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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
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Website Hacking | Learn how to hack websites

Hacking website means altering or manipulating the website content or database i.e. manipulate website contents say CSS or Javascipts, leak its users database, corrupt its database, deface the website's index page, exploit the anonymous login and much more... Hacking websites is nowadays became a fashion among the Hackers. They hack the website and deface its index page to display their own custom defaced page, mostly for popularity. There are several website Hacking techniques like Injection attacks i.e. SQL Injection, Command Injection, Local File Inclusion injection, XPath Injection, arc injection, Cross site scripting attacks, Cross site scripting forgery attacks, Header manipulation, hacking root directories, bypassing registration, unblocking websites, Hacking premium accounts, Cookie based attacks, domain hijacking and much more involved in achieving above mentioned goals. Hackingloops listed all the Website Hacking articles posted on Hackingloops till date. So learn how to Hack websites or Website Hacking. 

List of website Hacking Articles:
Monday, January 21, 2013
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Learn Email Hacking | Hack Emails | Protect Email Account

Email Hacking is what every hacker want to learn at very start of his learning phase. Most people are motivated to Hacking field because of two reasons first they want to take revenge or surprise friends or play pranks with them and second they fall victim to some Hacker i.e. their email account or Facebook account is hacked and misused. Hackingloops has integrated all of its Email Hacking articles at one place. Now now need to search Email Hacking stuff online when you can find everything at one place. We have covered all the fields related to Email Hacking like all techniques that can be used to hack email accounts, how to create fake pages or phish pages, how to secure your email account, how to trace emails, how to hack protect email account, how to detect unusual activity in your email account, how to recover your hacked email accounts, how to send fake emails, email spoofing, tips to improve email privacy, using keyloggers to hack email accounts and much more..

Link to all articles posted by Hackingloops recently on Email Hacking and Hack protect Email accounts :
Facebook Hacking Techniques | HackingLoops

Facebook Hacking Techniques | HackingLoops

Hacking Facebook account or password or doing some strange stuffs like text encoding or decoration is one of the most hottest topic on web nowadays. A survey done by Security Experts last year revealed that out of every 3 Facebook users, 1 of them is searching Google for terms like how to hack Facebook accounts or passwords, how to hack friends Facebook account, how to hack girlfriends Facebook ID, how to write decorative and stylish things on Facebook wall and much more. So to easy your effort in searching things on Google, i made this post which consists of all hacking articles that has been shared by Hackingloops regarding Facebook Hacking last few years. 

Facebook Hacking
Facebook Hacking

Have fun with Facebook Hacking Articles.
Thursday, January 17, 2013
BEHC Hacking Class 2nd book Online : Footprinting or Information Gathering

BEHC Hacking Class 2nd book Online : Footprinting or Information Gathering

BEHC (Born Ethical Hackers Club) has came up with second issue of its Ethical Hacking Class and Network security campaign. In our last issue we have learnt about basics of terms related to Ethical Hacking or simply Hacking and about how a hacker prepares or launches a hacking attempt or simply say hack attack. We have also discussed brief about different phases that involves in launching a hacking attempt like information gathering, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access and covering tracks respectively. This is what we have discussed in our last issue.The topic of this issue is Footprinting or Information Gathering. This issue will teach you guys how to gather information about any victim or website. The information gathered can be used for launching Social Engineering attack, DDOS attack, Domain Hijacking attack, Domain Poisoning attack or even we can use this information to prepare word file which can be used for brute force attack.

Online Hacking class
BEHC Hacking Class 2nd Issue : Footprinting Part 1 online

In this issue we will learn about Information Gathering or Footprinting techniques. Because of lot of techniques involved in Foot Printing we have decided to publish the issue into two parts.

Below is the list of Footprinting techniques we are going to learn in first part.

1. Finding IP address 
    2. Ping Sweeps
3. Tracing routes
4. Who is data
5. DNS queries  and DNS health check

What we will learn in Footprinting Part 2 Issue:

1. Search Engine discovery or Reconnaissance
2. Spiders, Crawlers or Robots discovery
3. Web data Extraction
4. Reviewing Meta data and Javascript’s
5. Web application fingerprint
6. Web server fingerprint
7. People Search

This issue contains detailed tutorials of all the above mentioned techniques i.e. how to find IP address (own or victim's or websites), ping sweep technique, Flood ping DDOS attack, Trace route and its benefits, WHO is Information gathering and DNS health check and DNS basics. So download the latest issue now.

Alternative Download Link:

If you guys find any issues or mistakes in the book, please let me know, so that i can avoid them in later issues.

Lokesh Singh
Friday, January 11, 2013
5 Ways to Ensure Security of Networks

5 Ways to Ensure Security of Networks

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days each year – it’s happening. Whether you are awake or asleep, in a meeting or on vacation, they are out there probing your network, looking for a way in. A way to exploit you; a way to steal your data, a place to store illegal content, a website they can deface, or any of a hundred other ways to mess with you for the simple joy of it all. And they can do this with relative ease, even in an automated fashion, with simple tools that are readily available to all.

ways to secure networks
5 Ways to ensure security of Networks

I’m talking about network scanners. The bad guys use them all day every day to assess networks around the world because a network scanner is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to find the cracks in your armor. If you want to see your network the same way an attacker would, then you want to use a network scanner.

Network scanners perform automated tests of systems over the network. They don’t require agents or any other software to be installed on the “target” machines. They assess a system based on what they can get from it over the network. It’s the same sort of reconnaissance that is performed against your network around the clock, and that is why you want to do it too. Here are five checks you should perform regularly using your network scanner.

1. Vulnerability assessments

Network scanners can use databases of known vulnerabilities to check for anything that might present a risk to your systems. Update that database regularly since new vulnerabilities are discovered all the time.

2. Port scans

A port scanner is a very fast way to determine what sort of systems are running on your network, and are probably the most common sort of recon you will see. Determine what should be accessible on your network from the Internet, validate that with a port scanner, and then use a combination of firewall rule cleanup and system hardening to shut down anything that doesn’t belong.

3. Default password access

There’s a reason there are tens of thousands of default password lists on the Internet-they make for a very easy way to get in. Don’t make it easy for an attacker. Make sure everything on your network has been configured with a strong password to prevent unauthorized access.

4. Running services

To compromise a service, it first has to be running. Every server has to run certain services, otherwise it’s just a space heater, but many run unneeded services either because they are on by default, or the admin who set it up didn’t know any better. Use your network scanner to find all running services, and then shut down the ones that are not needed.

5. Remote access

Speaking of default passwords, in about half of the security audits I have performed for customers, I have found remote access software that they didn’t know about, running on systems that made it very easy to get in. Use your network scanner to find all of the Telnet, SSH, RDP, GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, PCAnywhere and other applications that can provide remote access to a system, and shut down all the ones that shouldn’t be there. Finding all those “secret” ways in, and closing up the unapproved ones, will greatly reduce the risks to your network.

Using a network scanner, set up a regular schedule of scanning your systems for these five critical checks. Scan from the outside to see what the firewall cannot stop, and scan from the internal network so you understand just how much damage an inside threat can cause. Knowing your systems the way an attacker will, helps you to ensure everything is safe.

This guest post was provided by Casper Manes on behalf of GFI Software Ltd. Learn more about the importance of network scanning by downloading the free eBook: A first aid kit for SysAdmins. All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Source :The hacker news
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Age of Empire Conquerors 1.0c Hack Destructive v8 Game Ranger

Age of Empire Conquerors 1.0c Hack Destructive v8 Game Ranger

Hey friends, I am back with new version of Destructive Mind v8.0 AOE 1.0c conquerors Multiplayer hack which successfully works on Game Ranger, i have fixed server down, try later  bug in the previous version and now it will work perfectly and now no more annoying messages , also it consists of all the previous combo packs of Age of Empires including combo pack 1, combo pack 2, combo pack 3, Destructive v1 to v7 features(fixed) and few newly undetectable cheats for Roll the dice Map, RPG maps, blood maps. I have improved lots of cheats in this Age of empire hacks and make it further undetectable during the game. It works 100% on Game ranger . This trainer is awesome...just enjoy game hacks and have an extra edge over experts.
AOE hack, Age of Empire Hack, game ranger hacks
Age of Empires Conquerors Hack v8.0 by De$trUcTiVe M!nD
What's new in this version?
1. "Server down, try later" bug fixed.
2. Roll the Dice Kills bonus like 1Rollkill, 5Rollkills,10Rollkills,20Rollkills.
3. Roll the Dice Food bonus like 10RollFood, 20RollFood,50RollFood.
4. Roll the Dice Cart bonus like 1Rollcart, 2Rollcarts, 3Rollcarts, 5Rollcarts.
5. RPG map cheats like 10RPGkills,20RPGkills,50RPGkills.
6. Blood Maps Upgrades like 10Bloodkills, 1Bloodraze bonus.  
7. Hanging of Application and crashing of Game is fixed.
8. Warning and Error messages has been fixed.
9. Combo pack 1-3 and Destructive v1-7 bugs are fixed.
Note: You need to close the hack after each match and then restart again for new game. Else it will be automatically activated for the player which was your color in previous game.

How to use the Hack on AGE OF EMPIRES II Conquerors in Game Ranger:
1. Start the Game ranger. Now Join any AOE II conquerors room.
2. While you are in room Go to the hack folder and start the Hack (Destructive Mind v8.0) by double clicking on it.
3. Now when the Game starts (means when you in Game and selecting civilizations teams etc). Go back to Hack and click on Enable Hacks and return to game.
4. After game starts, the first thing to do is to select your player number. If you’re green for example, you’re player 3 (if you didn’t change color yourself). So press `(key above the TAB button) to bring up the chat dialog and press and hold Q while pressing 3, after which press `(key above the TAB button) again to activate the hack. Don’t press ENTER – you’d only be letting others know you’re doing something stupid and the hack command won’t work anyway.

Note:  Blah.txt contains all the hacking commands that you will enter into cheat box.
Readme.txt contains the quick Guide to use the cheat commands during the game.

Don't delete any file in the package otherwise some part and features of hack will not work properly.

I hope you all like it.... Enjoy and have fun... If you like it please comment. Give me new suggestions for improvement and i will think and build them.
Sunday, January 6, 2013
BEHC Ethical Hacking Class First Book Online : Introduction to Ethical Hacking

BEHC Ethical Hacking Class First Book Online : Introduction to Ethical Hacking

BEHC Ethical Hacking class chapter one, Introduction to Ethical Hacking Book is online for readers. Below is the download link of the book. I would like to give the brief about the book.

Download BEHC Ethical Hacking Class book
Born Ethical Hacking Club

As a campaign that i introduced last month of teaching Ethical Hacking online by introducing a new group called BEHC i.e. Born Ethical Hackers club. Hackingloops proudly represents its very first book on Ethical Hacking. We have decided to publish the complete Ethical Hacking Course in form of weekly books. These books will contains all the necessary text, description that you need to learn hacking. Practical techniques will be supported by their respective video tutorials. All the doubts can be posted on Hacking class posts and i will cover them in my next articles or you all can directly email me @ or post at my wall +Lokesh Singh

This is the very first handbook of BEHC campaign and below is the list of topics being covered.

List of Topics covered in BEHC Ethical Hacking Class First Book : Introduction to Ethical Hacking
1. Introduction to BEHC
2. Hack , what is it?
3. Hacking  and its introduction
4. Can hacking be Ethical?
5. Difference between Hackers and Crackers
6. Security and its three pillars ( confidentiality, integrity and availability )
7. How a Hacking attempt is launched
8. Different Phases of Hacking Attempt
9. Phases in Description


Alternate Download Link: Download

I hope you all will enjoy the book. Please report all the bugs or errors though above mentioned media and you can also suggest improvements.
All improvement suggestions will be heartily welcomed.


If you have any issues or concerns or doubts ask me in form of comments. A gesture of thanks is greatly appreciated.

Alternate Download Link: Download

Lokesh Singh
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