Istealer : Windows Password stealer to hack find password of email account


Istealer is a Efficient Windows Password Stealer software used to hack email account passwords. I have already explained about Rats and Trojans to hack email account passwords, where you have to send your keylogged file to victim. In the same way, Istealer can be used to hack email account password and find passwords of various emails.

Istealer Password stealer – hack email passwords:

1. Download Istealer password stealer software to hack email account password.
2. Go to and sign up for free account. After creating free ftp server account, enable FTP Access and create a new folder named “Istealer” at your FTP.
3. Run the Loader.exe file present in Istealer folder to get something like:
4. Now, simply fill the following in Istealer:
Username and Password: Your username and password for esmartstart ftp server.
Directory: /Istealer

5. You can bind Istealer to any other file by checking “Bind with another file” and giving file path to bind with. Also, you can use Icon Change to change Istealer file icon. This step is optional but, necessary for hiding password stealer from victim’s eyes. You can bind password stealer file with fake error message as I have explained in “Fake Error Message generator” to make it look real.

6. To check whether you have entered right ftp server information, hit “Test” and if you have done it right, you will get message “Works perfect”. If it says “Cannot connect to FTP Server”, you have entered something wrong… just check it again.

7. When you’ve done all above steps, simply hit on “Build” and save the password stealer file as you want. You can also use Crypter to avoid antivirus detection.

8. Now, simply send this password stealer file to victim and make him run this windows password stealer file on his computer(Social Engineering). After he runs our sent password stealer file on his computer, you will get all passwords and records saved on his computer at your FTP server.

That’s it. Thus, you can hack email account password using Istealer- the windows password stealer software. Remember to crypt and then bind this windows Password stealer to make it undetectable by antivirus. If you have any problem in using thisIstealer password stealer softwareto hack email account password, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy Istealer to hack email account password…

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    July 31, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    application file says file damaged or infected by virus.


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  3. rush93

    July 20, 2010 at 6:32 pm this is a java based site with alot of hacking software

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