Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Make Money by Playing Game Online

Hello friends, today i am going to share a wonderful gaming portal which pays for playing its Strategic Game online which is very much similar to Mafia Wars. We get paid for playing the game, whats more interesting than that. Initially i too got shocked but i thought it worth a try because i was a huge fan of Mafia wars and well my trial don't go in vain, they actually pay for playing. Now you all will be wondering for what i am talking about, yes i am talking about Market glory. To join Market Glory now please click below :


Market Glory is quite similar to Mafia wars, its an strategic game where you have start from nothing and keep increasing your resources by getting Energy, Knowledge and Experience. You can get these items from different respective shops. Buying food will give you energy, doing work will give you experience, reading books will give you knowledge. There are other ways to gather resources too. You can earn initial money just by fighting with trainers, per day 10 fights are allowed. For each fight you will get bonus based on your experience and energy mean percentage of amount 10 i.e. if your mean of energy and experience is 1.60 then you will get 0.16 bonus for fight.

Make Money by Playing Game Online - Similar to Mafia wars
Make Money by Playing Game Online - Similar to Mafia wars

Buying energy via articles is also a good choice to increase the mean and hence the bonus.

There are multiple XP purchase options available which you can get by investing real money in the gaming portal. For every 20 euro investment you will get 100XP points and you can withdraw your money after particular period as mentioned on website. This is the fast way to boost your income, well you can increase your income by referring your friends too. Each active friend will help you to earn gold. Hence will boost your earning without an investment.

If you liked mafia wars you will surely enjoy this one too. Enjoy the game and have good opportunity to earn real money.


  1. I try this online game money earner but sometimes leads fake so be aware!!
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  2. does it help if I sign up under you?


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