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Have you joined CME (CHECKMATE ELITE HACKERS) on Facebook yet? If not join now and get latest updates directly on your Facebook.
Facebook is a great platform to connect with each other, so its always preferable to have everyone on same network so that we can communicate with each other better. Also you will be able to get all  updates instantly on Facebook as soon as they are published on the websites hackingloops and isoftdl.
ENJOY and JOIN us at Facebook for latest updates and timings of hacking classes.

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Why preferring facebook?
Almost everybody has Facebook account and at-least 80% users who have Facebook accounts visits Facebook regularly, so i have decided that i will also provide updates on Facebook. If you visit website regularly then its good if not then you can find all latest updates about website and hacking classes directly on our Facebook page. Also you will be able to post your contents and suggestion there so that we can have better connectivity with each other.

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  1. Samuel Moriba

    February 19, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    i like to be a hacker

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