Super Bluetooth Hack 2009 1.8.7 – Best Ever Mobile hack

Super Bluetooth Hack 2009 1.8.7 - Best Ever Mobile hack

Super Bluetooth Hack 2009 v1.8.7 | 5.8MB

This is a new version of Super Bluetooth Hack for conventional and mobile-based simbian.If you do not know what a Super Bluetooth Hack, this program through MDM can be controlled by other peopleпїЅs mobile phone at a distance 10-15 metres, itпїЅs Then (call from phone, read messages & contacts, change profile, restart phone, etc.)

Once connected to a another phone via bluetooth you can:
– read his messages
– read his contacts
– change profile
– play his ringtone even if phone is on silent
– play his songs(in his phone)
– restart the phone
– switch off the phone
– restore factory settings
– change ringing volume
– And here comes the best
пїЅCall from his phoneпїЅ it includes all call functions like hold etc.
And much much more пїЅ


1) Download
2) Pour on the mobile
3) Run the Installer (what you download, incidentally need JAVA)
4) He finds it, and you will be able to run software
5) Choose the language and going configured
6) Click Connection
7) Click search devices
8) Choose the пїЅvictimпїЅ
9) AND M A N A G E!!!

Year: 2009
Version: 1.8.7
Language: English, Slovak, Czech, German, Russian
Platform: mobile phone, program runs on Java

Super Bluetooth Hack 2009 1.8.7 - Best Ever Mobile hack

Super Bluetooth Hack 2009 1.8.7 - Best Ever Mobile hack

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    can i connect my iphone to internet with usb cable? plz reply me.. specially for nokia 5130

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