Friday, December 6, 2013

Got first Payment of 50 Euros from Marketglory by Playing Game Free

Hello friends, this is to inform all Hackingloops users that Marketglory has passed the payment test. Today i got my first payment of 50 Euros from marketglory, so they really pay. So friends its safe to join marketglory, your time will not be wasted. Marketglory is an strategic game very similar to mafia wars which allows you to convert all virtual money into real money and you can cash out that when you reach minimum withdrawal amount i.e. 20 Euros. Earning is little slow at start but once you get rhythm then its an perfect money making opportunity. So why you guys still waiting join market glory now and earn real money for playing game for which you previously get nothing but marketglory pays for it. Join Now by clicking image below:

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Tips to earn fast in Market Glory:

There are too many things to do in market glory game, but i will first explain the start up things fast so that you can earn and upgrade fast.
There are 4 basic things in game :
1. Energy
2. Experience
3. Knowledge
4. Productivity : Its mean of above three.

1. Referral Fights : After registering in marketglory, you can see fight option in menu there first one is Referral fights. In one day you can fight 10 times, you will get fight bonus of everytime based on your energy. If you regularly fight 10 times you will be some amount depending upon your energy.
Energy can be increased by Consuming milk, food, coffee, wine, cheese, buying clothes, buying house. But remember for first two days no need to buy anything from market.  On third day when you have some balance buy high quality milk from local market because it costs lowest and gives 5 Energy points. So from third day first consume milk and then fight for next one week but note milk can only be purchased once in 24 hours. This will boost your funds a bit, then you can focus on clothes, clothes give energy for 10 days.

2. Work Daily : Work is important task and you can work once in 24 hours and will get paid according to your productivity. If you work 3 days consecutively without miss then you will get work bonus on third day which is 10 times normal daily wage. So if you get wage of 1 then you will get work bonus of 10 on third day. So continuity is the key in work field.

3. Markets : There are two types of markets in marketglory, one is local market and other is global market. In local market you can buy products in local currency and in global market you can buy things in gold. 10 Currency is equal to 1 Gold and 5 Gold is equal to 1 Euro. Average keeps fluctuating around it.

Initial days tasks to do (maintain the order to gain maximum profits):
Day 1: Nothing, 10 referral fights, work
Day 2: Nothing, 10 referral fights, work
Day 3: Buy High Quality Milk, 10 Referral fights, work ( will get work bonus)
Day 4: HQ Milk, 10 referral fights, work
Day 5: HQ Milk, 10 referral fights, work
Day 6: HQ Milk, work, 10 referral fights, Work bonus based on productivity, first work then fight because you will get 10 times approx work bonus.
Day 7: HQ Milk, One HQ Food ( please set according to food timings as its served 4 times in a day), so you will have 11 energy now, 10 referral fights, work. Now do this regularly, but always check the food consumption timing and milk consuming both should be close to each other. 10 fights will give you atleast 10 local currency. Now for this day repeat the day 7 for as long as you want. Then you can buy clothes and houses to keep constant energy above 25. Means near 2.5 Local currency per fight. 

Note: Don't use financial market for currency exchange too frequent because tax is deducted for using it. Convert once a week is a good option. First week you will have near 10-15 Local Currency but by next week it will be near 20+ and then constantly increase.

Join Market Glory now :

We all know there are shortcuts to everything, if you want to earn fast invest some Euros in your account and spend them wisely like open companies in countries like Phillipines, turkey etc, upgrade you area rank to get regular euro bonus. Arena is important to earn fast. Daily arena bonus is provided depending upon your arena rank but for arena there are 3 basic requirements i.e. one attack weapon, one defense weapon and 5 Energy points. This should be present in your account at time of 12:00 server time to get arena bonus.

If you have any queries ask me in form of comments. Have fun and earn money.


  1. please make hack for voobly age of empires

  2. lokesh sir u posted my cmt i.e hack for voobly..but u didnt rply y ...if can make hack for voobly it will be unbeleivable

    1. Very soon you all will have hack for voobly :)

  3. How can i change currency from INR to EURO.... for working its paying in INR

  4. Register via this link:


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