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4 ways to Hack Facebook account password

Hi friends, I have already posted two posts on How to hack password, first using the Keyloggers and other is using Phishing. Today I am going to reveal all the methods that can be used to hack a Facebook account password.
Today I will cover all 4 ways to Hack Facebook Account Password that all hackers usually use to hack your Facebook account.
1. Facebook Phishing Attack
2. account password remotely using Keyloggers and RAT’s
3. By hacking the primary email address that user has used for creating Facebook account.
4. Social Engineering or simply Guessing your friends Password.
4 ways to Hack Facebook account password
4 ways to Hack Facebook account Password
Facebook Phishing Attack:
I am explaining this method first because its the most easiest and also the most popular method for hacking Facebook password. You can also search on Google the various famous Facebook hacking methods and you will find Phishing technique on the top always. And I am explaining the methods according to their popularity.
Now you want to know which is my favourite method for Hacking Facebook account passwords and i will undoubtedly tell its simply PHISHING.
If you want latest Facebook phisher then subscribe my Hacking tricks and mail me privately or post your email below in comments. I will provide you within a day, Now why i am not providing it directly, if i provide directly then Facebook will block it again like the previous one. 
Learn How to make phisher in less than 5 minutes and use them to hack Facebook accounts:
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Hacking Facebook account password remotely using Keyloggers and RAT’s
Aaw… Best method for advanced Hackers. And my second favorite too. Its popularity is little but lower than Phishing only because it involves you to download hack tool and then create your keylogger and send it to victim which is a lengthy process and also unsecured too as you don’t aware that the keylogger that you downloading is himself contain some spyware or simply a keylogger attached with it. Keylogging becomes more easy if you have physical access to victim computer as only thing you have to do is install a keylogger and direct it to your destination so that it will send all recorded keystrokes to pointed destination. What a keylogger does is it records the keystrokes into a log file and then you can use these logs to get required and thus can hack Facebook password.
I have written a complete article on accounts remotely using Keyloggers, so i will recommend you to go through that if you want to learn this technique in detail.
Learn how to Hack Facebook accounts remotely using Keyloggers:
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Hacking the Primary Email address 
 If Facebook hacker or any specific Keylogger, by some means, hacks your primary Gmail or yahoo account which you are using as primary email address, then this information account can easily hack your Facebook password using “Forgot password” trick. The Hacker will simply ask Facebook to send password to the primary email address and ask Facebook administrators to send the reset email to your primary email address- which is already hacked. Thus, your Facebook account password will be reset and it will also be hacked !

Learn How to Hack Gmail Accounts Passwords:
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So, always remember to protect your primary email address that you have used to create Facebook account and try to keep unknown or useless mail id as your primary email address in Facebook
Social Engineering or Guessing Passwords
This method sounds to be pretty not working at beginning. Even I was neglecting this way for a long time . But, once, I thought of using it against my friend on Facebook and amazingly what happened that i guessed his Facebook password very easily by this method. I think many of you might be knowing how what this social engineering, For novice hackers, Social engineering is method of retrieving password or Guessing the password or answer of security question simply be hacking some information about the victim or simply gathering his information from his own Facebook and other social networking profiles where most of users provide their critical information just for fashion and doesn’t know its consequences. You have to be very careful while using this as victim must not be aware of your intention. Just ask him cautiously using your logic.

Why don’t give a try to currently working technique:
How to hack facebook account password Hackingloops

As we know there are plenty of ways to Hack Facebook account and Tabnabbing is one of them, why don’t read tabnabbing tutorial also:

Hack Facebook Account password using Tabnabbing

Try an advance tabnabbing tutorial to Hack Facebook account passwords:
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How to Protect your own Facebook account from getting Hacked and tighten the security of your Facebook account read below:
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You guys might be interested in some other Cool Facebook tools for smart and colorful texts, try Hackingloops online smart text generator tools below:
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Some Common passwords that you can try on your friends are :
1. Their mobile number or their girlfriend or boyfriend mobile number. (always try his previous or old mobile number as they are not as much as fool that they appears)
2. Their Girlfriend or boyfriend names or their own names concatenating with their Girlfriend or boyfriend names.
3. Date of births
4. Their favorite movie names , cartoon character names or favorite music band names or simply the hero names like batman,dark knight, Superman,Godzilla, Spartacus and much more..
5. Most important now most website ask that password should be alphanumeric now what users do they just adds 1,2,3 in their normal passwords and some more smart guys adds !,@,# in their passwords and amazingly all in Sequence.
Note the above common passwords are not from any internet resource, its by my own case study that i have come to conclusion after hacking 19,788 emails accounts. I know now you want to know how i hacked so much accounts. As i have already mentioned for advanced hackers second option is best and the only thing that i did was just made my Keylogger USB and pendrive spreadable. Who ever used the infected USB drive also got infected and this procedure goes so on. And last what happened  my 10Gb free storage was filled and i don’t have enough time to clean it regularly. 
I hope you all have like it. If you have any queries ask me… For more such advanced hacking tricks subscribe our Hacking tips.

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