Download Unlimited from Hotfile using Premium cookie Hack

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Hello Friends, after a huge wait i am again back with an awesome Hotfile premium account cookie generator. Using this premium account cookie generator you can download unlimited from Hotfile without having premium account for free.
Special thanks to Tom-test for making this tool. In this tutorial i will explain how to use tom-test premium account cookie generator to download unlimited from hotfile for free without having premium account. This tool generates the premium account cookies that we can manipulate to download unlimited from hotfile absolutely free and other services like fileserve, filesonic and rapidshare. But today i will explain you about How to download unlimited from Hotfile using Hotfile premium link generator.

hotfile premium account for free
Hotfile Premium account access for free

Things that you will need to download unlimited from hotfile:
1. Mozilla Firefox web browser.
2. Firefox add on Cookie Manager:
(Click here to download Cookie Manager add on) Just drag and drop the xpi file into firefox then it will ask to install. Install it and restart web browser.
3. Tom-test premium cookie generator.

Steps to download unlimited from Hotfile:
1. First of all download the tom-test link is given above. Extract the Zip File to get two things One file having cookies extractor codes and second is MCG(tom-test) executable file.
2. Open the MCG(tom-test) executable file by double clicking it. When you open a message will pop up as shown below:
premium cookie generator
Warning Message of Premium cookie generator
Click ok to proceed to next step. When you click OK button it will ask you to register. Go to the below website and register as shown below : (Click here to visit website to register) . 
register on tomtest
Register on tomtest to get authorization code
Now you will see the Below Window as shown asking for authorization code:
get authorization code
Get authorization code for premium cookie generator

Now click on Get code Button as Highlighted. When you click on get code, a new window will open having the authorization code as shown below:
authorization code
Authorization code

Now copy this authorization code and paste it in software code box and click on sign in as shown below:
click on sign in
Copy authorization code and click sign in

Now when you press ok you will see the window like this:
snapshot of the settings of premium cookie generator
Full view of Premium cookie generator with settings

Do things as shown in above snapshot.

3. Now go to Mozilla firefox web browser and open the hotfile website (
4. As you have already installed cookie manager. It will capture hotfile normal cookies as shown below:

cookie manager
Cookie Manager in Firefox

5. Now Go to Tools in Mozilla Firefox and Click on Cookie Manager to open it and select www. hotfile. com  and click on add cookie as shown below:
select hotfile cookie in cookie manager
Select hotfile cookie in cookie manager
6. Now add cookie as follows: In name field enter “auth” and in value box enter the copied string from the software as shown below:
add premium hotfile cookie
Add premium cookie to cookie manager

7. Now Go to mozilla firefox and refresh the hotfile page and enjoy the premium account features and download unlimited using the premium account cookie hack. Here is the proof:
premium account of hotfile for free
Premium account after premium account cookie manipulation

Note: Some time it happens that password has been changed or it shows free account. Then don’t worry it will still work you need to go to software and Click on update and then generate a new cookie and add that premium cookie to cookie manager and again refresh the page.
Also you need do the steps after authorization code whenever you IP address changes.

It’s a 100% working hack. I hope you all have liked it.
If you have any queries ask me in form of comments and if you really liked it please comment as i have put my lot of time in writing this tutorial :P….
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