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The Best Hack Tools Collection Ever By ISOFTDL @LOKESH -All Working Hack tools MegaPack

September 18, 2009, 6 Comments

The Best Hack Tools Collection Ever Clientsback orifice sourceBackDoor v2.0DeepThroat v3.1Doraah War Engine v1.0bHack ‘a’ Tack v1.20Http Bomber v1.001bKuang2 Client v0.21NetBus v1.20NetBus v1.70NetBus v2.0b ProSchoolBus v1.85Shadow Remote Administator & Control v1.04Shadow Security Scanner v5.07Shadow Security Scanner v5.21SubSeven v2.1 Gold EditionSubSeven v2.1Vampire v1.2WebCracker v4.0WinCrash v2.0wwwhack v1.913—————— Security Anti-Keylogger v2.1Anti-Trojan v5.5Local Port Scanner v1.2.2NeoTrace Pro v3.20NeoWatch v2.4PestPatrol »

Hack Tools MegaPack : Complete A to Z Tools To hack MSN ,Hotmail Yahoo Account

August 22, 2009, No Comments

CONTENTS OF THE PACKAGE:Fake pages(Phising Pages)MSN Fun ToolsHotmail HackerMSN FlooderHotmail KillerMSN SNIFFERMSN Spy liteMsn Chat HackMSN Password RetreiverHotmail Hacker GoldFake MSN MessangerFake Login HotmailMSN Chat Monitor and SniffHotmail Brute Forcer DISCLAIMER: DON’T USE THEM FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES . I am Not Responsible For Any Activity. Hello Blogger Team If you Find It Inappropriate Please »

Hidden Facebook Smileys Emotions codes

August 1, 2011, No Comments

Hello Friends, today i am going to share some awesome hidden emotions and smileys of Facebook. Facebook offers lots of emotions and smileys but hard luck users does not know codes to use these smileys and emotions. So friends if these exists then how to use them in general chats. Most people doesn’t know »

Java Based Remote Keylogger : Best Facebook Hacker

January 4, 2011, 20 Comments

Hello Friends, today i am going to introduce you another java based remote keylogger. It’s a perfect and best Facebook hacker tool. Since today the technology has advanced to next generation, now its become quite easy to hack the email accounts, Facebook remotely. Most of us are nowadays are interested in hack tools that »

How to forward ports with Simple port Forwarder

January 2, 2011, 1 Comment

Hello Friends, today i am going to introduce a tool that will help you to forward ports easily. Today i will show you how to forward ports with simple port forwarder. Simple Port Forwarding works with WebPages and not directly with your router. Making it a safe program to use. Its no different than »