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Extreme Hack – Install Windows Xp in 10 minutes

Hey Guys This Time I come Up With another Extreme Hack That You Will Never Imagine But Its Truth and We have Done It. This Time I will explain How to Install Windows In Just 10 minutes??
As We all know that During Formatting a Computer After the File Copying is Completed then windows Require 39 Minutes Time…But What Extreme In It…. Yes We can Bypass this fking Time …. How TO DO IT??? So read On..
I have Included Snaps That will help you all….

STEP1 : After the Copy Part is Over … System is Rebooted as we all know In general Foramatting Procedure…
Now After Reboot The Below Image Will Appear….

Extreme Hack - Install Windows Xp in 10 minutes

STEP 2: Now As This Image APPEARS You Have to Press  “Shift + F10 ”  . This Will Open The command Prompt…  Now type  taskmgr  in it. This will open the Task manager .

STEP 3 : After The task Manager Opens Goto Processes … And Find “Setup.exe”  process and Right CLICK on It…. and the Priority to Highest….

Extreme Hack - Install Windows Xp in 10 minutes

STEP 4: Now Just Watch the Set It will take around 9 minutes and 2 minutes for Tolerance(depends System to system)….

Thats the Overall Tutorial…Hope You all Have LIKED IT…

So When you Format your PC Next Time It will Really Save Your TIME i.e around 20 to 25 minutes…


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Hello Friends, i am Lokesh Singh, certified Ethical hacker ( CEH, SSA, CSIF , CISSP). Have 8+ years of extensive experience in Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and Penetration Testing domain.


  1. 8)SO,now in order to stop the process after this….when your system restarts that is as soon as the the windows XP logo appears on the Start pressing Shift+F10

    9)This will result in opening command prompt CMD

    10)In the command prompt type taskmgr and press enter…

    11)This will open up the Task Manager For Windows Xp.

    12)In the Taskmanager , goto the Process Tab and find setup.exe…

    13)Right click on setup.exe and select priority …then a submenu appears change the normal priority to High and Hit Enter and Exit the Taskmanager…

    Thats it you will find that the remaining installation completes in just 5 minutes…

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