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Skype Resolver : Get Skype IP’s behind VPN Tutorial

Skype Resolver : Get Skype IP’s behind VPN

Skype is being used lot in the corporate environments as well as for personal use .  Many think behind the VPN the IP and identity can be hidden . Well I came across this awesome tool that resolves your IP using your Skype name . The tool is web based and accessible for free .
To use the Skype Resolver all you need is the Skype name of the Target . The Ip behind the VPN is resolved in minutes . This is very useful in certain penetration testing scenarios where the target might be sitting behind a VPN , and we desperately need the IP address .

Using Skype Resolver , getting the IP address of the Skype user is easy and fast .

Here is a short tutorial :

Skype Resolver : Get Skype IP’s behind VPN Tutorial

Step 1. The first step is simple . Get the Skype name of your target . This can either be taken directly via Skype interaction . Or if you are not aware of the skype name but sure that the target is logged in via Skype , and need the IP address , then either Doxing or social engineering can be used . 

Once the Skype name has been gathered , Go to skypegrab.net or Link

Another website I really liked was http://www.skysec.tech/Resolver.php
Skysec.tech website is pretty simple and just asks you to enter the Skype name and simply resolves the IP . Though I am not very sure that this website works for the VPN or not .
Here is a screenshot of the website :

Step 2. Go under the tab “DB lookup” .

Enter the Skype Name .
Now this will display all the IP’s that other people have resolved on this user (your target) .

So you not only get the current IP for your target but also a list of IP’s if anyone previously tried to resolve this Skype name . (This is very fruitful information for the penetration tester)

Step 3. Go to the IP2Skype tab and enter the ip’s if it has more than 5 user’s it is usually a vpn. enter the ip’s until you see only your targets username pop up. This is your targets ip.

Simple it is . Hope this Tutorial was helpful . Post Comments if you stuck anywhere .
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