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Fake error message generator : Hide keylogger and trojan

I have already explained about use of Binders and to hide our and trojans. Today, I have written this article to inform you about one more software –
Fake error message creator.
This software is of immense use if you wanna install your server or keylogger remotely. I will tell you how to use this software in this article.

Fake Error message creator:

Suppose, you have sent keylogger or trojan to victim to install it on his computer . He runs the keylogger and gets an error message “Unable to open file- Runtime error”. Then he asks you for this message and you can easily say that “May be the file was not supported or was corrupt” and he believes you.

But, in this mean time, your server or keylogger is installed on his computer(without his knowledge) and you start hacking his computer remotely and also extracting passwords from his computer.

This is what a fake error message creator can do. This software helps you to create a fake error message to hide your trojan or keylogger from victim’s eyes.

How to use Fake Error message creator:

1. Free Download Fake Error message creator software.
Password: techotips.blogspot.com
2.Run the software (supports Windows XP and Windows Vista). Now, simply enter the information as you like and want the error message to look like.

3. After filling information, hit on “Build” and you will get “MessageBox.exe” file in current directory. You can bind this “MessageBox.exe” to keylogger to hide it from victim using Binder.

4. I have provided one example below:

and its resultant fake error message.
That’s it. Just try out this software to create fake error messages. As already said, this software is worthy for hiding RATs and keyloggers from victim’s eyes. If you have any problem in using thisFake error message creator software,please mention it in comments.

Enjoy fake error message creator software…

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