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How to fix or repair corrupt files in Windows

Hello Friends, first of all welcome to my new website Hacking Loops to learn hacking and securing yourself online from hackers and unwanted malicious viruses and Trojans. So in my very first post on Hacking Loops, i will explain you how to fix or repair corrupt files in windows XP, vista and windows 7 too.

fix corrupt files in windows XP, windows 7 and vista
How to fix or repair corrupt file error in windows

Most of times, we face problem of corrupt file and unwanted error messages pops up after regular intervals which frustrates the user a lot. Many users thinks that antivirus will fix all the things but that’s not the truth. Antivirus just removes the viruses from your system but it did not return back you the original files so virus problems might be fixed but error messages keep on popping. There are two methods to fixed or repair corrupt files in windows:
1. Format your PC and install everything fresh.
2. Without format.

First method is absolutely cheap as anyone can do that so i will not explain that. Now as we are hackers and always looking for hacking the security loop or vulnerabilities. But here there is no need to do that, what we have to do just use the existing windows command technique. Its a two step procedure.


Windows Operating System CD.

Steps to fix or repair Corrupt files in Windows without formatting:

1. First of all Scan your system with your updated antivirus thoroughly and ensure that all viruses and malwares are removed according to antivirus.
2. Now after scanning system, the only problem remains is corrupted files pop up messages that come because their dynamic linking has been modified by virus or due to some file deletion issues.
3. Now place your WINDOWS CD into CD/DVD drive.
4. After putting your CD. Go to Start and then open RUN.
5. Now type the following command into RUN text field.

‘sfc /scannow’

 without quotes and press enter.
6. Now it will load all your windows file and fix all your corrupted files.

That’s all….try this trick..
I hope you all liked it. If you have any queries ask me in form of comments.

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