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Software to Hack computer remotely : RAT (Remote Access Trojan)

Hello friends. After my last article on Email , now i am back with complete new topic – hacking computer remotely. In this article on remote computer hacking, I will inform you about hacking software to hack computer remotely. This software is called “Prorat” is a RAT (Remote administration Tool) used to hack computer remotely.

RATs :

RATs also called as Remote Administration tools are popularly used softwares to control other computer remotely and considering hacking aspects, hack computer remotely. There are many RATs such as:
Yuri and many other.

Working of RATs:

To hack computer remotely using a RAT, you have to create a server and then send this server to victim whose you wanna hack computer remotely. Generally, this server is binded to any file say picture or song, so that whenever victim opens this file on his computer, our server is installed and this server opens port of victim computer and by using this opened port, you are able to hack computer remotely.

It is this RAT server that then sends all system information to PRORAT and we can then hack computer remotely using PRORAT.

Things you can do by hacking computer remotely:

Once you gain access to remote computer, you can hack computer remotely and perform any of following:

# Install a keylogger
# Monitor Chat windows
# Shutdown computer remotely
# Take control of system registry
# Hack locally stored passwords and licence keys
# Download additional and servers to gain stronger control
# Control and access all Control Panel options(including add or remover programs)
# Send various Error messages
# Access Printer services
# Erase all disk data by formatting drives
# Open FTP connection and start file transaction

Thus, you are able to hack computer remotely 100%. This software to hack computer remotely is hence very popular.

Disadvantage of remote hacking software RAT:

The main disadvantage of this software – RAT is that the server created to hack computer remotely is recognized by most antiviruses as hacktool and hence, antiviruses send alert messages when installing RAT server.
But, there are many softwares like Binders or Crypters to hide RAT server and prevent antiviruses from sending alerts. Even there are softwares like AVkiller which is used to turn antivirus inactive and then our server (used to hack computer remotely) can be installed on victim computer very easily.

This is all about RATs – softwares to hack computer remotely. In my next article, i will inform about server creation and installation on remote computer. If you have any problem with this article on computer remotely, please mention it in comments section.

Enjoy N hack computer remotely…

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  2. It is a pure information and sharing site you have made I know, so what I am asking for is not related but I am not good in computer and I really need help. Someone gave a fake job vacancy advertise and when my niece sent her CV with photograph as asked in job requirement the person started blackmailing for money and started sending manipulated pictures of my niece to her to threaten and get money. You do not have anything to do with it may be but on humanitarian basis please help me destroy his complete PC so that all data he has should lost. my email I have written.

    • Dear friend,
      I understand your feelings but what you are doing is illegal…. You should report that guy to police because even if you hack into his PC……he can charge a case on you…..so its better you don’t do it…….inform police and ask them to tap into his phone no. …..if u have his ip address ,open CMD and then type
      tracert (his/her ip address)
      you can get some info of his location….state…and pc name
      hope this helped you…..

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