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How i earned 520 Euros in MarketGlory and Goal Tycoon Full Tutorial

Earning money online always a dream of users who uses internet online. But most of us always end up getting nothing. Few days back, i have seen one of my Friend promoting one strategy game website, MarketGlory which is strategic game where you can do all things that happen in day to day life like you can do work, buy or sell products, set up companies, do wars, fight in arena, participate in auctions and do trading within the game. From a very first look game sounds pity complex but it is not that weird. I joined the game around 20 days back, initially earning was slow but then it going to become more and more and more. Well by more i mean 570 Euros withdrawn in just 20 days. 50 Euros in first payment just to test that MarketGlory is paying and then 520 Euros that i withdrawn yesterday. Well this sounds crazy but i always do things after planning and always make my own strategies to be master of myself every time. We all believe in principle sharing is caring, that why i will share my MarketGlory earning strategy with all of you. In the mean while you can join MarketGlory by clicking below link (Well, not hiding a single thing. When anyone of you joins MG, i will get referral bonus in form of experience(daily based on your activity) and also get referral bonus in Euros on 20th of every month (0.5 Euro approx for all active users i refer to MG). Click below to join:

Complete MarketGlory Tutorial for HackingLoops users who want to earn Money online just by playing online game.

What is MarketGlory?
MarketGlory is an online web browser based online strategic game which allows you to do everything that you do in your real day to day world like Work, Fights, Training, Opening Companies, wars, arena, trading game shares, currencies, travel, elections, buying and selling products, referrals, auctioning referrals and companies and much more. But the most interesting part is you can convert all your virtual money into real cash. But there is one drawback with marketglory as it requires regularity, if you miss one day you will miss work bonus which you will get every third day. If you are regular then i can guarantee within 1-2 months you will make a solid position in game. This was brief about marketglory. Lets learn from very basics first learning what all options mean and from where to do those things.

Why still waiting, join fast:

First of all when you will login into marketglory game, you will see something like below:

Market Glory Complete Tutorial
Market Glory Complete Tutorial

For you all guys ease, i have added the numbers in front of sections, first you all should understand basics:

1. POINT 1 - SERVER TIME : This is server time and game maintain its all features according to this. You will get all bonus according to this time. You can do referral fights 10 times in this 24 hours. You can work once in those 24 hours. You can consume 1 Milk from Local market once in this 24 hours, you can consume wine once this 24 hours. You can read 10 newspapers per 24 hours. You will get arena bonus once per 24 hours. You will get referral bonus per 24 hours. Well all these things will be explained in detail in later part.

2. POINT 2 - INVEST OR WITHDRAW FROM MARKETGLORY : Self explained. You can invest euros in your market glory account by clicking on invest and you can withdraw from Marketglory by clicking on Withdraw button. Note: Minimum investment amount is 10 Euros and Minimum Withdrawal amount is 20 Euros.

3. POINT 3 - GAME MAIN MENU - This is the main menu of Marketglory from where you can go different sections of Game like for Fight go to Fight option, for Work go to work option, to purchase anything from Market go to market, to manage or open new companies go to Companies, To join country army Go to Organizations, To see affiliates reports go to affiliates, To trade shares and see partners fund go to Partners option, to see rankings of other players go to rankings, to view other peoples doubts and things and experiences go to Forum. I will explain each option in later part of tutorial.

4. POINT 4 - BONUS SECTION : This section shows what maximum different bonus you can get. Say Fight, for each fight you can get maximum 10 INR depending upon your energy. Maximum Energy can be 100. So if you fight at 100 Energy you will get 10 INR. Second is work bonus, this is maximum you can get on every third day of regular work depending upon your productivity. If you miss 1 day between three consecutive days you will miss that bonus. But you will get daily work wages for your work based on your productivity. Referral Bonus, maximum bonus you can get for active referrals. Arena Bonus, maximum bonus per day you can get from Arena. Medals bonus, we can earn medals by participating in wars. Based on your damage you will get medals. Affiliate bonus, on every 20th of Month affiliate bonus is distributed based on your referral activity which you can  see from Affiliates tab mentioned in point 3.

5. POINT 5 - HEART OF MARKETGLORY : Why i am saying it heart of marketglory because everything in market glory rolls around it. Three most important factors of Marketglory Energy, Knowledge and Experience. Mean of all three is Called Productivity. Its Energy which decides your daily fight bonus. Its productivity which decides your work wage and work bonus. Maximum Energy can be 100. Maximum Experience can be 2000. Maximum Knowledge can be 1000. Maximum productivity is mean of three.  Below those some more things are shown.
a. EURO : This is the amount of Euro that you can withdraw right now.
b. Gold : This is the amount of Gold you currently have in your account. You can convert Gold to Euro in Financial market. 1 Euro = 5 Gold Approx.
c. Local Currency INR : This is the amount of local currency you have in your account. You can convert Local Currency INR to GOLD in financial market. And then convert GOLD to EURO. 1 GOLD = 10 INR approx.
d. Incomes: This displays the total money spent and earned till date. All transactions are summed up there. Note: This is not actually money it just shows how much is invested and earned in game.

Now time to learn 4 things in Detail: Energy, Experience, Knowledge and Productivity.
Energy : How to increase energy in game? Well there multiple ways to increase energy in game. Lets start from very basics. Initially you will only have 1 Energy point and no INR balance in your MG account. So first 1 or 2 days you need to earn INR which you can do by doing referral fights( 10 fights per day) and doing work in work section(once per 24 hours and need to wait exact 24 hours after that so work carefully at suitable time so that you can be regular to receive every third day work bonus which is atleast 5 times daily work wage). In first 3 days you will have around 1-3 INR. Now the Energy concept comes in play. 
There are multiple items in game which can increase your energy. Mentioned below based on lowest cost (highest energy).
a. Milk : In marketglory every product has 3 types Low quality, medium quality and High Quality. Low quality gives 1 Energy, Medium gives 3 and HQ give 5 energy points. Best is HQ milk as it costs near 0.80 INR and gives 5 energy.
You can buy Milk from Market -> Local Market -> Food -> MILK. Note: we can consume milk only once per 24 hours.
b. Newspapers : Each newspaper cost 0.1 INR and give 0.30 Energy points. You can read 10 newspapers in a day. You can buy newspapers from Home page. Just below ministers you can see articles to buy.
c. Food : Food also have 3 types Low, Med, High. We can consume Food 4 times in a day after every 6 hours. Food also gives same energy points as milk but is little costly. To buy food go to Market -> Local Market ->Food -> Cuisine Products.
d. Wine : Wine also provides energy up to 25 energy points. But it costs more. You can consume 1 wine per day. To buy wine go to Market -> Local Market ->Food -> Wine.
e. Cheese : Cheese provides maximum energy i.e. 50 Points but its costliest energy source. Better to consume it during wars. To buy Cheese go to Market -> Local Market ->Food -> Cheese. You can consume max 10 cheese a day.
f. Coffee : Coffee also has 3 types Low, Med, High. But you can consume unlimited coffees per day. To buy Coffee go to Market -> Local Market ->Food -> Coffee.
h. Clothes : Clothes also provide daily energy points for 10 days. Its also 3 types low med high. Clothes last for 10 days and provides energy 1-5 per 24 hours. To buy clothes go to Market -> Local Market ->Clothes -> Individual clothes.
i. House : House also provides energy from 7 - 35 energy per 24 hours for 30 days. House lasts for 30 days. House has 3 types House, Villa and Palace. House give 7 Energy per 24 hours, Villa gives 20 energy / 24 hours and Palace give 35 energy per 24 hours. Best energy source. Note: You get energy hours wise.

Well that was all about gaining energy. Now how you loose energy, you loose 5% energy per hour normally, loose 5 % energy per referral fights, 10% per arena fights, 50% energy when you work. That was all about energy.

Second Most Important Point is Experience. Experience is most important part of productivity. There are only two ways of getting experience first work and second buy it. Well Work part of Experience has a catch in it. When you daily work you will get 0.7 Experience daily. But if you have active referrals then it increases your experience quite awesomely. For 5 active referrals you can get upto 3 exp points per day. Least is 0.7 and max is 3 per day. Now referrals, a referral will be count active only if he has more than 1 energy point at the time you work and have atleast 5 referral fights that day. Other way to increase experience is buying it and best package is 100 Experience points for 20 Euros. Because it increase your productivity 30 times and you can recover your investment in less than a month and after that all is profit. Note: 100 Exp point package can be bought only once life time.

Third Important feature is Knowledge. Well its the costliest thing in MG and i recommend people not to go for it at beginning. Once you start earning good in MG then focus on knowledge.

Productivity : This is the mean of above three things. More you have better work wage and work bonus you will get. 

POINT 6 - ELECTION WAR TRAVEL MENU : You can use these three things as they say. Elections to vote and see candidates. Active only on 28-31st of every month. WAR: Whenever your country is attacked you can join wars by clicking on war but you need to be a part of atleast one organization. TRAVEL as suggests traveling is only good for attending wars rest its a money waste option.

POINT 7 - COUNTRY STATS : This shows how many residents country have on MG and government assets.

This is all for today. I hope you all find it easy to understand. I will come with PART 2 of this tutorial very very soon. Till then keep playing ask me queries in game.


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