to cheat you.(mails like you won 10000000$ please send us your details to claim).
4. For promoting or virul a product. Most sellers use this trick to promote their companies products online on the name of email marketing but thats all fake they are in need of customers who can buy them and some already has bots attached in them to the mail has been automatically sent to all emails that are in your friend list.

Steps to trace Email received in Gmail (very basic method):
1. Login into your Gmail account.
2. Open the email whose sender details you want to see.
3. Click on Show details.
4 That's all it will show you all basic information about the email. Below snapshot will explain you better.

Trace Email Address
Click on show Details

trace fake emails using headers
Details of Sender

2. Advanced Method:
The above trick hardly helps you to trace the email address. Now let's discuss advanced way to trace email.
Have you guys ever tried to under how emails are sent and received. Ahhahah Computer geeks you might have read in books about How email works that how its sent and how its received. If yes, then you surely haven't implemented that in practical life.

Emails are basically received in form of HTML headers. HTML headers consist of several things like Message delivered to or from, Subject, Received to or from, Date, Mime version,Content Type, X-mailer client etc.

How to trace email Advanced trick:
1. Go to the email and open it.
2. Now click on the triangle at top right end corner of the email screen as shown below and select show original email.

trace email ID
Click on Inverted Triangle to Open advance Menu

3. Now you will see something like this:
trace IP address using email

Now See the second received: from SecretMythPC [] . Its the source IP address ( IP address of system) from which email has been sent.

Now open Any IP address tracing website: Example i opened

Now Trace the IP addess to get his details and location of the sender. You will see something like this in the output:
trace geographic location using IP address
Complete Details of Sender
That's all friends, hope you all have loved it. This is the method how cyber police detects cyber criminals and reach their destinations.
If you have any queries ask me in form of comments.
Friday, January 27, 2012
2 New Facebook Text Tools | Hackify | Coolify

2 New Facebook Text Tools | Hackify | Coolify

Hey friends, HackingLoops again presents you two more Facebook text tools to its users. These two tools are Hackify and Coolify.These tools will create awesome decorative texts which can be directly used in Facebook status updates and Facebook Chat to surprise your Friends. I am sure you all will enjoy the both Tools as they are absolutely unique.

text tools, Facebook Text tools, hackify, coolify
2 New Facebook Text Tools Hackify and Coolify

Smart and decorative text as Status updates adds flavors to your boring Social Networking and help you score over your friends by surprising them daily with new and cool status updates. Below are the two tools:

1. Coolify Facebook Text Generator Tool
This tool will generate the coolified text with the help of Unicode format and it works on all social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus etc..
Щё Lоvё HacкїйgLооp$ Gяоцp

Try Coolify Tool now: COOLIFY TEXT

2. Hackify Facebook Text Tool
This tool will generate the text which hackers and geeks love to use in their names and status updates. This tool is an advanced version of Coolify where every letter changes when user enters any character or select or hover.
So update your status messages like Hackers.
Ш℮ ℒø√ℯ Ħ@¢кḯηℊℒø☺℘ṧ Ḡяøüρ

Try Hackify Tool now: HACKIFY TEXT

I hope that you all Enjoy Facebook Tools designed by HackingLoops. If you really liked it, please give us little appreciation in form of they motivates us to design more such tools.
Ḻ☺ḱε﹩ℌ ϟℑᾔℊℌ
Thursday, January 26, 2012
Facebook Text Tools by HackingLoops

Facebook Text Tools by HackingLoops

HackingLoops proudly presents 3 new Facebook tools which will make you to create decorative texts and then use them on Facebook, Google Plus, twitter or any other social networking website.

Everyday we go to Facebook and observes that some friends are using decorative texts as their update message but you are not able to use the same because you don't know who to create decorative texts on Facebook or twitter...
Facebook tools, text tools, google text tools
Facebook Tools By HackingLoops
Don't worry from now onwards, as i have created the same for you... And i am also making few new ones just keep a watch..

3 New Facebook Decorative Text Tools:
1. Strike Text: 
Its a common function of HTML but Facebook and other social networking websites uses text boxes and strike function doesn't work in text boxes. I have coded it using Unicode strings.
Sample text: I Love HackingLoops

Test the Strike Text Tool Now: STRIKE IT

2. Flip Up Side Down Reverse It Tool
:P Name is looking very confusing... But this tool does everything above mentioned. Using this tool you can create reverse text, write backwards, Flip the texts, Flip the single words and so on...
Sample: I Evol SpooLgnikcah ( and much more..)

Test the Flip Up Side Down Reverse It Tool Now: FLIP REVERSE

3. Flipping Smart Text Tool
This tool is just similar to tool above one but in this flipping criteria is little different. Try it you will enjoy it..
Sample: sdooןbuıʞɔɐɥ ǝʌoן ı
Test Flipping Text Tool Now: FLIPPING TEXT

Test them now friends...and provide your response...

If you like them dont forget to comment...

If you have any suggestions please post in comments, i will try to work on them...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Secret Hack Codes for iPhone 4 or 4S HackingLoops

Secret Hack Codes for iPhone 4 or 4S HackingLoops

Hello friends, today i am going to share all the available secret hack codes for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. These secret hack codes will help you to hack the iPhone and helps you to explore the internal settings of your iPhone.

Secret codes are actually those codes which are not known(hidden) to general users, usually Geeks use these codes as their shortcuts to browse the internal settings and perform their exploits. As we all know iPhone is quite secured and there are very less hack codes available for the same but don't worry Guys i come up with all the available hacking codes that works on iPhone 4 or 4S.  You can also try these hack codes on previous models as i have tested them only of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Some of them works on iPhone 4 and some on iPhone 4S and some are specific to operator. So please don't complain if any of them didn't work for you.. All codes are tested personally and are 100% working..

hack codes for iPhone 4, iPhone hacking codes
Hack Code for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S by HackingLoops
Note: Some of codes will require tapping of call key on your iPhone, actually most of them require call button + tap(means slide it). So if any code doesn't work just by dialing, you just need to tap the call key and it will work. Infact except the IMEI number one hack code all require call + tap.

Secret Hack Codes for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S

Use to verify if call waiting is enabled

Verify the number for unanswered calls

Verify the number for call forwarding if no service is available.

Verify the number for call forwarding if phone is busy

To verify whether barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing

To display the settings for your call forwarding

Enters Field mode which allows you to access most of the hidden settings and functions of your iPhone.

Display the IMEI of your iPhone, as always this is the standard code for all brands of phones.

Displays the account balance for postpaid contracts.

Displays the account balance for prepaid accounts.

Displays the remaining minutes available.

Get your data usage information.

Options to make payments. Its operator specific.

Dials customer service, (114 in RSA for Vodacom). Its operator specific.

This shows whether you have enabled or disabled the presentation of the calling line, presumably the number of the party placing the call.

State whether the connected line presentation is enabled or disabled. Similar to the calling line presentation.

Note: This is the list of all iPhone codes available till now in market. If hope i haven't even missed the one. If still you are able to find any extra hack code for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S then don't hesitate in sharing, as Sharing is Caring.

So friends, that's all for today, I hope you all have like it.
If you have any issues or concerns please share it in form of comments below. If you like our articles so don't forget to subscribe our articles, its just for you only so that you will not miss any of our articles...
Thanks for reading...:)
Saturday, January 21, 2012
XPath Injection Tutorial to Hack Websites Database

XPath Injection Tutorial to Hack Websites Database

Everyday we get news that so and so website is hacked by some Hacker and most of us think that Hacker is very genius but reality is quite different. Most of the hackers which defaces websites are novice hackers and perform these shameful acts just for popularity and show off. Its just the interest which varies from person to person, the web designer just concentrates on designing his website and hackers just focuses on searching of exploits. But did we had ever concentrated on the fact, if web designer starts searching exploits then how destructive he can be, and if he uses it positively then how much constructive that can be. So its your decision which path you will choose.. constructive or destructive . I can just provide you tutorials that will enhance you knowledge base..

Note: This article is for Educational Purposes only. Be a part of constructive society. Fame and Name can also be earned by being on constructive side. I know its difficult but if you are good then you will be surely recognized.

So lets start with very basics... You all must be having basic knowledge of HTML and XML then i will leave those topics as they are very basic things if you deal with web in day to day life. If you don't know basics i will advice you to go to w3schools and have a quick review of these concepts.

xpath tutorial,hacking websites xml database
XPath Injection Tutorial by HackingLoops

What is XPath?
XPath is basically the syntax for defining parts of XML documents which uses path expressions to navigate in the XML document and its does with help of standard predefined functions like string values, numeric values, date and time comparison, sequence and Node manipulation etc..

Nowadays most of webmasters use XML documents to store sensitive data and uses XPath to navigate the data inside the XML documents. The main advantage for using XML documents is that they are so complex that they are almost unreadable for human. But we know where there is complexity, there is way for hackers to play their part. So friends lets start our tutorial on xPath Injection..

What is xPath Injection?
XPath Injection is an attack technique used to exploit applications that construct XPath (XML Path Language) queries from user-supplied input to query or navigate XML documents. It can be used directly by an application to query an XML document, as part of a larger operation such as applying an XSLT transformation to an XML document, or applying an XQuery to an XML document.
In XPath injection, we try to inject data into an application so that it executes user-controlled XPath queries. When successfully injected, this vulnerability may allow an hackers to bypass complete authentication systems or access information without proper authorization.

Lets learn with the help of examples that how XPath works, in below example we have a sample XML Database File:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

In the above code shows the basic format how XML file that is used to store sensitive information.
Now if we want to retrieve the information about Administrator from the above XML file, we have to write a XPath query like below:
string(//hackingloops_user[username/text()='Hackingloops' and password/text()='testing123']/account/text())
The above XPath query is what the webmaster has embedded into his code in order to access the XML database document.

Now if the web designer has not property filtered the user input,  then the hacker will be able to inject XPath code into the website and hence interfere with the query result. Here is the example of XPath query that hacker will use to hack the XML file database:
string(//hackingloops_user[username/text()='' or '1' = '1' and password/text()='' or '1' = '1']/account/text())

Have you noticed, what i have injected in place of username and password.

Note: By below technique web masters use XML and XPath in their website. This is how it will actually look:

$login = simplexml_load_file("HackingLoops_database.xml");
$result=$login->xpath("//hackingloops_user[username/test()='".$_POST['Hackingloops']." AND password/text()='".$_POST['testing123']."'";
Isn't that looks similar to SQL injection.
Yes, it is, because the basic concept behind XPath and SQL injection are same as both are possible only when web designer has not properly handled the user input in his code(means use of dynamic queries is not correctly handled). In my previous article about website hacking i have shared 10 step guide to stop SQL injection in websites. (Read more here)

Now XPath injection is also of two types, the above technique what i had explained just now is called Blind XPath injection and other one is called Advanced XPath Injection(i will explain that in later tutorials). Below is the Sample Blind XPath injection username password:
Username: ' or '1' = '1
Password: ' or '1' = '1
Now let me explain you what the above username signifies as most of you might not know this. The above username or password will result into a query whose output is always true which which means that the website will authenticate the user even if a username or a password have not been provided. Isn't that interesting... yup it is.. It's just the silly mistakes by web designers, now if they know about this exploit then it can be easily protected.

That's all for today my friends...
I hope you all have liked the tutorial... If you have any queries or doubts related to XPath, you can ask in form of comments. I will help you to understand the topic.
Thanks for reading...:)

Friday, January 20, 2012
Take ownership of any File in Windows 7 in single click

Take ownership of any File in Windows 7 in single click

Hey friends, HackingLoops has came up with another ultimate tutorial for its users, this time i will teach you how to take ownership of any file or directory or folder. Several times when we open any file or folder or some directory in Windows 7, we get a error messages like "C://xx/xxx file is not accessible and Access is denied". Hence we are not able to open that file or directory of folder. In case, if you are dealing with system files then you usually get this error message. HackingLoops has already told the solution about this problem in several articles that how we can provide full control to any File using properties then security and so on.. But friends its a too long procedure and very tedious task to do for each and every file separately.

ownership of windows folder
Windows 7 Tips and Tricks by HackingLoops

Today i will teach you how to take ownership of any file or folder or directory in a single click. Its really frustrating when you want to access any folder or directory and you get a message that particular folder is not accessible , access is denied. As a hacker, we need to manipulate windows file system sometimes for our usage but every time we need to do that manual work. But from now onwards, you will not have to do any manual work,just take the ownership in one click. Just follow the steps for one time then you get ownership button in your right click. So whenever you need to take ownership of any file or folder or directory, you need to right click and click on button "I want ownership". So friends lets learn how to do this..

Take ownership of any file in Windows 7 in one click step wise:
1. Open the Notepad.

2. Now copy the below code into it:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="I want Ownership"

@="I want Ownership"

@="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant

"IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\"
/grant administrators:F"

@="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant

administrators:F /t"
"IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls
\"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t"

3. Now save the file as anyfilename.reg by clicking save as button and there selecting all files for save file type as. As shown below:
hack windows registry to own the file or folder
How to save Notepad file as .reg File
4. Now double click on the anyfilename.reg file to merge the settings in registry.
Note: Sometimes some copyrighted code can come below the text while copying the above text. Please remove the same for hack to work.

5. That's all... 

6. Now go to any file for which you get the above errors and right click on it. 

7. There you will see a option "I want Ownership", click on that and you have ownership. As shown i below sample:

take any file ownership in right click
Take ownership of any File or Folder on Right Click on that file

8. Now open the file and enjoy editing..

I hope you all have liked it... If you have any issues or concerns ask me in form of comments...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
How to restrict virus or trojan attacks

How to restrict virus or trojan attacks

Hello Friends, HackingLoops is back again with new Ethical Hacking article "How to restrict virus or Trojan attacks" from infecting your system. Most of you are already aware of basic things to protect our system from getting infected. But still for knowledge of new users,we will try to cover almost all techniques through which viruses infect your system and then methods to protect your system against these attacks. And the most important thing is that after reading this article your system will be 100% secured from all types of Virus attacks but Trojan attacks can happen because of your negligence but we will try to share every single piece of knowledge so that you will think twice before neglecting basic security norms. So Guys read on and stop wasting time in removing viruses or Trojans from your computer because from now onwards not a single virus can enter into your system Its HackingLoops undisputed Guarantee and challenge to all hackers.

stop virus attack, prevent from trojans
Prevent PC or Laptops from Viruses or Trojans
If you want to know that your system is either infected by viruses and trojans then these are certain techniques, symptoms and guidelines which will help you to identify the same. You can relate them with your body when it got prey to viral infections :P... Similarly, you system behaves when it got infected. Below are some symptoms:

1. Your Computer might be running slow usual than normal(efficiency is decreased means slow processing, sometimes system hangs etc).

2. Some programs might open without your permission.

3. System start up takes too much time to boot.

4. Various Error messages appear on Screen when you open something or without opening also.

5. System registry or task manager has been disabled or folder options is missing.

6. The most important antivirus shows messages of detecting viruses time to time or in some cases unable to update antivirus or sometimes even not able to install any new antivirus or security software.

7. While scanning your system from any antivirus or anti spyware tool its showing viruses and you noticed that viruses are not deleting.

and much more...

Have you ever tried to understand the underlying concept that how is your system got infected? What has infected your System? Is it because of your Friend? or USB? or your online activity that resulted in infection of your PC or laptop? May be you have tried to explore these things but i am pity sure, you must not be able to explore why this actually occurs. So friends, no need to worry, today i will share each and every method which can infect your system and How you can fix your PC or laptop if its already infected. In my previous article i have shared how to fix Not able to Install any antivirus or security tool problem. But Today we will explore something really unique and off course of much more importance in our day to day life. So friends lets start with "How viruses and Trojans spread themselves in your PC".

How a System is got Infected because of your Negligence or lack of awareness?

1. Using Cracked Versions of software specially security ones like antivirus, anti-spyware etc. 

Why I have said this is the first and major cause of infection because of the following simple reason that All hackers know that general internet user public always searches for cracked versions of software's and wishes to use them for free and Hacker take benefit of them. You all now be thinking how it help hackers. We know that almost all antivirus show each and every keygen as virus or some trojan depending upon its type. Now if we all know that then how come hackers will forget this fact so what they do they attaches trojans and viruses to these files and at the time When your antivirus shows it as virus you ignores the alert and keep the keygen means trojan running.

NOTE: And Guys an important note for you all, If your antivirus doesn't show any keygen or crack as a virus then don't ever think that its not a virus but its a most dangerous thing. Why dangerous because now Hacker has used some more brain to fool you that this time he has made the virus undetectable by simply editing or manipulating the hex code of original virus or attaching some dead strings. So what is the moral of story Please don't use cracked versions.

Now you all be thinking that if we don't use the cracked versions then how we will able to get full versions of the software's. Don't worry when I am there no fear drink beer and enjoy everything for free. Its solution will be in solutions step just read article.

2. Pen drive or USB drive :

The biggest cause of infection of your system is usb drives and external hard disks.

Now how a virus enters into your system using USB drives. You have connected your USB drive to your friends computer and by chance (sorry its for sure i.e 100%) your friends system is infected by virus or Trojans and its the property of Virus that it replicates itself using memory. So when you connect your USB to your friends computer your USB is now infected by virus and now when you connect this USB to your PC using the property of your Windows that it searches the files in Newly connected device and autorun the device and for doing this it loads the index of your USB's file system into Memory and now if USB has virus its the property  of virus its replicates itself using system memory. Now if you are using good antivirus , your antivirus will pop warning and alert messages and some times you ignores them means your system is also infected. For USB drive virus solution keep reading article.

3. Downloading things from Unknown Sites:

Most of the users searches for thing over the internet and where ever they find their desired result means file that they want they start downloading that from that site only. Now how it affects your system suppose you want to download any wallpaper say Katrina Kaif. Now hackers know the fact that Katrina has a huge fan following and user will surely going to download it. Then what they do they simply bind their malicious codes with some of files and when users download it his system is infected and he can never imagine that the virus has come from wallpaper that he has downloaded from unknown site. For its solution read on article.

4. The most important one Becoming a Hacker like Me (ROFL but its truth).

Why I have mentioned this you might be clear from the above discussion. Most of the internet users always curious to know ways how can i hack my friends email account or his system for these they download all type of shit from the internet and believe me 99.9% of this shit contains viruses and Trojans that sends your information to the providers. Now I don't say that stop hacking but try to follow some basic steps to learn hacking and first of all you must know how to protect yourself from such type of fake software's. For its solution read on article.

Now after discussing the things How you system is got infected by your simple negligence. Its time You should Know How to fix them and protect your system from all types of viruses and trojans.

1. Using Good Antivirus:

There is a nice misconception between the internet users that full antivirus provides better security. Ya its 100% truth but full antiviruses paid versions not the cracked versions.

There are several other solutions to them that you will get for absolutely Free and I guarantee that it will protect your system 100% just doing some little extra configurations.

Best Free Antivirus : Avira Personal Antivirus i.e Antivir. Avira is still the best free antivirus available on the internet and its because of its expert configuration ability.

You can download avira for free from :

Now after downloading the antivirus what you have to do to make it as good as paid antiviruses.

a. Install the antivirus and update it. Note updating antivirus regularly is compulsory. Don't worry its not your work it will update itself automatically whenever update is available.

b. After Installing at the right hand top corner you will see a "CONFIGURATION" button. Just click on it now a new window will pop up.

c. Now There at left hand top you will see a click box in front of Expert is written . Click on that now you will see several things in it. Now do the following setting one by one.

1. Click on "Scanner" click on all files and set the "Scanner Priority" to high and click on apply.

2. Click on "Guard" and click on all files and click on "Scan while reading and writing" and then click apply.

3. Click on "General" Now click on select all and click on apply. In general tab only go to WMI section and click on advanced process protection and then click on apply.

4. After doing that restart your PC.

Now you have made your free antivirus an equivalent to the paid one..

Best Free Anti-Spyware: Spyware Terminator with crawler Web security toolbar.

Download It for free :

Install spyware terminator with web security tool bar . Now your following problems are being solved:
1. No Trojan can attack you.
2. Protection from Malicious websites and much more..

2. Solution for Cracked version Software's:

As I have mentioned earlier never download cracks and keygens directly to you system but several other methods are there while you are searching for Crack or Keygen first try to search for Serial Key if you found it then its awesome and if not what to do.

Before downloading any Crack and Keygen . Go to the Website:

Now copy the download link of the Keygen or crack in the URL box provided on website this website contains all the world famous antiviruses and it will scan file for you if it contains any virus just ignore that otherwise have fun with crack or Keygen.

3. Pen drive or USB drive solution:

On windows 7, read my last article:
For windows XP, Follow below steps:
How you can protect your system from being infected from the pen drive. Just do the following three things rest is being cared by your antivirus.

1. Turn off Auto Play Devices:

To do it Go to Start Menu--> RUN-->type gpedit.msc and press enter-->User Configuration-->Administrative templates-->System-->Turn off Autoplay--> click on enable and then select all drives.

2. Turn off Computer Browser service:

To do it Go to Start Menu--> RUN-->type services.msc and press enter-->then Find Computer Browser service and disable it and restart your system.

3. Most important one Always scan the Pen drive or External hard drives after connecting them.

And Best alternative is to use Linux, as there is no autorun or autoplay concept in Linux operating system.

4.Downloading stuff from Unknown Sites Solution:
The solution of this problem is already provided Web browser Security toolbar will help you in surfing only secured and genuine websites and if you want to visit and download Virus Total will help you to identify the file whether its infected or not.

5. Now for being a Hacker like me :P i.e Method to use or test Hack tools.
Why I have mentioned this is simply because Hackers always take benefit of these noobish tricks that they attach viruses with files and name them as hack tools . So avoid them if you are too curious like me. Then there are several ways to Handle it. Some are mentioned below:

1. Use Deep Freeze on C drive: For testing Hack tools always use deep freeze as after the next restart your system will be at same position as it was previous.

2. Install Virtual Box and over virtual box install another Windows and test all hack tools using virtual windows. This will protect your system from being infected. Also It will give you more knowledge about handling the viruses and other situations like when something wrong is done what i have to do.

3. Use Sandbox browser to test run the downloaded files.

4. Create two to three fake email ID's and use them for testing Keyloggers and other fake email hacking software's but don't forgot to follow above 3 points.

I hope You all have liked this Article if you have any queries ask in form of comments and all suggestions are heartily accepted. If you have your security related aspects share with us..
Thursday, January 12, 2012
How to disable Autorun in Windows 7

How to disable Autorun in Windows 7

Hello friends, in my previous post i have explained how to fix not able to install any antivirus or unable to update any antivirus problem. Today i will teach you how to disable the Autorun on windows 7 in less than 2 minutes. This will make your system or PC more secure against the Trojan and virus attacks. Your system will not get infected until you by yourself executes its exe(executable) file by yourself. As i always had a bad habit of explaining the things with underlying concept, i will follow the same today too. So friends lets have a brief overview how it works.

disable autorun, turn off autoplay
How to Disable autorun in windows 7
What is Autorun? Is it similar to autoplay? Are they really same, can we use them interchangeably, if yes why and if not why not? I know most of users doesn't know the difference between autoplay and autorun. But after reading this article you will be able to distinguish between both terms. First lets start with similarities, both autoplay and autorun are terms coined by Microsoft and specially for windows platform. Both comes in picture whenever a user connects or mounts a new drive on his/her laptop or PC. Autorun and autoplay are actually configuration files which contains the list of commands that decides what action your Operating system should take when you connects or mounts a new media or drive on your system.
AutoPlay is a feature introduced in Windows XP which examines removable media and devices and, based on content such as pictures, music or video files, launches an appropriate application to play or display the content. But the autorun is little bit different.
AutoRun is actually a feature of Windows Explorer service(actually of the shell32 dll), which enables media and devices to launch programs by use of command listed in a file called autorun.inf, stored in the root directory of the medium. Suppose you want to execute the contents of a folder in this case root directly is your folder. Similarly you can extend the thought.
Have you guys ever tried to understand or noticed what happens when we double clicks on any executable file or set up file(which is also a executable). Hmm.... Let me guess, most of times never. Aha... OK.. i explain the background as you will not going to find this valuable information anywhere on internet except HackingLoops or some content copiers (:P who copies my articles). Whenever a user double clicks on any executable file, a set of instructions are executed in background, these instructions are written in autorun.inf files which tells our operating system that which program has to be executed when user double clicks the exe file. 
Ahhahh.... i think you still have little confusion... k little more background. There is one more underlying concept which is actually known as Batch programs, batch program are nothing just these are the programs which are running at back end without users awareness. And which file schedules them, which files decides which file has to be executed when first is completed... Guess... hmm.... Its autorun itself. So friends now i think you are able to understand what actually is autorun. 

The autorun.inf is much similar to .ini files, containing information and the commands as key = "value" pairs. These keys specifies the below mentioned things:
  • The name and the location of a program to call when the medium is inserted (the "AutoRun task").
  • The name of a file that contains an icon that represents the medium in Explorer (instead of the standard drive icon).
  • Commands for the menu that appears when the user right-clicks the drive icon.
  • The default command that runs when the user double-clicks the drive icon.
  • Settings that alter AutoPlay detection routines or search parameters.
  • Settings that indicate the presence of drivers.
Autorun makes the viruses or Trojans to execute on your system without your interaction. Hackers write viruses and add their virus execution codes in autorun.inf files which automatically starts executing as soon as you attaches your device to your Laptop or PC. Device can be anything like CD, DVD, Blue Ray, Pen Drive , USB hard disk etc. Autorun is actually a open door to attack your system which makes the hackers work quite easier in spreading their viruses and Trojans.

So friends, how to disable autorun or autoplay in windows 7. This is also quite easier if you know things how they actually work and now you can also estimates the dangers that how much dangerous a simple autorun can be. As hacker i am using this from long time, just to automate my programs (:P batch programs).
I have made a video tutorial for you guys which will explain you all possible ways to turn off or disable autoplay in windows 7. So friends watch the video and give your feedback. If you like it, just a simple thanks as comment can do the magic. So be magician and i will continuously keep teaching you the magical tricks. Enjoy and learn:

I hope you all enjoyed it... :P At least the music..:D
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
How to hack Filesonic Premium Account Video Tutorial

How to hack Filesonic Premium Account Video Tutorial

Filesonic is file hosting server, which allows high speed and unlimited downloads to its premium members who purchase the premium accounts but they have lot of restrictions for the normal or free user. So friends, today i will teach you how to hack premium account of Filesonic and other similar sites like Hotfile and Wupload premium accounts. In my previous article, i have explained you How to hack filesonic premium account with the help of MCG tool but this time you will not require any tool. 
Hacking Filesonic and other such sites like Wupload or Hotfile is very easy task, if you know how to manipulate and edit cookies. Today i will explain you how to hack Filesonic in less than 5 minutes and download unlimited from filesonic and Wupload for free using Premium cookie or magic cookie or session cookies hack. I have a made a video tutorial for you guys, so that you all can understand easily how the hack works.

hack filesonic premium account, hacking filesonic video tutorial
Hack FileSonic or Wupload Premium account
For using this hack, there are few pre requirements. You all will need two things to use this hack:
1. Mozilla Web browser.
2. Cookie editor add on for Mozilla.(download cookie editor here)

This is a 100% working method and absolutely free.

Let me give you brief overview how this works. This hack actually works on concept of sessions, when some premium user login in his/ her account a session cookie is generated, which is valid until the session expires. Filesonic uses PHPSESSID based session cookie management, which never expires until server blocks it. Now what we do, we uses the cookies generated using using premium accounts, this allow us to bypass the authentication process of the FileSonic and we are able to enter inside the premium account without login and password. This technique works until Filesonic server deletes the cookie entry from its server side (as magic cookie is generated at both side client and server side). Magic cookie consists the valid session information. When we manipulate the cookie in our web browser, it only validates the session which is similar to the one on server side. Hence it does not recognizes that user is bypassed or original user. So friends, i hope you all are able to understand the underlying concept behind the hack. Below is the video tutorial explaining each and every step in detail, so that you can easily hack  Filesonic, Wupload or Hotfile premium account.

I hope you all have Enjoyed my new video...
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Monday, January 9, 2012
Solution or Fix Not able Install Antivirus Problem

Solution or Fix Not able Install Antivirus Problem

Many HackingLoops and other internet users has reported me a problem that they are Not able to Install any Antivirus on their computer or Laptop. Most users informed me that their system is infected by viruses and they are not able to remove the viruses or keyloggers from their system as their antivirus is not downloading any new updates and also they are not able to install any new antivirus or other security related software's. So friends, i come up with the solution or fix of the above mentioned problem. Let's first understand the concept why this type of problem generally arises, as we are not normal users, we are Geeks and Elite Ethical Hackers and for us learning new things is always the key to success.

fix viruses manually, fix not able to install antivirus
Fix Not able to install Antivirus problem

Nowadays viruses not only infect the exe(executables) files or dll(dynamic link library) files but Hackers who code viruses became more smart and they started concatenating and modifying the configuration files of windows like ini files, host files, log files etc. Now what they do they add their own configurations to your system files which make your system vulnerable to hackers, so that they can exploit it easily. Recently hackers have started modifying the host file in windows. Host file is actually used to map any ip address with website name. Host file is also used to block any website, so that user or any application cannot access that website. For blocking any website, what hackers do is that they map localhost IP addess with any website. Hence, whenever user or any application tries to access any website, it translates website IP address to localhost address which is usually . This technique is known as back looping. Back Looping means your web browser will search the particular website address into your localhost and when it doesn't find it there( off course it will not find it) its shows page not found. So what hackers do, they add all the antivirus websites and their update servers to host file and bind their IP address with localhost IP(i.e., so when your antivirus tries to update or install, it doesn't find the antivirus server and hence update fails. So friends how to fix this issue or problem. Here are the steps to fix the "Not able to install any Antivirus" or "Not able to update antivirus" problem.

Steps to Fix Not able to Install Any Antivirus or Update Antivirus:
1. Disconnect the internet.

2. Open the host file at below location:
For windows XP, you can directly open host file with notepad and edit it.

For windows vista or windows 7, first of all you need to provide the file editing rights or privileges to edit host file. This can be done by right clicking on host file and going to security tab and their you will see one advance tab.
In that window, you will see users(useraccount name), select the users and click on change permission now again select the users and double click on it.
And there just click on the Full Control checkbox and then click on apply. Now you will be able to edit the host file in the windows 7 or vista.

3. Now when your system is infected, you will see some website names mapped against the IP address , what this is doing is that blocking you and your system applications to access these websites.

4. Now to fix not able to install any antivirus or install antivirus updates problem, you need to remove all the entries from the host file.

5. Entries can be removed by two ways:
a. Just by deleting everything from host file.
b. Simply putting # in front of the on each line. This will comment that part. So it will not execute.

6. Now just save the host file and you are done.

7. Now install your antivirus or try to update your antivirus. It will work.

8. That's all my friends. Now after installing antivirus just run the scan and remove all the viruses.
Note: This problem actually occurs due to W32/sality worm and new keyloggers or trojans.

I hope you all have enjoyed the article and able to understand the new concept.
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Hackingloops Ethical Hacking and Security Quiz

Hackingloops Ethical Hacking and Security Quiz

HackingLoops proudly presents the First Ever Online Ethical Hacking and Security Quiz for Ethical Hackers, Geeks or Security Analyzers for free.  Its the first time in internet or web history that any Ethical Hacking website is providing such unique facility to its users.

So friends are you ready to show your Hacking skills and knowledge. This quiz will be extremely useful for all students who are preparing for any security related certification like CEH(certified ethical hacking), CSFI(certified security and forensic investigation), SSA(Software Security assurance), SSP, CISSP etc.
I have made the test in such a way that you will feel that you are giving online Examination in reality.
Hacking Quiz, Free Hacking Quiz, Security MCQ, Security Quiz
Online Ethical Hacking and Security Quiz by HackingLoops

Instructions for the HackingLoops Ethical Hacking and Security QUIZ:
1. Test consists of 10 simple questions, you need to answer these 10 questions in 20 minutes time.
2. Most questions are Multiple choice Questions (MCQ)
3. You can resume your tests in case you mistakenly closes the window.
4. Each question consists of 10 marks and each wrong answer will give 0 marks.
5. Passing percentage is 80% which means you need to answer 8 questions correct out of 10.
6. You can try to give test as much as times you wish, but every time you need to change your name or email.

Now things Required for Exam:
You will see a test window below there you will need a password. Use the below password to give the test:
Now enter email and name to start the test.
Enjoy the test, i have also included the feedback and correct answers, so that you all can understand which is correct answer.
Note: If you like it, please don't forget to comment. As i love your comments and these motivates me to produce unique stuff.
So friends, check your knowledge base with Ethical Hacking Quiz:

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Thursday, January 5, 2012
Hacking Facebook Chat box Video Tutorial

Hacking Facebook Chat box Video Tutorial

Facebook is one of the best social networking websites on the internet, and we all know Popularity drives developers crazy, so they try to develop new things regularly. Similarly the support of my HackingLoops users provokes me to explore new hacks for my friends and users. Friends good news for you, this time i found three few bugs in Facebook. I have also included video tutorial for the same, so you all can understand the things easily.. I love to find the hacks and tricks of Facebook and this is my another contribution to you Friends.

hack facebook chat, hacking chatbox
Hacking Facebook Chat box video tutorial

The Facebook chat findings are:
1. Use profile picture of anyone as Emoticon in chat.
2. Using any Facebook Picture as Emoticon in chat
3. Sending Invisible chat messages.

Using these hacks we can use anyone's profile picture or any Facebook image or photo as emoticon in our  chat along with that i have explored lot of hidden emoticons in Facebook. For explaining you in detail i have made a video for you Guys so that you can understand each scenarios perfectly. How i figured out these??
I was searching for Client side bugs in Facebook and suddenly i saw a script namely fO_oP6n8OAk in the Facebook scripts in firebug, there i have found lot of hidden emoticons but i was not satisfied with them, then i read the javascript code further and found something really interesting. We can use our profile ID either number or text as emoticon in Facebook chat by just putting that in below format in chat box:


My profile ID is
Now if you type [[lonerusher]] you will be able to see my profile picture as emoticon. Similarly in cases when profile name is not present then there must be some number like profile ID as shown below:

Now in this case you have to use [[534757615]] in the chat to get the emoticon of that profile image.

Similarly pick any picture in the Facebook, example i have picked this one:

Now if you wish to use this picture as your image what you need to do is that you have to use the number in front of fbid in your Facebook chat which will be [[216057861810512]].

Now In some cases what happens is that image is generated through application, means user hasn't uploaded that. In that case if you use number in front of fbid then it will  result into a invisible message.
Also if you give wrong ID in the Facebook chat box then it will show a emoticon with ? . Isn't that cool.. yup it is.. So friends have fun with your friends, give surprise to them by your new set of emoticons and invisible messages..
Below i have added a complete video, which is demonstrating each and everything in detail, so enjoy your hack...I have also included how to use firebug to find emoticons scripts in Facebook which are hidden from general user.

Don't forget to say thanks if you like it... If you have any issues or queries ask me in form of comments.
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Samsung Wave Bada OS Secret hack Codes

Samsung Wave Bada OS Secret hack Codes

Hi friends, yesterday my friends purchased Samsung Wave Mobile Phone. Its a cool cellphone but BADA OS has little bit limitations like less number of applications and features. Its basically a phone for Gaming freaks :P like me, so i have taken my friends for a day and start exploring it and found some cool Secret Hidden hack codes which unlocks the several hidden factory services. I was just testing that my android hack codes are working on Samsung Wave or not. After a lot of searching on web and reverse engineering BADA OS, i got few secret hack codes. You all will going to enjoy these..

secret hack codes, Samsung wave codes,Bada OS hacks
Samsung Wave Secret Hack Codes by HackingLoops

So friends here are SAMSUNG WAVE hack codes:

1. Factory Format
Think at least 10 times before using this code as it will format your phone. It'll remove all files and settings including the internal memory storage. It'll also reinstall the phone firmware.
Note: Once you give this code, there is no way to cancel the operation unless you remove the battery from the phone. 

2. Codes for Getting Detailed Information about the Phone
This code will reveal the detailed information about your Samsung Wave Mobile Phone. 

3. Service Mode
This code can be used to enter inside the Mobile Phone Service mode where You can run various tests and change settings of Mobile Phone.

4. Sim Lock or Network Lock Status
 This secret code is used to check the status of SIM Lock and Network lock of your Wave Mobile.

5. Firmware Version Codes
This code will help you to explore the below mentioned things:
SW Version, HW Version, MP, RF Cal Date, CSC Version, CSC Model Spec, FFS Version, RC2 Version

6. Some more Firmware Codes

*#1234# - SW Version and CSC Version

*#1111# - FTA SW Version

*#2222# - FTA HW Version
7. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Test Codes
These will help you to run WIFI and Bluetooth tests on your mobile.

*#526# - Wi-Fi Manual MFG Test Mode

*#232337# - BT RF Test Mode

8. Codes to launch various Factory Tests

*#0*# - LCD test

*#0673# OR *#0289# - Melody test

*#0842# - Vibration test

*#2663# OR *#2664# - TM Command

I hope you all have enjoyed the secret hack codes. If you have more then feel free to share with us.. 
Note: Most of these codes i have collected by searching over internet. If you have find anything new please share with us to help your friends.
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