How to find drivers for Unrecognized Hardware in Windows

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Finding drivers is always a problem after new Installation of Windows, if you don’t have drivers backup. And most of time you get pop up message device not recognized and you are unable to find drivers. We can directly do these with the help of paid software’s and websites that provides drivers. But we are hackers, so why to act like novice users. Today i will explain how to find drivers for Unrecognized hardware in Windows XP.

Note: By this trick you can find the name of driver, so you can easily find by Googling it.

Steps to find drivers for Unrecognized Hardware in Windows:
1. Go to desktop and right click on My computer and then click on properties.
2. Now Go to Hardware tab and select device manager.
3. Now check all the device of your system. If yellow question mark is there that means hardware drives is not correctly installed.
4. Select the Hardware by Double clicking on it. Then its properties window will open.
5. Now select Click on DETAILS tab. Now in the drop down menu select Device Instance ID. Here you will see something like this:


VEN_ID : This is vendors ID which is 14E4 in this case.
DEV_ID: This device ID which is 4312 in this case.
Below is the Snapshot:
Find drivers for unrecognized hardware in windows
Finding drivers of Unrecognized drivers
6. Now Go to the Website  and enter the Device ID or Vendor ID in the respective box and click on search. Below is the snapshot:
find drivers, drivers database
Pcidatabase Snapshot

7. Now you will get the name of your device drives. Just go to Google and search for your driver as now you have name.
8. That’s all .. 

I hope you all have enjoyed my article.. If you have any queries ask me in form of comments.

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