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How to hack Orkut account or password | Hacking orkut online

Hello friends, in my previous article about “How hack gmail account or password” i have explained about gmail account or password using . Similarly we can use Phishing technique to hack Orkut account or password online the only thing differ is that we only need a new Phisher for Orkut . Almost all phishers of Orkut are outdated so they can be easily identified by people, so i have made the new one for you guys. So in this i have come up with latest Orkut Phisher that looks absolutely similar to the original page. So guys read on how to hack orkut account or password online.

Note: This is for Educational Purposes only. Please Don’t misuse it. You will be solely responsible for any misuse.

As i always start my tutorial with brief introduction about the topic, so let’s discuss again what actually is phishing.

What is Phishing?
First of you must know what are phish pages, phish pages are the fake pages that are intentionally made to steal the credentials of the victim and hack his personal details. The process of making Phish pages and sending it user makes it a complete technique called Phishing. Technically Phishing is a technique to hack victims account password using the phish or fake pages. In phishing we sent the fake page links to the victim in spoofed manner so that we will not able to recognize that the page is real or fake. Now when victim enters his credentials in the fake page two different process occurs simultaneously. First it writes a log file having username and password and second process redirects the user to the original website page with username entered and displaying password is incorrect. 

How to recognize Phish Pages?
There are three possible ways to recognize the Phish pages and all three ways depends on the awareness of the user. There are some other ways also to protect yourself from Phishing but as we Prevention is better that cure. If you know how its done then surely you will also know what are its loopholes and how can we detect it and block it.

Ways to recognize Phish Page:
1. Check the Address bar, if the URL you are visiting does not match with the original website link then its a fake page.
2. If you are a great coder or understands HTML well then you can easily revert back the attack and check the hackers hacked log file. But if you by mistake entered your own details it cannot be deleted. For this you need to use IDM and run the website grabber. There in log file you can see all details of the accounts that hacker has hacked.
3. You can also install some good web security toolbar like AVG, crawler etc that will instantly show that its a fake page or original orkut page. 

Now let’s get back to the topic how we can hack orkut account or passwords using Phishing. In the steps below i have explained each and every step involved in account password online. So read them carefully and also try to explore some more things.
Like in my previous post i have forgot to tell you that you need to set the read, write and execute rights on the files. Note: Log file should not have read and execute rights when you upload them to web hosting server otherwise everyone can view your file that contain the hacked accounts. 
Be smarter Guys try to explore things by yourself. I can only tell you the way, it’s you will walk the road and face the challenges.

Steps to Hack Orkut Account Password Online:
1. Download the Orkut Phisher (Click here to Download).
2. Extract the zip file and now you will get three files namely:
  • Index.htm
  • Isoftdl_log.txt
  • next.php
3. Now go to Free Hosting website and register a new account on it.
4. After registering Go to File Manager on the website and Create a new directory name it as Orkut or whatever you wish.
5. Now open the directory by double Click on the directory and click on Upload. Now browse the three different files one by one from three upload boxes and click on upload.
6. Now Open the Index.htm page and you will see your fake page which looks absolutely similar to Orkut original page. Below is the Snapshot of Fake Orkut Page:

How to hack Orkut account or password | Hacking orkut online
How to hack Orkut account using Phishing

7. You can directly send the above URL  to the victim but its quite detectable. So we need to spoof it. So that become little bit difficult for victim to recognize it. For that visit tk domain maker website(click here to visit).

8. Now Send the Spoofed link in the mail to the victim.

9. Now when user login using the fake page the data in log file is written which will look like below:
How to hack Orkut account or password | Hacking orkut online
Hacking Orkut password online using Phising

10. That’s all friends now you have the user name password of the victim.

So isn’t that an easy method to hack Orkut account password online with ease and the method you already know.

I hope you all have liked the topic and new additions. If you have any queries ask me in form of comments.

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