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How to Bypass Disabled Right Click on Any Website

October 3, 2014   By Lokesh Singh Leave a comment

You might remember an experience where you tried to right-click on a web page but got a pop-up message saying that the “right-click functionality has been disabled”. Sometimes you may be trying to copy an image or view the source of a web page but when the right-click is disabled, these things would seem impossible.


How to Fix Shellshock Bash Vulnerability Tutorial

September 28, 2014   By Lokesh Singh Leave a comment

Shellshock or the “Bash Bug” vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code given certain conditions, by passing strings of code following environment variable assignments. Because of Bash’s ubiquitous status amongst Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X distributions, many computers are vulnerable to Shellshock; all unpatched Bash versions between 1.14 through 4.3 (i.e. all releases


How to share remote screens and control PC without any software in Windows

February 8, 2014   By Lokesh Singh 1 Comment

Remote sharing is nowadays on its peak, people use remote sharing to provide live support or for sharing screens. Most of us always use third party software’s for sharing or controlling remote systems using software’s like Teamviewer or Radmin etc.  Today i am going to teach you guys how to connect any two or as many as windows