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Lokesh Singh January 28, 2015 0

Hey friends, we are really excited to announce inauguration of our new website MNCFresherjobs – View and apply Jobs of all websites at one place. MNCFresherJobs is an centralized Job portal to view jobs from all popular job website at single place. Why to go at each and individual Job website to check for latest jobs for your Skill or expertize? When it can be done from an single MNCFresherJobs Portal.

MNC Fresher Jobs - View and Apply Jobs

MNC Fresher Jobs – View and Apply Jobs

Have a Look at our latest Project which will actually reduce your time in searching jobs as per your location and skill :

Idea behind creation of MNCFresherjobs Job Portal:

Recently one of my friend was searching for the job, during his job hunt he asked me that at what all websites i can register to find out new job. I told him some of the websites like timesjobs, naukri, shine, monster, fresherworld,noticeperiod etc.. Just for a surprise he asked me, isn’t there a single plaform from where i can get all jobs i.e. just have to visit single link for getting all latest jobs by all these websites and that’s the click when i decided why not make a one? So i did little bit of homework in searching for such websites and came across one website delivering similar kind of thing i.e. INDEED Jobs. But it lacks user experience, so i decided to built my own to help all people and save their effort in daily going to 10 websites to search for jobs and most frustrating is that out of that 10 websites most jobs are duplicate or repetitive. Hence you end up with wasting your precious time in searching for same job again and again. MNCFresherjobs fetches jobs from indeed and categorize them based on technology, skill, type and location etc. and provide users the best experience to view and apply for jobs based on your skill and location.

How MNCFresherJobs is different from other Job Websites?

MNCFresherJobs is an centralized job platform where you can find or search jobs at one place at a go. Job Search is one of the most crucial task among all of us, we are always looking for better lucrative job and to search our dream job, we regularly visits multiple Job website. This is the place where MNCFresherjobs will save your precious time, instead of searching on popular website individually, what you need to do is just search in MNCFresherJobs search box and it will give you jobs from all those websites at one place.  If you like the job, then you can apply for the job directly from MNCFresherjobs.

Features provided by MNCFresherJobs Job Portal Website :

1. Centralized platform to search and apply for jobs on all popular job websites at one place.

2. Create your profile on MNCFresherJobs and Set your notification preferences.

3. As an Employer you can post jobs free of cost on MNC Fresher Jobs.

4. Employers can view job seekers resume free of cost and can contact them via private mail.

5. MNCFresher Jobs prioritizes search results on your location radius, so you get jobs near to your current location.

6. Search Jobs as per Skill, date, technology, Company and location.

7. Your own dashboard where you can see jobs you have applied till now.

There are lot of features which cannot be explained. Also friends feel free to suggest new features, so that we can improve our latest project. Suggestion as are heartily welcome.


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