CME Hacking classes by Hackingloops Updates

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Hi friends, welcome back today i gonna provide complete details about CME (Checkmate Elite Hackers Group: A step ahead of Hackers). After having a hectic week at office, lets rejuvenate ourselves with extreme knowledge. Today i will share with you the timings of our Classes and method which we will use for hacking classes . If you haven’t joined CME yet, no matters you can join at anytime. I have already received an applications of more than 400+ friends who have shown their interests in joining our CME hacking classes but due to limitations of bandwidth we can include 200 persons at a time. So what i have decided we will divide batches and first 200 joiners will get a chance to be part of hacking classes but don’t worry i have decided to have two batches. So you can adjust yourself in batches accordingly.

CME Hacking classes by Hackingloops Updates

If you haven’t joined yet Join Now:


Timings of Our First Online Classes:

We have decide two different back to back timings for CME hackers. So you can choose yourself accordingly.
CME hacking classes has been divided into 2 parts:
1. Normal Lecture : In which i will share my knowledge with you in very interactive way using desktop sharing.
2. QNA Session : Session in which you all are welcome ask your doubts and i will explain you live as i have my desktop shared with you and you can see it live happening on your desktops. You can also record that for future reference.

First class is scheduled on 11 September, 2011. So friends your wait for hacking classes is over now. Let’s rock and make it a huge session of learning and sharing knowledge.

     BATCHES              CLASSES TIMINGS                QNA SESSION TIMING             
Note: IST means INDIAN STANDARD TIME ( +5:30hrs from Green Meridian Time)

Mode of Joining Hacking Classes:
I have thought a lot on this thing and finally reaches to a solution. In video conferencing there is limit of only 18 peoples maximum but i want to take this to masses rather than limiting it to few computer geeks. Also what you will get just by watching my face of webcam. So i decided to think for a better idea, and that was one of the reasons why we have delayed for a week. 
At last i got to solution, that is there any way that i can share my live screen with all of the guys simultaneously and if we have voice feature and text chat feature where everybody can put their question or ask them live then its gonna be really awesome. But i am not been able to find a complete package in one. So i came to conclusion that we will use a combination of two. Voice Conferencing with Live Desktop Sharing.  So we gonna use two online services MIKOGO for online desktop sharing and VOXLI for voice chatting. Google above service and know more about them. So you can learn better.
Be there on Hacking loops website for getting access codes to join the Live conferences as access code to classes will be displayed live on website.

The presentation will be online on hackingloops on Saturday morning IST. So that you all can prepare yourself before that.

I hope you all like this effort… If you have suggestions related to services please give comments below.

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