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Sunday, July 20, 2014
LoopsNetwork - Earn Real Money and Expand Your Social Network

LoopsNetwork - Earn Real Money and Expand Your Social Network

Hello Friends, We have good news for all Hackingloops users that we have at last launched our so waiting LoopsNetwork Project. LoopsNetwork is an Network where you can expand your network with the help of other so like minded people and even Earn Good Money for becoming Part of other members Network. In this article i will try to demonstrate about What is LoopsNetwork? How you can use it to grow your Social Network? How to earn Good Money using LoopsNetwork for free?

LoopsNetwork - Network to Grow your Network and Earn Money
LoopsNetwork - Network to Grow your Network and Earn Money

Join LoopsNetwork now to earn money by clinking below and Expand your Network:

Loops Network | Exchange Network to Earn, Share

Want a Facebook like for a like, Twitter follower for a follower, Youtube view or subscriber for a subscriber, Google + or Circle for a Circle or Want Money for liking anyone's others of your choice? If yes, then LoopsNetwork is made just for you. Are you lacking Facebook followers, or want more Facebook likes, twitter followers or want more twitter followers, Youtube video views or want more Youtube views or simply want to get free Facebook fans, followers, likes, twitter followers, tweets share, StumbleUpon shares, Youtube subscribers, You tube followers or Most Important, want to show your website to other people via TRAFFIC EXCHANGE, then also LoopsNetwork is for you only.

What is LoopsNetwork?

LoopsNetwork is an perfect exchange system which allows you to grow your Network online, become a part of others network, pick and choose who you want to follow, like, view and skip those who you are not interested in and most important earn money for following other people, liking their Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube Pages. LoopsNetwork System is very simple to understand. Every time you like, follow, or view another members social media pages you will receive coins which then you can use to get more followers, likes, views or visitors to your website or social media pages.

How to use LoopsNetwork to get Free Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Google + shares, Youtube views, likes and Followers and Earn Good Money for referring People or by doing any of tasks mentioned?
  1. LoopsNetwork is an network to grow your Online Network by exchanging Facebook likes, fan pages followers, twitter followers, Youtube likes, views and traffic exchange etc.
  2. Everytime you like someones Facebook Page, follow him on twitter, View Youtube Videos or visit traffic exchange, you will earn coins varying from 5-10 coins per like or follow based on your Membership(free or VIP).
  3. Now you can use the coins earned by above method for publicity of your own Website, Video, Fan page, traffic exchange or You can convert these coins into Real Money(600 Coins = 1 USD).
  4. You can buy coins from Buy Coins sections, if you are out of coins and want to spread word about your website.
  5. You will also Earn 0.05$ and 25 coins per referral and 10 % of his/her earnings. More referrals you have more you will earn.
  6. Minimum Withdrawal limit is 2$, which you can withdraw anytime after 3 days of registration.

How to Earn Money using Loops Network?

There are multiple ways to earn money on LoopsNetwork :
a. By referring your friends to LoopsNetwork. For Each referral you earned 10 coins you will get 0.05$ + 25 coins + 10% of his/her earnings.
Also there is Referral Contest running on LoopsNetwork. Top 15 referrals will get the cash Prize, along with one random winner. Top 5 referrers will get 50$ cash reward and rest 10 will get 20$ each. Also random winner will get 100$ award.
b. By earning coins which you will get when you do any of the task:
1. Liking someone's Facebook Page or becoming Fan or follower of someone on Facebook.
2. For following someone on Twitter or by sharing peoples link on your twitter Page.
3. For sharing on Google+ or adding someone to your circle.
4. For Stumbling someone's sumbleupon link on portal.
5. For Traffic Sharing i.e. Viewing Pages of others people.
6. For becoming Youtube subscriber or liking youtube video etc.

You can convert coins anytime on website (600 coins = 1 $). 

c. Completing Surverys or tasks : We will be adding this feature in next few days.

How to Expand your Network using LoopsNetwork?

LoopsNetwork is based chain sharing system, you share someone's , someone shares yours. You like someone's, someone likes yours. That's it. For doing any of these task you will get coins and which you can use to publicize your website or webpage or get more likes or simply convert them to real cash etc.

Why are you waiting guys. Go Ahead and Join LoopsNetwork Today. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014
DNSRECON Tool Tutorial Hackingloops | KYB Tutorial 4

DNSRECON Tool Tutorial Hackingloops | KYB Tutorial 4

Welcome friends to KYB (Know your Backtrack) Tutorial 4, today i am going to teach you another interesting DNS Information gathering tool i.e. DNSRECON. DNSRECON like other DNS tools used to enumerate the standard records of a domain like A, NS, SOA, MX etc. So friends lets learn all about DNSRECON Tool on Backtrack 5.

DNSRECON Tool Tutorial Hackingloops | KYB Tutorial 4
Dnsrecon KYB Tutorial 4 : Information gathering tool on Backtrack Linux

Below is the list of things that we can do using DNSRECON Tool:

  • Top level domain expansion ( Zone Walking and Zone Transfer)
  • Reverse Lookup against IP range
  • Perform general DNS query for NS,SOA and MX records (Standard Record Enumeration)
  • Cache snooping against Name Servers
  • Google Scanning for Sub Domains and Host
We can access DNSRECON TOOL over Backtrack by navigating below path:

Backtrack -> Information Gathering -> Network Analysis -> DNS Analysis -> dnsrecon

Lets learn each of above things in detail and how to use DNSRECON tool to achieve the same:

1. Top level domain Expansion:
First of all we all should understand what are top level domains. A top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. For ex: In , .com is  a top level domain. Usually expansion occurs for those websites which uses country codes as their top level domains ex: .in, .uk, .au etc. As the name suggests Top level domain Expansion means to expand your domain from one region to other which is also known as Zone Transfer and in case zones are not correctly configured we can extract almost all internal records of a domain which is also known as Zone Walking. So we can use DNS Recon for multiple purposes i.e. Zone Walking and Zone Transfer. Lets understand both of them in detail i.e. How we will use DNSRECON to exploit both of these features:

a. Zone Transfer : The security problem with DNS zone transfer is that it can be used to decipher the topology of a company’s network. Specifically when a user is trying to perform a zone transfer it sends a DNS query to list all DNS information like name servers,host names,MX and CNAME records, zone serial number, Time to Live records etc. Due to the amount of information that can be obtained DNS zone transfer cannot be easily found in nowadays. However DNSRecon provides the ability to perform Zone Transfers and we can use following commands to perform Zone transfer:

./ -d <> -a

or you can use below command :

./ -d <> -t axfr

2. Reverse Lookup against IP range:
DNSRecon can perform a reverse lookup for PTR (Pointer) records against IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges.To run reverse lookup enumeration the command:

./ -r <startIP>-<endIP>

For Example :
./ -r

Also reverse lookup can be performed against all ranges in SPF records with the command :

./ -d <domain> -s

3. Domain Brute Force Enumeration:
For performing Domain Brute force technique, we have to give a name list and it will try to resolve the A,AAA and CNAME records against the domain by trying each entry one by one.
In order to perform domain brute force attack user needs to type below command:

./ -d <domain> -D <namelist> -t brt

For example:
./ -d -D namelist.txt -t brt

4. Cache Snooping against name servers:
DNS cache snooping happens when the DNS server has a specific DNS record cached.This DNS record will often reveal plenty of information about the name servers and other DNS information.However DNS cache snooping does not happen quite often because servers normally do not cache DNS records.
The command that can be used to perform cache snooping is as follows:

./ -t snoop -n server -D <dictionary file>

For example :
./ -t snoop -n <server IP address> -D dictionary.txt

5. Standard Records Enumeration:
Standard Enumeration is generally used to gather information about NameServers,SOA and MX records. In order to perform standard enumeration you can use below command:

./ -d <domain>

For example:
./ -d

There are lot of other options that DNSRECON tool provides. It is an extremely useful tool to gather plenty of information about DNS records.

Thats all for today. If you have any doubts feel free to ask. Don't forget to join us at Facebook in order to recent updates.
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