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BEHC Hacking Class 2nd book Online : Footprinting or Information Gathering

BEHC (Born Ethical Hackers Club) has came up with second issue of its Ethical Hacking Class and Network security campaign. In our last issue we have learnt about basics of terms related to Ethical Hacking or simply Hacking and about how a hacker prepares or launches a hacking attempt or simply say hack attack. We have also discussed brief about different phases that involves in launching a hacking attempt like information gathering, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access and covering tracks respectively. This is what we have discussed in our last issue.The topic of this issue is Footprinting or Information Gathering. This issue will teach you guys how to gather information about any victim or website. The information gathered can be used for launching Social Engineering attack, DDOS attack, Domain Hijacking attack, Domain Poisoning attack or even we can use this information to prepare word file which can be used for brute force attack.

Online Hacking class
BEHC Hacking Class 2nd Issue : Footprinting Part 1 online

In this issue we will learn about Information Gathering or Footprinting techniques. Because of lot of techniques involved in Foot Printing we have decided to publish the issue into two parts.

Below is the list of Footprinting techniques we are going to learn in first part.

1. Finding IP address 
    2. Ping Sweeps
3. Tracing routes
4. Who is data
5. DNS queries  and DNS health check

What we will learn in Footprinting Part 2 Issue:

1. Search Engine discovery or Reconnaissance
2. Spiders, Crawlers or Robots discovery
3. Web data Extraction
4. Reviewing Meta data and Javascript’s
5. Web application fingerprint
6. Web server fingerprint
7. People Search

This issue contains detailed tutorials of all the above mentioned techniques i.e. how to find IP address (own or victim's or websites), ping sweep technique, Flood ping DDOS attack, Trace route and its benefits, WHO is Information gathering and DNS health check and DNS basics. So download the latest issue now.

Alternative Download Link:

If you guys find any issues or mistakes in the book, please let me know, so that i can avoid them in later issues.

Lokesh Singh


  1. sir thank you so much for the effort to teach us.. is there someone in BEHC who can give installer of microsoft visual studio.pls help me to get.

  2. What an Idea !!!! Sirjee...
    Plz keep goin, tells us more about to protect ourselves from security breachers

  3. Its really confusing in second book though everything is explained in the easier manner ! people like me who is learning hacking from the very core basics arent able to understand SIR please help out !!!

  4. Sir,
    I would really like to thank you for starting such a site which focuses on ethical hacking. I have been searching for one for a long time.

    I have been going over your PDF files... I really like the way you put the concepts.. Which could easily be understood by any person.!!

    I would also like to let you know that I am ready to help you with this BEHC however and which ever way you want. I would always stand beside you and you can trust me.
    I would like to learn more from you as I am interested in pursuing this profession!!!

    Yours Faithfully,

  5. sir pls help us to configure our machine , and plz can you give me a link where i can download microsoft visual studio 4 free. .plz sir i tried so hard to find it but i didn't plz sir i really need your help.

  6. Wow.. Very useful... Thank you so much...

  7. this weekend no update of 3rd book ???

  8. can someone send me info on how to access
    facebook account thank you

  9. great...tahnk you.........waht a great effort that to for no profit.............i really loved...........found about behc and ccodechamp accidently.....................really loved it..........awesome.....keep doing.....thank u once again

  10. hey i was reading ua e-book , but it seems foot-printing: part 2 is missing, i guess you made a mistake while uploading it, plz post it back as soon as possible. i don't wana miss any topics.

  11. Hi =D sir...where is the part 2 ?

  12. cant get in to pls help....

  13. Very nice information and everything well collected. Information gathering is a crucial part in Info Sec. Maximum efforts should be deployed here for future success!

  14. grea information...thanks you so much


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