Hacking Class 3 – Footprinting Continues

Yesterday I have explained You all that How to collect information about the Websites and organisations….
Today i will continue With Footprinting and take you to some more deep level… And then tell you how to make Blueprints from them.. So read on….


First of all We will focus on Unearthing the Basic Information about the site… i.e the IP and server informations..
I will Show you with the help on snapshots :
First go to START –> RUN —>type cmd—>then type tracert www.websitename.com
Here we will use two basic commands in command Prompt(cmd): tracert  www.webistetobeanlysed.com

and ping www.websitename.com

It will look something like this:
Hacking Class 3 - Footprinting Continues

Here I explain what it shows…
We trace routed www.amulive.com
1. Shows Our Gateway of connectivity.
2. Shows our Outgoing Footprint Ip(i.e the our IP that is being analyzed by website)
3. Shows Connectivity passes through which service Provider. I uses BSNL but its showing airtel because I prefer DNS of Airtel for surfing Quick).
Next steps showing the Ip’s of Webservers through which amulive is being maintained.

After This We will came to now the IP of the Website and Ip of itz web servers which are being used further.
website Ip can be used to gather more information about the website..

How to Find The Personal Information About the Individual Over Net ??
Its one of the Most important task. Its also helpful in finding the fake profiles… But unfortuantely this is limited But we can use it to the Most… There are two website which will help us…
1.  http://people.yahoo.com ( best Site To trace People for their Personal Information and also reverse Phone or mobile number Look up)

Hacking Class 3 - Footprinting Continues

2.  http://www.intellius.com  ( But this site is limited to US only)

Hacking Class 3 - Footprinting Continues

Sample Report from Intellius :

Hacking Class 3 - Footprinting Continues

Satellite Picture of Joe’s House from Intellius:

Hacking Class 3 - Footprinting Continues

Now Using these Sites you will be able to collect the personal information of the individuals and also being able to identify the fake profiles..


You can avoid above hectic work by using this tool : SpiderFoot
Download link: http://www.binarypool.com/spiderfoot/

Information about SpiderFoot:

SpiderFoot is a free, open-source, domain footprinting tool. Given one or multiple domain names (and when I say domains, I’m referring to the DNS kind, not Windows domains), it will scrape the websites on that domain, as well as search Google, Netcraft, Whois and DNS to build up information like:
  • Subdomains
  • Affiliates
  • Web server versions
  • Users (i.e. /~user)
  • Similar domains
  • Email addresses
  • Netblocks


Note all these tools are freewares .. U can easily google then and download these..

~ Whois
~ Nslookup
~ Neo Trace
~ VisualRoute Trace
~ SmartWhois
~ eMailTrackerPro
~ Website watcher
~ Google Earth
~ GEO Spider
~ HTTrack Web Copier
~ E-mail Spider

This is all about Footprinting .  Now Use the Gathered information to make basic Detailed Information about the Website/person…

I thinks This is Enough for Today. Please Comment . If you have any queries Post them in form of comments.

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    Is there any site like intellius ..for searching people of India..Help :)

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    Nice .. Yahoo people search is not as good as intellius..

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    October 21, 2009 at 12:44 am

    @ meghraj

    For better understanding the tracert and ping command visit :

    This will help you understand this better…Also when you type tracert command then u will get different Ip on different computers.. because different systems has different IP …

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    First, we must learn to anonymous ourselves so that they won’t have any trace about us to carry reverse tracert.

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