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Hacking Facebook Chat box Video Tutorial

Facebook is one of the best social networking websites on the internet, and we all know Popularity drives developers crazy, so they try to develop new things regularly. Similarly the support of my HackingLoops users provokes me to explore new hacks for my friends and users. Friends good news for you, this time i found three few bugs in Facebook. I have also included video tutorial for the same, so you all can understand the things easily.. I love to find the hacks and tricks of Facebook and this is my another contribution to you Friends.

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Hacking Facebook Chat box video tutorial
The Facebook chat findings are:
1. Use profile picture of anyone as Emoticon in chat.
2. Using any Facebook Picture as Emoticon in chat
3. Sending Invisible chat messages.
Using these hacks we can use anyone’s profile picture or any Facebook image or photo as emoticon in our  chat along with that i have explored lot of hidden emoticons in Facebook. For explaining you in detail i have made a video for you Guys so that you can understand each scenarios perfectly. How i figured out these??
I was searching for Client side bugs in Facebook and suddenly i saw a script namely fO_oP6n8OAk in the Facebook scripts in firebug, there i have found lot of hidden emoticons but i was not satisfied with them, then i read the javascript code further and found something really interesting. We can use our profile ID either number or text as emoticon in Facebook chat by just putting that in below format in chat box:


My profile ID is
Now if you type [[lonerusher]] you will be able to see my profile picture as emoticon. Similarly in cases when profile name is not present then there must be some number like profile ID as shown below:


Now in this case you have to use [[534757615]] in the chat to get the emoticon of that profile image.
Similarly pick any picture in the Facebook, example i have picked this one:


Now if you wish to use this picture as your image what you need to do is that you have to use the number in front of fbid in your Facebook chat which will be [[216057861810512]].
Now In some cases what happens is that image is generated through application, means user hasn’t uploaded that. In that case if you use number in front of fbid then it will  result into a invisible message.
Also if you give wrong ID in the Facebook chat box then it will show a emoticon with ? . Isn’t that cool.. yup it is.. So friends have fun with your friends, give surprise to them by your new set of emoticons and invisible messages..
Below i have added a complete video, which is demonstrating each and everything in detail, so enjoy your hack…I have also included how to use firebug to find emoticons scripts in Facebook which are hidden from general user.
Don’t forget to say thanks if you like it… If you have any issues or queries ask me in form of comments.
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